The Astral Twin Flame Union Experience, Mind Control and Spiritual Warfare

I want to personally thank Arella Elliora, for bringing to my attention several of the links provided in this article. Arella has also written a Spanish translation of this article and can be found here:

Much of my work with clients who report a “Dark Side of Cupid” relationship, alien love bite, or twin flame connection is interwoven with obsessive, traumatic and energy draining overtones. Underneath the veil of this powerful and blissful “soul connection” with a human who keeps appearing in their “dreams” or astral realms is really some form of inter dimensional being who is most likely using the image of that desired human lover.(ie, incubbi, succubi, reptilians, etc.) Or the inter dimensional being is attached to the desired targeted partner’s soul, using them as a host vampire to feed on their sexual and emotional energies.

Most of the time the person reporting a “love bite” with a predatory, sexual astral vampire is not always in physical contact with that lover. They may have had a few physical life conversations, correspondence or even a short lived, physical-sexual relationship, but most often, it’s “astral”. With some reports, the person had a physical sexual relationship with a “reptilian hosted” person, where that person finally admitted to being “non human” and taking on the role of a predatory, vampiric abuser type. But these types of reports are actually more rare because of the lethality of what is taking place. Such a case is the “Susan Reed aka Jeanne Gospell story.–“The Body Snatchers”. See:

More often than not, in the twin flame astral unions, the reporting “love bitten” person has not had a real physical relationship with the alleged twin flame lover, but something is happening that connects the two that appears to be a more complex web of inter dimensional connections and orchestrations. There is usually some reason, and oftentimes one or the other partners is connected to a “royalty bloodline” where the attachments to reptilians and other interdimensionals are present and working through one or both persons. A hidden history of alien abductions, repeated splitting traumas, milabs, Satanic Ritual Abuse, ancestral connections to high level sorcerers, Freemasons, powerful groups in the Illuminati or military are often the root cause. I believe that the more complicity and awareness of the Satanic and Luciferic Agenda in the “family of origin”, the more specific and defined the ritualized “traumas”, initiations and programming are in that persons life.

Client History may not include “Bloodline Illuminati Connections” or Alien Abduction Histories.

Some of these reports do not contain the usual abduction or bloodline ancestry histories, and the love bitten victim is like an opportunistic casualty in this inter dimensional war. They may have some vulnerability like an unmet need for healing, love, understanding and seek out a spiritual guru or teacher, then become enamored with that person who they’ve placed on a pedestal. An emotional entanglement can ensue drawing them into the “game” that starts unraveling the red flags of an energy vampirism operation. Then they may suddenly or gradually start having astral sexual connections for the first time in their lives. Astral sexual unions that are blissful, romantic that can activate their kundalini and psychic abilities. After a period of time from weeks, months or years, these sexual astral visitations may result in either channelling or becoming possessed by the entity running the show. Not to mention physical and emotional exhaustion and obsession with that person. The seduction can be gradual so that the person easily gives their permission over without knowing fully what they are doing, until it is too late.
(See: Mariah and Seductive Spirit guide, Page 126, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural And Energy Vampirism, Keyhole Press 2012)

They may start to lose their energy, become confused, and cannot rid themselves of these demonic beings, or sever psychic cords from the “hosted guru/love bite partner”. They become tormented day and night with significant energy loss and yet they still may retain a love and sex addiction to the sensations being energetically manipulated in their bodies by the being who is linked into them. The once blissful, angelic twin flame bliss becomes taunting torment and torture that will not leave them alone, despite prayer and healing modalities.

Hybrid Child Conceptions

The twin flame unions may or may not result in conception of a child, but some are specifically engineered to conceive a “hybrid child”, as in cases that are part of generational Satanic Ritual Abuse bloodline families. (i.e. See below reference to Carolyn Hamlett’s testimony and those mentioned by Christian SRA therapist, Doug Riggs). Or, in specific alien abduction hybrid breeding programs.(For example, review the work of David Jacobs) These abductees seem to be plucked for these programs because of genetics, an Illuminati Royalty connection or simply be an opportunistic victim or volunteer for the program through deception—or love bite set up.

It is my guess that many twin flame/soul mate types of love bite “set ups” could be based on the original Satanic bloodline agendas. In other words, there are many people who seem to be “run” by inter dimensional beings, where the distinct family bloodline Illuminati histories are not “overt” and yet they fall into similar patterns of repeated traumas and love bite relationships, alien abductions and milabs.

Some are “infected people” who are unhealed and hosting demonic entities masquerading as spiritual teachers and healers. These types are the “organic portals” who can infect and link in via “love bite astral connections” with many at a time, even hundreds or thousands. Some “hosted infector types” may be used to get vulnerable women pregnant, so that the child conceived will be linked in with that particular inter dimensional being or demon. It seems the main agenda for “the dark side” would be to infect as many people as possible for demonic possession or oppression, and also to conceive hybrid or demonized children from these types of conceptions. I would like to point out that genetically augmented humans in some of these “abduction programs” may not be actual “alien” hybrids, but part of a genetically modified experiment and are very “human” and not demonically “hosted”.

MK Ultra Programming for Love Obsession

In “Our Life Beyond MK Ultra” by Elisa E, Book 2, the author describes a type of programming where an alter personality was embedded with sexual memories and alternating deep obsessive feelings of love and hate for two specific “target kill males”. (Who were well known in the conspiracy fields, as well as another example in the book of a famous actor) On Page 52 she states,

“What has come to light is that it is much more likely that it was programming to make us believe we knew him to further their agenda regarding our kill program…” and on page 53 continues:

“The similarities regarding our programming to both of these men are stunning, especially the “feelings” that were programmed in…”

and …”In both programs we have repeatedly witnessed kill as well as “alter-nating” love/hate emotions toward each, up close and at a distance. Sometimes these emotions come out of nowhere and were debilitating, such as awakening in a rage and wanting to kill them.” And later Elisa reveals,

“…We have explicit memories of sexual interaction with each, but consciously realize that these are programmed in memories to provide a basis and/or motivation/justification for killing them as well as to support our journal writings that could be later used by law enforcement to dispose of us in the Department of Justice System.”

Elisa also realized that part of this program of obsessive feelings of love/hate towards a specific, high-profile conspiracy researcher, had the embedded commands of “going home”. This is like a type of call back program, where a targeted person, often a lover(?) will be used to take them (the MK ultra slave gone astray) in and possibly act as a handler to “gather them back into the fold” of the cult. Or, through association and connection with targeted person, the runaway slave is “returned” to the cult and other handlers so they can either be eliminated for “ breaking programming, or re programmed for continued operational use.

By this time in Elisa’s recovery process, she was breaking programming and did not follow through on the “kill program” commands, but was indeed accessed and programmed to believe she had a deep connection to the targeted male(s). Elisa elaborates on this by saying,

“When programming assassins in total mind control programming, the slave is made to repeat the kill program (in the mind) as it is to occur over and over again. This occurred for us in both the case of X and Y and how they made our alter personality believe the relationship was real. The levels of hatred and love we experienced is difficult to express in words. With Y, our incredible need to be with him, to find him, was most certainly that of an irrational stalker mentality. During the expression of these longings, we repeatedly heard that we were “going home” to him, through it was crystal clear that alter 14 was the one programmed to kill him. What saved us (and perhaps him) was a parallel conscious awareness of the irrational and bizarre nature of these “feelings” in light of our also seeing and feeling that we had never actually met him!”

This experience shows that some of these love bites and “engineered love obsessions” can be the result of programming where the victim is made to believe they have had sexual intimacy with the targeted partner, but in Elisa’s case the motivation for these programmed-in memories was to facilitate a target kill command.

One thing Elisa does state emphatically on page 54 is that,

“Symptoms experienced as a result of programming and consciously during deep deprogramming involved all of our states: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.”

Astral Unions and Operations

There are many reports of alleged “twin flame” or deeply connected soul-mate unions occurring either in the astral or are remembered or assumed to be in some kind of “abduction scenario”—whether it’s with aliens or in a type of milab operation or experiment, according to many “love bite experiencers”. A few of my case histories in the Love Bite (The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships, Elogos & HHC Press 2000) involve this scenario, and also many private consultations with milab abductees. For many milabs, (alien abductees who are also being utilized by secret government and military black op groups—an extension of MK Ultra) we now have mutual confirmation of memories of “operations” as well as sexual interactions. Some milabs recall mutual experiences in another dimension like “astral operations” and some recall them as if they were real physical events in a specific physical location. I’ve had reports where one partner in the “milab operation” will recall the event clearly as if it was real, where somehow they recall being “bilocated” to the milab operation location,(but they may not accurately recall the specific access point in time) and the other “milab” in the same “black op” only recalls the event as a dream. But in these instances we have a mutuality of memory indicating something indeed is happening, but at what level or dimension is not entirely clear.

I also want to point out that several of these “love bite” experiencers who believe they have a soul mate or even twin flame partner in their “secret lives” of milab operations and other dimensional activities, do have genuine feelings for one another in mutual confirmation. They may both find themselves in entrapments of being used in high level milab and occult operations, and have true feelings for the “twinned partner” and both are trying to escape this control system. It is clear that true love, even a twin flame kind of love connectedness is very powerful, and is being hijacked and exploited to serve the “dark agendas”, who have managed to entrap such couples. This is why I do not want to imply that the twin flame and even soul mate situation is entirely a black and white issue of it being “all negative, demonic manipulations” or mind control programming. I believe that if such soul mates do exist and these individuals are in such “programs”, the real test of “reality” is to heal, come out of the mind control and truly love with wisdom and discernment. If this is done, the effect should be very powerful, and certainly is something the dark “powers that be” do not want with those who have these kinds of connections. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of each of the “twin flame” partners to do a deep self-inquiry on their own history, work to resolve emotional traumas, and “mind control issues”.

In several love bite cases, mostly private, the duo recalled astral sexual unions and interactions that served to fuel the love obsession in one or both partners. Some recall “programming” in the astral where they were given narrated scripts of a story to program them to fall in love with a specific person, who was deliberately led to them via a pre-conditioned love obsession to be their “next handler”. In such a case, the love bite was engineered to bring them in to be “reactivated” for some kind of MK Ultra occult operational use.

After researching this field for over 20 years I will have to say that the level of human experimentation on all levels of being are more complex that what is assumed to be simple “physical level” MK Ultra mind control or Satanic Ritual Abuse. The extent of control includes a level of inter and extra dimensional involvement and black meta-technology that is a form of spiritual abuse and warfare on unimaginable levels. With this statement I do not want to imply that this situation is “hopeless” targeting with warfare beyond our ability to overcome. Not at all. I do believe our own hearts, minds and spirits working in full integration are extremely powerful, and we can overcome this, since black magic, by nature, is based on trickery and deception, not true spiritual power.

I think that with the numerous reports emerging out of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Illuminati Bloodline cult family survivors, we can start to understand this kind of spiritual warfare, even if much of it is within the framework of Christian religious faiths based on biblical scripture. I believe that these ancient bloodline cults, rituals and spiritual beliefs extend beyond the history of the Christian religion and the life of Jesus Christ. It is old, enduring and seemingly following an agenda that appears to be culminating in our current time. But even the prophetic scriptures such as the Book of Revelation, could be utilized as a script by these same infiltrators and corruptors of the human race to carry out their program of control and trans-humanism.

The 5th Fire Initiation Ritual for Twin Flames

There are a few brave Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors who have reported some of the demonic aspects of Twin Flame unions via specific types of rituals done with “bloodline cult people”. One such witness testimony is Carolyn Hamlett on the “5th Fire Initiation Ritual”, which uses a twin flame couple, to unify, give up their souls for possession and conceive a “hybrid Nephilim” “avatar” child. In this type of “Nephilim hybrid” the physical gestation and maturation is rapid and not “normal” in term of the usual human pregnancy and growth. This is distinct and different from many of the alien abduction hybrid breeding program reports, compared to the children born to the abductee mothers in their physical environment lives. In other words, most of the children born to the abductee mothers in their normal physical life/world, are not such rapid gestation and maturation as described in Carlyn Hamlett’s testimony. On the other hand, hybrid children being shown to parent abductees on the alien crafts or environments during abductions, may appear much more “alien” than human and have different gestation and maturation times. The hybrid children that were raised in “alien environments” are usually taken via abduction from the mother’s wombs in the first trimester. For more details on the entirety of Carolyn Hamlett’s experience see:

Doug Riggs, a long time Christian minister and SRA therapist who has worked with many ritual abuse survivors has spoken about the “Nephilim Mothers” being groomed to conceive hybrid children. He does say that these “Nephilim children” mostly males, look like normal humans and are usually physically ”beautiful people”. Another thing Doug Riggs did report in the below video interview is that since 1976, all significant world leaders or those in top positions in the world are all now “hybrids”.

Another interview worth listening to with Doug Riggs and Lynn Marzulli on a more broad perspective of the Nephilim hybrid issue and the End times Deception, Satanic Anti-Christ Agenda.

Discernment Comes with Healing, and Deep Spirit/Source Connection

What I have observed over the years with experiencers of anomalous trauma is that if they have never experienced true healing, love, healthy family relations, and trauma free living, they often lack the ability to discern the truth of a situation. For example, the “red flags” that normally would cue a non-traumatized person that something is “not right” will not register in a long-time abductee or anomalous trauma survivor. It is not that these people are not sensitive, aware or intelligent. It’s the simple fact that from living a life of trauma, a certain level of emotional pain and confusion is normalized in their lives. The analogy of the frog being slowly boiled in the pot of boiling water is a metaphor of how easy it is to not notice the gradual temperature of the water, until it’s so hot they either succumb to being cooked alive (spiritually and emotionally dying), or they jump out of the boiling water and wake up to the reality of obvious abuse.

Sometimes the desire for love, acceptance, or avoidance of the “crazy reality” keeps them in a world of confusion, distraction or obsessions with illusions that actually prevent them from a deeper self connection of internal Spirit Sourced truth.

When there is vampiric energy loss, there is also a level of confusion. Where there still exist psychological defenses, cognitive dissonance and intact mind control programming, there will be a consistency of distractions, drama and numbing (perhaps through various addictions). There will be illusions of what they want reality to be, but is not. Healing and the clarity of wisdom comes from deep heart and core Spirit connection, combined with the rational mind. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the wild goose chase of endless mental puzzles, spinning in this “need to know” questioning and research endeavors on externalized aspects of ones life and world. Many of us who have hidden histories of abductions have intense desires to know what happened, our memories of missing time, our real parentage, proof that we may be a “hybrid” or other such inquiries. These mental “needing to have external knowledge” quests can actually sabotage the true healing process. True healing will always cause you to return to your own heart, feelings and spiritual core of beingness, which then works in balance with the logical mind to to question events and experiences that are unusual and then make sense of things.

If there is a true form of soul mate or even a twin flame dyad, it is not likely to be festered with the magnitude of demonic, vampiristic overtones or riddled with narcissistic, game playing so prominent in hyper dimensional organic portals —pretending to be human lovers. The determination to heal and take emotionally intelligent responsibility will offer the clarity and wisdom to understand and overcome these complex multileveled manipulations and questions. For so many of us we feel alone and unsupported in this. But we are not alone. The fact that we are still alive, and have come to know what we have thus far is a significant victory.

ET Abductee Interviewed by Alfred Webre About Predatory Hyperdimensional Beings

ET Abductee interview of 10/16/013 by Alfred Webre on

In this interview an anonymous 33 year old male “abductee” reveals what his experience has been of ET intrusion by the dark alien forces, and milab themes. In his experiences he admits to being subjected to many virtual reality scenarios and punishing behaviors by the ETs who are oftentimes masquerading in other guises. Alfred and he discuss the hyperdimensional nature of these entities rather than extraterrestrial. The abductee cites John Lash material regarding the nature of the “Archons” and how these entities who have plagued he and his family for decades use fear and punishment tactics to carry out their agenda on humans so they “stay in line” and cooperate in a disempowered, fearful state of being.

Sometimes the beings take you physically and other times it may be only a kind of energetic abduction, but the abductee stated numerous health and medical issues as a result of his abductions in addition to the “taunting and harassment” which is very similar to the “targeted individuals” reports.

The abductee relates that the negative hyperdimensional entities will tailor make the experiences for that particular personality using whatever tactics that help instill fear and a belief system that ensures our belief in their powerful nature. He says they will target specific types of people, especially those with alot of intelligence, light and out of the box thinkers and those with heightened perception, so as to “knock them down”. He stated they they trim or “clip the light” from the people who are believed to be a threat to these controlling entities. They often give prophetic and apocalyptic messages and warnings and threats.

The abductee repeated several times how these entities are similar if not identical to the Archons of the Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic material. These beings are also described in the early Carlos Castenada books and referred to as “inorganic” beings. In such books as “The Fire Within, The Eagles Gift and The Art of Dreaming, Castenada gives several accounts of having encountered inorganic beings and their realms in the “dreaming state of the 2nd attention”. These beings can have insidious and deceptive means to pull you into their realms, and in some bizarre cases can even pull your entire physical body into their realms in a full on physical abduction. This is reminiscent of some alien abduction capabilities, where they can do complete physical abductions in and out of time, as well as astral or energy body/consciousness abductions. More often than not, the abductee will not have full recall of the experience. From a shamanic perspective, this lack of memory may be due to a lack of energy and concentration. So this was one main reason why shamans developed energy and awareness cultivating practices so as to be more effective seers and not fall into the traps of these inorganic predatory beings. Seers can learn how to perceive the distinct differences in the energetic signatures of organic versus inorganic beings.

In The Alien Apocalypse interview with Corvo, (See

he refers to these beings as EME’s or Extra Materialized Entities. They operate in a distinct and predictable pattern that usually revolve around these themes:

  • Nowadays it is manifested in the form of our “friends ET” and/or “celestial entities” like the “Holy Virgin Mary” that release ideologically consistent messages.
  • The behavior of these entities, the number of contacts and paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with extraterrestrial hypothesis.
  • The existence of a multi-dimensional universe is theorized by physics with the theory or M-theory.
  • The messages of these beings relate to a series of “coming” disasters, such as “The Event”, meteors, three days of darkness, global wars, etc.
  • The mythical stories of those disasters are consistent with the narrative of the “hybrids” as the next-generation of humankind.
  • After which there will be the coming of a “millennial kingdom”.
  • The beings act like vampires.  The interest of these EME’s is to establish a feeding field.
  • Human organizations in our history have tried to fight and/or establish a “devilish pact” with them.

Now, contrast this with John Lash’s description of the archontic mind parasite weaponry tactics of the predatory beings. In essence the Archons want to cause us to destroy our paradise. They reach us in three main ways:

  •  The reach us through remote viewing.
  • They work in teams with a hive mentality.
  • They are mind parasites and they intrude in our mind telepathically – telepathic intrusion.

They can project from outside the Earth’s atmosphere to inside the Earth’s atmosphere virtual reality scenarios that are so real that human beings usually mistake them for real events – certainly some of these “religious miracle events” like sightings of the Virgin Mary, etc.  In the Nag Hammadi this was noted by the word Hal.  Note: in 2001 a Space Odyssey, the name of the computer was HAL.  ET abductions are perhaps another example.

  • The third weapon is – “religion”
  • Infiltrate and try and control humanity through religion.

The gnostics in the Nag Hammadi specifically designated what John Lash calls “the religion of salvationism of Judeo-Christianity – Abrahamic religion.” (aka The Palestinian Redeemer Complex).

This form of religion contains four main elements :

1. Exclusive creation of the world by a paternal father “god” – no female power involved.  (Note, the “world” (meaning our Earth) wasn’t created at all – it was a metamorphosis of the divine Sophia, Herself. We as humanity are emanations of divine design, (through the Aeonic coupling of Sophia and “Thelete”, not “creations”.)

2. “He” has chosen to be represented by certain people on Earth and selected them and separated them from all others (special “agents” of “god” – “chosen ones”)

3. “He” is going to send his “messiah” to help the “chosen people” implement his final program for humanity.

4. “He” plans an apocalyptic judgment day for everyone including those who follow his plan and obey his orders and those who don’t.

As one can see, the “Father God” tactics of the Demiurge/Archontic mind set is one of a controlling and punishing way, if you don’t obey you will be punished and bad things will happen to you if you don’t believe, have blind faith, follow their program of salvation, etc.

One of the things that a client discussed with me recently (he also contributed to the above summarized material noted about John Lash’s Archon weaponry tactics) is how it feels after one has removed themselves from the arhontic mind parasite mode of perception and self-belief. Let’s say, you’ve had an alien encounter or even telepathic messages from beings who claim to be ETs or some form of interdimensional being or “star gods”. They may arrange numerous dreams, communications, visions, predictions, prophecies and meaningful synchroncities in your life. They seem to set you up to feel special or chosen to be their ambassador, channel or “spiritual leader” or even inculcate a messiah complex in you. They can do this by providing astounding synchronicities in your life in ways that make you feel chosen, or zealous about a particular belief system that has the above themes of Corvo’s summary: Some kind of apocalyptic scenario, warning the people, spreading the message of a new spiritual teaching or “god/religion” that has all the ear marks of an off planet ET who wants all kinds of worship, attention and energy directed towards them for us to believe blindly and give our power away to. They usually ignore or marginalize anything to do with the living planet Gaia-Sophia/Divine Feminine Wisdom as an Aeonic being who we can interact and connect with to remember our own origins. Instead, they goad you in feeling like you are some kind of chosen person or people who have special connections with star gods or benevolent ET races. They work by alot of telepathy and downplay the heart centered interactive connection with the Earth and with each other. They do this in a way that evades our understanding of all of us as equally important. If you don’t comply to their belief construct they may turn on you with endless guilt trips, in equitable gender relatoinships, hierarchy systems of those who are always better than someone else with some elite who are in control through bloodline associations with special genetics, etc.

One of the tactics of the archons and disruptors, or people hosted by these hyperdimensional mind parasite beings, is to feed off of your life force, emotions and to destroy and attack the “purity of the soul”. They have predictable ways of either shaming you outright to make you feel bad about yourself (or public humiliation) or they put you up on a pedestal, only to “crash you down” later to feed off the “let down” they just staged upon you. If you don’t comply to their impossible expectations of human perfection they make you an outcast in their social systems. Of course it’s a no brainer that these entities are incapable of empathy and compassion, and so the hallmark of an archontically parasited and hosted person is a kind of psychopathic personality pattern. This is elaborated on at length in my book, “The Dark Side of Cupid”. The only reason I bring this up again is because I’ve had discussions with people who have run into these disruptors on internet forum lists and other groups, and they often hide behind “spiritual masks”.

When you are connected to the Organic Light and wisdom of the living Sophia/Gaia, one’s reactions and perceptions change into a more open, joyful, egalitarian and wonderstruck beingness concerning the nature of our own connection with the Earth and each other in our true memory of divine origin. Life becomes a wonderment of magical expression of our own divine imaginative co-creation and interactivity with the wisdom of the living planet we live on. We no longer become addicted to being an information junkie on a sole rational mind level, and instead intuit through a combination of intellectual understanding and intuitive knowing or Gnosis by ones rememberance and interaction with the living wisdom that gave us life.


Radio Show on Critical Mass Radio Saturday April 6, 2013

Cosmic Blueprints interview on Critical Mass Radio with Eve Lorgen and radio hosts Tony and Kate of Gaia.( people) A two hour show on everything from alien love bites, forces of disruption, milabs, mind control, spiritual powers of protection and how contracts are made with the “dark side” unknowingly.

This is the direct mp3 file of the Radio Show April 6, 2013 with Tony and Kate of Gaia on Comic Blueprints Show on Critical Mass Radio. We really got into it, a fun show.

Graham Hancock and the War on Consciousness

This is a video presentation by TED Talk which was BANNED, but luckily it’s out on Youtube. Hancock talks about his experience with Ayahuasca, the Ethnoegen that many South American shamans use for visionary and healing purposes.

Ayahuasca is a female spirit herb teacher known by shamans all over the world  (but especially South America) for teaching via visionary altered states of consciousness. In Hancock’s experience he was able to see what his former addiction to marajuana was doing to his consciousness, soul and life. He also was shown what happens to the soul after death, and the dangers of not protecting the Soul when living lives disconnected from divine Soul wisdom. This was life changing for him, after which he quit marajuana and felt liberated from this drug addiction. He also understood the importance of the connection to divine Soul essence as the key for all individually and collectively with the problems facing this planet. His realization also brought him to the conclusion that there is a major war on consciousness on this planet. This is not just because Ayahuasca is considered illegal in many countries, but because our technocratic, archontic controlled-global elite is deliberately keeping us dummied down.

I personally do not think one needs Ayahuasca or psychahedelic herbs to enter into visionary states, but shamans the world over have done this safely for years in order to experience certain mystical states for teaching and healing purposes, not recreation.

I’ve made the statement in my “Dark Side of Cupid” book, about what we are experiencing in paranormally influenced love connections (where energy vampirism is present) is a direct assault on the raising of human consciousness. What we are seeing and experiencing in many ways is a war on our soul and freedom of consciousness. This will not end until each of us individually takes personal responsibility to connect to divine Soul essence and wisdom.

Youtube link:

Shadowlands Voyager Interview Now on Youtube

My interview with Christina and the Shadowlands Voyager team is now available via mp3 file and on their Youtube Channel. This was a unique interview in that we were able to discuss many women’s issues, the healing journey, facing the shadow, Patriarchy’s deceptions, false gods and how this all relates to the alien interference and soul energy vampirism in this world. We tapped into the feminine wisdom often marginalized in other venues dealing with “alien/UFO/ET/spiritual” issues. I also talk a little bit about my own healing journey and experiences.

Here is a link to the audio file of the show we did last week: Feb. 17, 2013
And here is the YouTube version:

Russ Dizdar on SRA, the Reality of Evil and Spiritual Warfare

For a chilling and eye opening view of the reality of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Evil Networks of Global Cults. He discusses programming and demonization of multiple personality manchurian candidates who are programmed to carry out the Luciferian Agenda. This agenda is vast and very ancient, going back to the Nephilim. Russ has over 30 years experience working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and is also a Christian Pastor. His web site is:

This is the direct youtube C2C link:

Another radio interview that I found fascinating  and disturbing regarding the coming Luciferian agenda, the Vatican, Stargates, alien-human hybrids and the Nephilim connection is this Hagmann and Hagmann Jan. 13th 2013 show. Copied directly from Hagmann and Hagmann’s web site:



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guests: Tom Horn & Steve Quayle 

Topic:  The coming great deception.

Thomas Horn is internationally recognized lecturer, radio host and best selling author of several books including his newest books, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is HereForbidden Gatesand Apollyon Rising 2012. He is a well-known columnist whose articles have been referred to by writers of the L. A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, New Man Magazine, World Net Daily, News Max, White House Correspondents and dozens of news magazines and press agencies around the globe.

Mr. Horn has been interviewed by US Congressmen and Senators on his findings as well as featured repeatedly in major media including top-ten talk shows, America’s Morning News forThe Washington Times, The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Coast to Coast AM, Prophecy in the News, and the Southwest Radio Church to name a few. Thomas received the highest degree honorary doctorate bestowed in 2007 from legendary professor Dr. I.D.E. Thomas for his research into ancient history, and has been endorsed by such national leaders as Dr. James Kennedy.

Steve Quayle is an internationally best selling author, talk radio host, and renowned researcher.

*EL–My concerns with some of his (Quayle, et al.) opinions regarding alien abductees and supersoldiers are the quick, armchair expert’s version of these individuals.(Demonized alien-human hybrids programmed to kill or carry out a dark agenda via triggering & mind controlled, sleeper assassin style.) Some fundamentalist Christians can pigeon-hole and demonize many groups of people, without really having adequate and accurate knowledge of them. My other concern is the patriarchal views of male superiority, causing many to become pig headed and arrogant in their own minds, thus becoming deceived by the same “evil” they proclaim to fight against.

Click here to listen with Windows Media Player
Click here to download as MP3

Video Interview of Eve Lorgen with Jon Kelly

Here is a 30 minute video interview Jon Kelly did with me on November 14, 2012. We talked about my new book, The Dark Side of Cupid, and how this work started from alien abduction research. I touched upon the energy vampirism issue, souls and spiritual warfare. Many people in my case studies experienced being disrupted in some way when seeking the truth of their alien visitation experiences, as well as “engineered love relationships”.

This phenomenon-aka-the “dark side of Cupid” relationship is not exclusive to experiencers of alien encounters, but happens to many more people, especially those seeking the truth about many issues kept secret regarding UFOs, Paranormal, Spirituality, higher consciousness and conspiracy issues. Energy vampirism when viewed from a shamanic perspective, can open our eyes to the unseen entities which may be responsible for this form of “paranormal interference” and soul energy feeding.