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Honeysuckle Grace

by Eve Lorgen 5/19/21 I asked for a poem, prayer or song the Holy Spirit could send for those of this world who don’t belong. What essence of Love’s truth could pierce this harshness of times, hardened hearts and crushed souls confused minds seeking a Sign from the Divine. I pause and remember a sacred […]

“Why the Narcissist Takes Your Soul”: In

“Why the Narcissist Takes Your Soul”: Interview with Eve Lorgen by Anoushka Marcin

This interview came out on YouTube May 16, 2021. In this interview Anoushka Marcin, a psychology therapist, specializes in “Narcissistic Abuse” and other counseling related interpersonal and social dynamics. In our first interview we introduced my work in Anomalous Trauma and focused on the supernatural elements which often accompany certain Narcissistic “relationship patterns” such as […]