Anubis, Egyptian Jackal-Headed Being Visits Sleeping Couple

Brett, (pseudonym) a former contributor to my Love Bite book testimonies,( reported several accounts of anomalous visits that he and his girlfriend had earlier this year and in April of 2011. Both individuals have had alien visitations throughout their life. The aliens they usually encounter are the typical alien greys or tans. The two children of Brett’s girlfriend, Megan, are suspected of having alien encounters also, but they are too scared to talk about it.

Brett and Megan live in the Southern Highlands area of NSW Australia in two separate homes within minutes of each other. Brett described to me in his own writing four separate unusual incidents, the first one with Anubis in March of this year, followed by several more incidents: a flying orb “UFO” and the sudden appearance of scratches on one of Megan’s children, after a nightmare about “monsters”. In his own words Brett shared Megan’s encounter with Anubis:


In March this year Lara was staying over at my house. She woke at 2:30 am to find a large being standing near the doorway of my bedroom, silhouetted against my pale bedroom door. It was 2 metres tall with broad powerful shoulders and a jackal head, just like Anubis. It’s face was wrinkly and she got the impression it was old. It terrified her and soon faded away, but it was a solid being for a moment. I slept through it but woke up feeling like crap, drained and lethargic. Lara went to work at her popular cafe. Every local that came in that day complained of waking depressed and drained. They–the customers–said this without being asked by anyone. They were in a state of mild confusion and unease. It seems crazy but it was as if everyone was paid some sort of visit the night before. We found out later this lethargy and unease extended to least 10km in all directions.


Incident # 2


Megan had a terrible night last April, she dreamed that monsters were attacking her elder sister Grace, aged 14, who slept down the hallway. Lara constantly went in to comfort Megan throughout the night. By morning Grace awoke lethargic and depressed…. and covered in scratches. They looked like domestic cat scratches, however, they were to wide apart to be cat scratches. Each scratch was three parallel lines 20mm and about 150mm long and they covered her back, thighs and belly. They drew blood but were superficial and they disappeared within two days, I personally never saw them and Grace just doesn’t want to talk about it. Lara had one identical scratch on her left thigh, which I saw before it too disappeared without trace.

Incident #3

The White Being

Megan was drawing one day a few months ago, around June 2012. It was your typical grey with large almond eyes but with white and red lips and with a red halo around the top half of its head. Lara observed her daughter’s drawing and Megan said that this creature comes and visits her at night. She hates it. Megan then tore up the picture. Lara retrieved the pieces of the drawing and reassembled them, but they were destroyed before I could see the picture. She won’t talk about it.

Incident # 4

The Orb

In April ’11 I was on the phone with my girlfriend Lara. It was dark outside and her youngest daughter, Megan then aged 7, was still playing outside. During our phone conversation, Megan excitedly ran inside trying to get Lara’a attention. She asked her to wait till she was off the phone.

Another call came in for me, so I hung up and rang the other caller. I walked outside and soon a golden orb sailed across the sky to the south east.  The orb was perfectly spherical with no sound and it was a quiet windless night, elevation about 55 degrees.

I told Lara the next day and she said that Megan saw the same thing yesterday and that’s why she was so excited. Between Megan’s sighting and mine was about 10 minutes, as the crow (or orb) flies it’s 10km. It was moving at 60km/hour. Using this info, I estimated it to be about 600m away from me, about 3m in diameter and 440m altitude.

Significance? Well, I don’t know but Lara is an abductee, Megan is an abductee and I’m an abductee.



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