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Dreamwork Group for Anomalous Trauma Rec...

Dreamwork Group for Anomalous Trauma Recovery and Awareness

This Spring I will be facilitating an online Zoom Support group where our focus will be on the awareness, healing, and recovery of Anomalous Trauma by exploring our dreams and intentions for healing and recovery via dreamwork. In this group we will review the foundations of how to remember, journal and use dreams for self-exploration […]

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Enabling Narcissists is a Form of Suicid...

Enabling Narcissists is a Form of Suicide: Eve Lorgen with James Bartley on the Cosmic Switchboard Show

James Bartley and I discuss the real ramifications and finer nuances of what it really means to enable a narcissist in ones life, community or spiritual arena. I share the real dangers and reality of Complex Trauma, especially within the anomalous trauma experience, and how the inter-dimensional entities, negative ETs, milab handlers or other demonic […]

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