SIMBAD Session Results with Serbian Abductee

A colleague in Serbia translated their SIMBAD  session results into English. Vladimir is an abductee who has undergone at least 4 SIMBAD sessions with an abductions hypnotherapist who is familiar with the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy. (

These are his words describing his SIMBAD findings and implant sketches. Some are quite detailed.


My name is Vladimir. In the late summer of 2012, I went through a regressive hypnosis experience, with an aim to liberate myself from alien abductions. The procedure of my regressive hypnosis session was based on Dr. Corrado Malanga’s SIMBAD exercise.

By the help of this technique and under a guidance of a hypnotherapist, I have managed to get rid of a considerable amount of implants which were placed on my body and on my Spirit, Mind and Soul components. I also managed to remove various attachments and entities who have installed those implants and finally, to get rid of the influence from AAM and PAM. (EL-AAM is Active Alien Memory, and is a spirit and mind component of an alien who uses the Soul energy of the abductee to come to life and use its will on the abductee. The PAM is the passive alien memory, which is neutralized from its spirit, so it no longer can use its will be used to influence the abductee like an alien “parasite”. The AAM is like a computer software program of an alien identity, enlivened by the human Soul component.)

I had been abducted from third month of my life, as I still was a fetus in utero, till the moment my Soul component realised what was happening.

And, during the session, I was able to gain a pretty nice view and feeling of these implants. I have memorised them visually and eventually, I made an effort to express them graphically via the attached images. The purpose of these images and explanations is to show people how the implants look like and what was their purpose. All of the implants which I encountered during the sessions, I have experienced as “energetic”, as if they contained in themselves some sort of light or electricity.

I went through 4 sessions altogether during which all implants were removed. After that, I was able to exercise SIMBAD by myself, without a guide. Before, I was not able to carry out SIMBAD by myself,  as I was blocked by the implants.

Implants detected at the first session:

These implants were installed in myself by two reptilian entities in my 3rd year of life.

1. The implant consists of three energetic discs which are connected by energetic fibers, which bind them together and it goes along the spine to the atlas, where it branches off into smaller filaments. The rings are placed into the lumbar part of the spine. The purpose of the implant is to block impulses from the lower portion of the spine, the sacrum– which is an area connected with sexuality. It was used for giving pleasures to reptilians by diverting my sexual energy to their direction, instead of it being used for my body. I also perceived it as being placed on my Mind component.

2. Implants on temporal bones. At he beginning, I perceived at as two red dots, however, later when I was removing it, they looked as two scrolls. Their purpose was to control the frontal lobes of the brain. I saw it on my Soul component, as well. On the soul, this implant develops into the implant No 4.

3. Cones in the head. They are used for transfer of impulses from outside to inside, and from inside towards outside. Something like a device for monitoring and control. I saw it also on my Spirit component.

4. This implant represents an “energetic filed” which has developed In front of my Soul and it is connected with Implant No 2. I felt that it was used to block the Soul component.

5. Green cone which is levitating under the plexus area and it was connected to the spine by some sort of tinny filaments. When I was removing it, it tuned out into a small ‘medusa’; it looked like a real sea jellyfish. I do not know what it was used for. The cone was implanted on the Spirit component, as well, however, it did not turn into a medusa when I was taking it out from there.

Implants detected at 2nd session:

Implants placed by Horus-Ra, when I was 7 y.o.:

  •  A sphere in the shape of a golf ball in middle of the head. Tinny filaments are branching off the ball through bone marrow, throughout the body. The implant is used for control purposes. It hinders the will.
  • Another implant from Horus-Ra branches out from the same golf ball and affects the whole nervous system. I forgot to ask about its purpose, however, I have a feeling that it manipulates the nervous system and the secretion of hormones. The ball is in the middle of the head, where the pineal gland is.
  • Implants placed by mantides and greys on behalf of reptilians and their master “eye in the pyramid”. It happened when I was 7 y.o.

    Implant placed on anal area and the sexual organ. Used for sucking out the energy and also for preventing the energy flow along the spine column. It diverts the life force to the other side, through the ring. The long filament which comes out of the ring goes up along the spine.

    • Implant on the heart. Belongs to Horus-Ra. Not clear when it was placed.

      This implant was placed in the breast, where the heart is. It is used for the prevention of interaction with the Soul component. It blocks the flow of impulses to the heart area and it emits out one’s negative energy at the same time. It prevents interaction with any positive energy.

      Implants on the body and the Soul. Installed by reptilians and their master “the eye in the (glass) pyramid”, when I was 3 months old fetus.

1. Implant on the Soul. Used for “plugging in” of my “hybrid offspring” to my Soul (energy). The hybrid children were made from my sperm, which they were taking during abductions from my 16th year, and from ova of women who are unknown to me. They experimented with the sperm and female egg cells. So, my feeling was that the ring was used for sucking out energy from the Soul component.

2. This implant was placed in such a way to grow together with myself, while I grow in my life. It was installed on the location which corresponds to some of the chakras and it ends in my sexual organ. It was used to block and control these places and for syphoning out the sexual energy.

Implant from “The Boss” placed in the 6th month of the pregnancy, while I was still a fetus.

The breast plate which is hooked back to the spinal column. Used for control, or better to say, as a ‘pressure’ for lowering down awareness. The implant behaves like a collector of energy from all body’s energy meridians. “The Boss” was first waiting for the others to place their implants, and then he placed his. While being under hypnosis, I was saying that all people were having this implant. I have got an insight and a feeling that it was really so.

Dark Matter

  • I perceived that some sort of a dark matter was covering whole my skeleton and the cranium, except of the facial bones. It had some spherical shape with three points in the region of atlas. It was covering the body like a crude oil. I was under an impression that it was coming from another galaxy. Did not ask when it was installed and for what purpose.
  • Note EL: This is similar to some reports (in an AMMACH interview Aug.2012 with contactee Alistair Martin, Miles Johnstone and Joanne Summerscales) about a black sentient oil, believed to be an alien sentient lifeform of sorts. Believed to be a nano particle sentient life form. ( See

Implants from Horus-Ra, (The Lord of the Rings?!?sic); unknown when it was placed?

 Rings on the legs and arms. “Bracelet” on the Mind. The rings where also present on the Spirit and the Mind, though, in somewhat different form. Used for control purposes. The bracelet seems to be designed for Mind control or for the purpose to block the formation of a bridge between the Soul and the Spirit.

  • Implants detected at the 3rd session

    Implants from greys, another type of mantides and a type of a high ranking reptilian. He seemed to be more powerful in the hierarchy than normal ‘reps’ (I felt it like an “asura”, very arrogant and mean entity). This implant was placed into me 3-4 weeks prior to the session.

    Placed into the hips, the scrotum and the spinal column. Purpose: fear amplifier. It was meant to block recognition of the components, as well. However, it somehow was not functioning well on me.

    Implant from Horus-Ra, PM, the Boss, the “eye in the glass-pyramid” and the installation was carried out by the “reptilian-asura”. Installed in 38th year of life.

    These implants were very precisely designed and they were very hard to remove. They were located on my hands as “gloves” (1), on my feet as “shoes” (2) and, on my head there was also something like a “helmet with a mask” (3). “The helmet” contained inside tentacles which were branching out and spreading throughout the brain. The “helmet”, “gloves” and “shoes” were connected by an energetic filament through the whole body. My spirit had on himself a sort of a helmet, too, which did not work. The helmet was not present on the Mind component, however, it had on himself something like a “yellow glasses”. The Soul had “gloves” and “shoes”. All these implants were eroding my will for living, causing depression and self-pity, destroying self-confidence, inducing laziness and apathy. The mask seemed to act as a trigger for lying.

    Implant from Medusa and a gang of 47 greys.

    1. This is implant was placed by entity Medusa and we discovered it in the 1st session. I experienced it as if it was made of aluminum foil. It was hooked to joints of clavicles on one side and and the lower part of my stomach, on the other side.

    2. It was placed in my 12th incarnation from entering PM (Primordial Man, also known as Adam Kadmon), from below, and I entered him through some sort of meditation. This event happened before 39 incarnations. My first body was not PM. I started as a plane rock or a mineral and the number of my incarnations prior to entering into PM was pretty high. The implant was installed in several phases, from the 12th incarnation after entering PM to my 17th incarnation, when it became integrated and hooked to myself all the way till the moment we removed it through regressive hypnosis. At the moment we destroyed it, it ceased to exist in the now, past and the future. I was 5/6 year old when the implant, which I named “medusa,” was installed into my body. The entity Medusa attended the event with a gang of 47 greys. The implant was installed through space/time and it is functioning through all incarnations after its integration. The implant is also developing through space/time and when finally developed, it remains in all further incarnations. All three components, Spirit, Mind and Soul had a filament which was installed on them, which was not working. These filaments belonged to the entity Medusa. This entity, Medusa, placed also an implant in my knees which was designated to act as a sort of a magnet for negative energy. I did not draw that one as I forgot how it looks like.

    3. Implant medusa from 4th session. I felt that this part was supposed to protect the implant No 2. I do not know who placed that one. I had a feeling that this implant acts as an outer layer, holder or a protective cover for medusa. It was located on my torso and its tentacles were ending in my back.

    The Medusa, was often pretending to be an old woman or a female lover and it was hard for me to see her real appearance. Eventually, I managed to see it in the 3rd session, after we removed some of the implants which were preventing me to see clearly. The Medusa looks like as she was represented in the Greek mythology: she had four fingers, sharp-pointed teeth, a grayish snake like body, and on the head, she had strange hairs. She looks closely like that:

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find on internet any better image.

    The implant placed by 6 greys, mantides, a female reptilian entity and human looking aliens with fair hairs, in white and blue uniforms who had insignia on left part of their breasts in the form of a red, five pointed star. This implant was not visual in the beginning, it was represented only by sound, so I was not able to locate it, at first. When I managed that, it became visual. It was installed in the 2nd year of my life.

    This implant was placed above my head to block access to my Higher self. It looks like the children’s toy, a spin.

    Implants from the 4th session:

    Implants from fair haired “humans” in blue and white uniforms with insignia in the form of red, five pointed star. Placed in the 2nd year of my life.

    1. Remaining implant, the “spin,” above the Spirit, Soul and Mind, from the 3rd session.

    2. Implant placed by fair-haired “humans”. It was located on the top of my head. During this session we were pretty disturbed by those forces, so we forgot to query the purpose of this implant. Due to the distraction activities from outside, I could not get the feeling of its purpose, as well. The filaments  of the implant branched out throughout my body.

    Until the end of the 4th session, we were busy with clean up of the implant remnants in my body, my Spirit, my Soul and my Mind; and locating remaining clones of mine and hybrid-children. These remnants, pieces or fragments, I did not draw, as they were just broken pieces, like a remaining tentacles, or a fragment of a broken ring, threads, fibres etc…

    The Serbian original article is here:

    Additional comments from Serbian colleague:

    Just some additional explanation. I the article, in connection with some implants, an elusive entity was mentioned, named “The Boss”. The entity is not mentioned in Malanga’s cosmology, however, it has been perceived by several of Tamara’s clients in various forms which it changes frequently (dragon, monster…. Vladimir said, when he was chasing it to destroy it in the context of SIMBAD, it has changed shape several times and at the end it shapeshifted into his mother.) Although, in Malanga’s Tree of life, which he published in Genesis, there is one sephirot with a question mark, on the same level as PM, which you can see on the attached picture gen-2c. Translation from the picture:


    Coscienza – consciousness

    Secondo creatore – 2nd creator

    Primo creatore – 1st creator

    Anima secondo creatore – Soul of the 2nd creator

    Uomo con anima – Man with a soul

    Alieno incorporeo – Bodiless alien

    Alieno corporeo – Alien with body

    Uomo senza anima – Man without soul

    Golem (at the bottom)

    So, I do not know if that entity could fit into the sephirot with the question mark?! Malanga said that this being theoretically exists, however, he was not able to describe it.

    Another entity frequently encountered in the context of SIMBAD, but not mentioned by Malanga, is a ‘medusa’ (‘jelly fish’). It seems, there is an entity looking like that, and implants looking like that, as well?!

    There are other drawings from several abductees on this web site link:

    Notes from Vladimir on the black oil like substance, and an experience similar to AMMACH’s Alistair Marin with his “empathic 911 download in an altered state”:

    In the first part he( Alistair interview) mentioned something similar to my “trance” experience. As he can feel death of people in 911, so I also was made to feel all the pain from the all wars, rapes, death, etc., and I fell down as I experienced it, but I never was in the war, and I never hurt anyone physically. It was after my “fight” in trance like state with this black oil like substance who cover my bones.( See sketch in article of skeleton) In trance, I burned that black oil substance with the light from my bones. The feeling of pain was sort of a response of another entity’s, not response of the black oil substance, that’s what I think and what I feel during the “shamanic trance”. There was a lot of weird things going on in those days. Recently I have similar ” games” playing around me. More about that you can read in this article:
    In regression I clearly see again that black oil like substance and my Soul component and I clear it from my bones. I felt that this oil like substance is from another Universe. 

    Here are some additional sketches drawn by Vladimir 20 years previously, relating to Horus-Ra, the medusa entity and a sperm extracting device:








Aliens as Transdimensional Parasites

A Follow up Interview with Maarit, Before and After SIMBAD Sessions

By Eve Lorgen


For new readers of this article series, Maarit is a female milab-abductee who was interviewed twice, April of 2011 ( and December of 2011 ( regarding her complex alien-military abductions, genetic manipulations and occult-ritual mind control programming. The last interview discussed her experiences with the Archontic “Horus-Ra” entity, describing how this transdimensional entity will try to host a human being, through a variety of complex alien manipulations, deception, rituals and black metatechnology.

A significant portion of the interview introduced the work and theories of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy. Dr. Malanga is a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Pisa. His understanding of physics, chemistry, the human brain and neurolinguistic hypnotic methods such as SIMBAD (( and FMS ( helped him tackle an effective solution to the alien abduction problem.

To help the reader understand the questions and answers in this interview, a brief overview of Dr. Malanga’s work is helpful.

Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Basic Theories on Alien Abduction and Interference

Since 1992 Dr. Malanga has conducted studies on hundreds of people involved in the alien abduction phenomena. The techniques he uses are graphology (the study of handwriting), regressive hypnosis, NLP, and specific exercises of Mental Simulations (SIMBAD, FMS) and the Triad Color Test (a test derived from the Luscher Color Test but further modified and greatly elaborated). (See To understand the physics behind the abductions he, together with Alfredo Magenta (ECE) propounded the Super Spin Hypothesis describing the quantized nature of time.

His first book, UFO’s Inside the Mind (Bompiante, 2000) revealed how aliens implant their own memories inside the minds of abductees. This created a controversy and according to Malanga, after which, “all hell broke loose”. His second book called Aliens or Demons: The Fight for Eternal Life (2007) also created a stir, as his theories did not subscribe to the contemporary abduction literature which has been neatly circumscribed to the abductee medical exams, Grey aliens and the hybrid breeding program. Although his research includes those aspects of the abduction scenario, his emphasis on the aliens’ entrapment and hijacking of the human soul as a “battery” is what he believes is the most important reason for the aliens interference with humanity. It is all about our souls.

Before Dr. Malanga could fully understand how the aliens were carrying out their soul vampirizing activities, he first realized the importance of understanding what we are as human beings. The true nature of man can be understood as having four main aspects of being, the physical body/container, the mind, spirit and soul.

Through hypnotic and neurolinguistic methods, Dr. Malanga discovered how the abductee’s mind, spirit and soul components were not in communication with each other. (As opposed to non-abductees or those who are not traumatized or dissociated) In other words, there existed with the abductee a condition of soul-mind-spirit disconnect which enabled the aliens to tap into their soul energy, while keeping the abductee unaware of this soul energy hijacking operation. Dr. Malanga also discovered a lot about the aliens methods, their motives for interfering with us, and how they parasite themselves within the human mind-spirit. This is similar to what many shamans and spirit release practitioners such as the late Dr. William Baldwin call “attached entities”.

In a nutshell, Dr. Malanga’s research describes the problem of alien interferences, which races are responsible for these interferences, and analyzes the many levels of alien interference. Some levels are obviously physical and others are more internal, such as affecting the energy body of the person. His work clarifies the interrelationships between different aliens and between aliens and groups who work for the New World Order agenda. Most importantly, he describes the techniques used to subjugate the abductee, used by both aliens and the military humans who are colluding with them to achieve their own goals. He proposes several levels of interference:

Level 1: Physical surgical operations on the abductee

Level 2: Alien memories implanted into the brain of the abductee

Level 3: Cloning of the Abductee

Level 4: Attempts to move the light-dots matrix (the consciousness soul) of the abductee and constrain it into an alien body

Level 5: Different kinds of incorporeal aliens made up of light-aka- the LUX light being or coming from another dimension-aka—the transdimensional parasites such as the Horus-Ra figure, Six Fingered ones or Grinch, These are the ones who control all the other aliens.

Level 6: Still under research and partially understood at this time—concerns the Primordial Man and the hierarchies of beings above the PM, and how they interact.

A good over view of Dr. Malanga’s theory regarding alien interference with humanity can be viewed in the article entitled. ”The Global Picture of Alien Interferences” (

After Maarit underwent a SIMBAD session, I asked her some questions about her experience with her recovery from alien interference.

1. Can you describe what you discovered with the Draconian Active Alien Memories (AAM) and Passive Alien Memories (PAM)? 

As I mentioned in the last interviews, I was considered a hybrid because I had an alien consciousness – meaning that I had Draconian AAM- operational units of mind and spirit like a computer program (containing the info of this entity/society, etc.) with strong will power. (EL—The will power of the AAM contains a mind and spirit alien component, yet lacks soul. The alien uses the human soul as a battery to activate its own being)

When my AAM-Draconian component of consciousness was destroyed by my own soul power during the SIMBAD session, the will power of this creature was eliminated but the passive alien memories (PAM) are still in my brain consciousness and mind, because the AAM was stored there.  The passive alien memories no longer have any will power through which they can influence my mind. According to Dr. Malanga, every abductee has an AAM and some other parasites like LUX. I believe it to be true because the reason for this alien interference is to get control over the soul and fuse it with the alien system/physical body.

This is a sketch of Maarit’s initial SIMBAD conference table and the various aliens and incorporeal entities she observed:imgmsmb


Primordial Man-Drawing by Tiziano Tumolo

It means incorporeal aliens try to get permanently into the human biological system too. This “fusing” is done by using active DNA manipulation and modulating human immune response via medical procedures and frequencies like said in my earlier interview. In other words, we are speaking about the process of metamorphosis between aliens and human beings. And the result of this process is immortality for the aliens. The Primordial Man, also known as Adam Kadmon in Hebrew Kabalistic literature (See and the other creators want it too, but this is another topic. Like PM and the scam of orthodox Christianity.

2. What were the symptoms of having an AAM/PAM?

From my perspective, I believe that at some point in the abductees’ lives, they all have memories of being an alien or feelings of not belonging here. In my case though, I was fully aware of my AAM, as a female Draconian. From what I have seen or heard, these alien memories are the case for many people.

The new-age thinking seems to feed the impression that encourages abductees to dwell in an illusion where they think that they ARE a true alien benevolent/spiritually advanced identity and they have come to earth to help people to move on to higher frequencies, which is not the case at all.

AAM can cause severe dissociation, mood swings, and hallucinations, memory blocks, change of personality etc., similar symptoms which could be described by using psychiatric terms like schizophrenic, manic depressive, MPD/DID etc., although the etiology is totally different. In my experience, I had difficulties with memory. Mind control procedures and cloning affected my memory too. The AAM from my point of view played a major role in my periods of amnesia. I still do not remember my childhood as many people normally do. This intense period of my life was full of programming of my mind by Draconians/Reptilians Ra and the military. The military was interested in the content of the AAM too. So lots of havoc was occurring at that time. But because of my yoga and mediation background I was able to control my AAM, because my will was stronger than the one of this creature, so I was able to control my emotions and reactions in daily life. Before the SIMBAD I did not know how to get rid of it though because my components of mind, spirit and soul were not working together. During and after the SIMBAD, I discovered my soul was angry because of the way I had to use my mind and my spirit to work against my soul. My soul was split too. The other half of her (the soul is referred to as a feminine archetypal aspect of our being) was kept in a dissociated state in “quantum space” as well as within my psyche. After my first part of the soul was willing to unite with my other components of mind and spirit during the SIMBAD as a combined white light frequency, I was strong enough to resonate at such a level that I was then able to find the other part of my soul later–after the SIMBAD in my own meditations, and bring her back to unite with the white light. This happened about three months after the SIMBAD in my meditation and was completed during a state of “sleep”, if one could describe it like that. This event was very archetypal: The other part of my Soul came forward from the shadows of my quantum consciousness of space like a scared child because it/she had no change to be aware of herself. (EL-Stuck in time at the age of splitting) This child—the split part of my soul was guarded by an entity of utter darkness. This place was shown to the other part of my soul as a basement filled with big rotten fish, black circles and dirty water. At the time I was able to stay in my Soul awareness, connected to her power. I destroyed the being of darkness with the will and escorted the other part of my Soul out from the basement. The rescued part of my Soul transformed into a guardian dog and united with “me’. In other words, I brought the split part of my soul consciousness into my full consciousness, my Self, using a Jungian term. So the Soul was whole again emanating white light frequency when the triad components were combined. (For more detail on the Triad Color Test see

The split part of my Soul was done using black metatechnology. At what particular part in our timeline I cannot answer. The split Soul component was used against me. (EL—This is similar to how alter personalities are used to sabotage the outer host personality when trying to get free.) Through that component the aliens and the Illuminati were able to pull my consciousness back to this realm after death. They were able to use me again, time after time.

This split part of my soul was connected to a cloned copy of myself that I was not aware of during the SIMBAD. I destroyed the clone copy, via my intent and soul power. The clone, I discovered was used in ritual activities for the incorporeal entities like Horus-Ra, Growl and LUX, working under the Creator 2 and such. LUX drawings: Donated by Dorica Manu


LUX Light Being- drawing by Tiziano Tumolo


LUX Light Being, Another Version by Tiziano Tumolo



Horus-RA- from

Most religions describe these incorporeal beings as demons but in fact they are nothing more than creatures from the “dark universe” that interact with our universe through other alien entities and our psyche-quantum space. They are hollow creatures and have the power to exist as long as we give that power to them by religious thinking, conscious and unconscious fears.

SIMBAD Helps Liberate Consciousness on Several Levels

SIMBAD acted as an ignition for the process I could describe as ultimate liberation of consciousness. It happened on three different levels: of bodily and incorporeal parasite entities, the level of PM consciousness and at the end on the level of awareness of the so called active principles Creator 1 and Creator 2. Some aspects of this experience could be described by the C.G. Jung terms of individuation. The difference is that the process I experienced is the individuation process of the original consciousness or the Divine. It happens in all the levels of individual and “cosmic” awareness. It makes oneself to be ready to join with the white original light after death. It integrates the original consciousness as well because the nature of our universe and our consciousness is holographic. Without religious mystification this seems to be a normal state after all. That is for everyone having Soul–if alien interference is not taking place.

The process of liberation followed the archetypal patterns because Soul communicates by using archetypal language. Some time after uniting my separated soul components I disconnected my self as white light consciousness from the Primordial Man. It was like my experiences were following the patterns of creation described by Dr. Malanga in Genesis Part 1. One time during a lucid dream the PM showed himself as loving blue faced being telling me how much he loved me. Actually he reminded me of a Krishna/Jesus/Buddha. But in a similar way done in SIMBAD my soul erased this manifestation from the scene. M. L. Von Frantz mentions this PM/Jesus/Buddha great man aspect as an archetypal manifestation of the First Man, in his book, Man and His Symbols, edited by C.G. Jung (pg 210-116) if one is interested in in-depth psychology and the language of archetypes. So, as Dr. Malanga stated in Genesis 1 Part 1, we carry these images, this language inside us and these events should not be taken literally but as an expression of the content of the original consciousness taking place in the holographic universe and in our whole being.


The third level of disconnection happened about four months after SIMBAD. (EL- the first level of disconnection is from the alien parasites, second level is from the PM) My white light frequency consciousness met with the Creators 1 and 2, their levels of awareness as a duality, yet an oneness. In my dream I saw Hathor, mother of RA coming forward as a bisexual androgynous being. Yin and Yang, Baphomet, Astaroth—whatever names you want to use. This being turned into the form of my mother and she told me how much she loved me, needed me and filled me with a feeling of cold love. At that point in my dream I saw myself sitting in our bathroom feeling worried if I could live without my mother’s love, if I could survive without her as an independent unit. My white light consciousness made a clear decision that she would be all right without this entity or level of cosmic consciousness. Suddenly there was like a cable coming from my Soul consciousness and she disconnected it from this manifestation with great relief. After that I have been free from these entities/intelligences.

So the most important thing in our life is to free as many abductees as possible. Through the morphic field we can influence the overall awareness of a soul as a whole. When the critical point of mass (awareness) is achieved and enough souls are self aware and empowered, it becomes a fundamental status for every soul and the abductions would not be possible for anyone anymore. This is the major issue, which the aliens and other nasty folks are trying to hide. So simple. Information about the morphic resonance field can be found from Rupert Sheldrake. (

Some abductees may have this process easier. Anyway, the first SIMBAD did end the abductions. The process of internal healing continued and is still doing so.

The AAM turned into a PAM, which is now like a database closed in my brain-mind. I can have access to it at some conscious level. Meaning I remember some things that this particular draconian entity had in her mind. These memories will be there forever regardless whether I want it or not. Before the SIMBAD, I had believed that I was the Draconian female entity in a former life existence.

3. Why do you think the aliens do this insertion of their own memories–is this how they keep themselves alive if they do not have an alien body to incarnate into?

Aliens need to install their spirit and memories into human brains. Because they lack a Soul component, they cannot exist after death. Their spirit and soul just vanish. The aliens cease to exist. Everything is over. For good.

Consciousness is vibration, frequencies(like the WORD in the Bible when it said that in the beginning was the word). Aliens can suck or store their vibrational whole memory and load it to human brains via the nervous system, which is acting like a cable for transmission. Reptilians use optic nerves for example. Human nervous system acts like circuits in a computer through which power and information can move. Human is a product of biotechnology, as a said before. Aliens cannot reproduce like humans because lacking the soul component put them in a degenerative path. They manufacture their bodies through cloning or copying process, which is kind of slow for them because there is no soul essence. Soul essence makes tissues “live” and the cellular process “ticking”. That is how they keep themselves alive.

I had two Draco bodies getting ready for my AAM. So if no suitable body is ready for them they store their masterminds in the brains of an abductee. Some parasite beings can live in the human body too. Some reptilians store their semi-incorporeal consciousnesses in the spinal cord too. But it is a part of the nervous system anyway.

So called demonic layering is nothing more than a procedure where these frequencies of incorporeal alien parasites are deliberately connected to human energy/ body/brain before or after birth depending on the case, mission, bloodline or programming of the particular abductee. These parasites can be invoked by certain tones and frequencies. That’s why “musical”, tones and chanting are important in rituals. These frequencies call out the consciousness of incorporeal alien beings for example. Some milabs are particularly programmed to store and release these incorporeal beings from within or to other persons. Some aspects of this kind of programming could be described what is called Mother Goddess programming. The aim of these kinds of programs is more than just ritualistic ones as is being discussed on so many forums. Women selected into these procedures are often from Rh-negative bloodlines, and their families are connected to Illuminati/Reptilian/Dracos for many generations. The ultimate goal is for the person to be fully possessed by a reptilian creature. These programs run under the illuminati power structure.

Soul-God essence has a frequency of its own. This knowledge could be used in many ways–positive ways, if proper information would be given out. Now NWO/ Illuminati and ET’s know that. That is a reason why there is lots of technology causing disturbing frequencies preventing the process of self-realization of the soul.

4. Can you describe the cloning experience? Why do you think you were cloned?


Vertical Cloning Chambers- Drawing by Valentina Zorzi

From my perspective, the process of cloning happens pretty much like Dr. Malanga described. I was placed in an MRI-like machine. I was lying on my back and saw pulsing red light. I started to resonate. Other abductees have told Dr. Malanga that this machine makes their bodies vibrate at such a high frequency that the consciousness leaves the body. This also happens to me every time I even go under a human MRI imaging procedure because of my neurological condition. It seems that my soul has been sucked out so many times that my consciousness reacts even to a minor magnetic field. Logical. These are pretty much the conscious memories I have of this procedure. Some of this I shared in an earlier interview.

Aliens use clones to replace the abductee when they need him/her for longer periods of time and then they change the original back. Clones can be used as a safe copy of personal memories and AAM. But there is more to this depending on the race. Reptilians/Draco/Ra-connection make clones with military, either Masonic or Nazi related. These clones are used in different kinds of operations: military, intelligence or medical. Medical research is also being done to clones while trying to make soul compatible DNA, which is able to draw the human soul into the body with an alien DNA frequency (i.e., aliens) which is not normally able to resonate with the frequency of the soul. (EL- In other words trying to genetically create alien–human hybrid bodies with DNA that is compatible with the human soul frequency.)  This is a messy and ugly picture. Some programs of these medical research projects are carried out as disguised projects within our social medical programs in the field of vaccination studies and immunological research, sleep studies made for babies, etc. Scientists and doctors who work in these official government regulated programs are already working for the shadow government. Many of these researchers and universities/hospitals are connected to the Nazi and Masonic network. This means they can recycle the money from the taxpayers, big pharma and private associations within these programs, as they want.

The NWO/military, Illuminati (most of them) do not have souls and that’s why their bloodlines are degenerating despite the fact that they are able to locate themselves in different timelines. When we talk about shadow government we are not talking about one unit but units within units who also may have different perspectives and personal ambitions, goals and targets. We are not talking about the surface level of intelligence agencies or military at all.

So people who have no souls are after this precious gem too. Many of these joint operations and programs with shadow government and ET’s are colliding now because there are quite many attendees and players who have common goals but who are not the best friends with each other.

It may seem that some factions of shadow government are strongly pushing the actual take over of New World Order because they have started to clone clones too. Are these copies a future army for them, that shall we see.

I was cloned as a replacement for medical studies and to be used in the operations made by the shadow government.

5. Some abductees—particularly milabs, describe doing various types of military operations or activities for the aliens. But they only seem to remember it as a dream, and oftentimes their dream bodies are younger. Do they carry out physical activities and “ops” in cloned bodies?

Imo: Yes they do and soul-quantum reality often preserves these memories. Memories are then being saved in the brain and often the conscious mind can recall the memories the copy lived.

Clones need the soul power in their bodies for a short period of time to wake them up or “live” again. My military clones are exterminated or put back into slow motion state by using water pools and electricity. The heart beat stops. For example, my clones were used as a covert family member for a person in Illuminati. I was also used as a messenger between the Vatican, Belgium and the US. Sometimes they were used during reptilian rituals. Occasionally they used the real me if it was possible within the real time frames. Manipulating space-time parameters is easy for the shadow government. These experiments started during the Nazi era in Zurich when one famous Nazi went there to study. During these experiments they came up with these incorporeal beings. Nazis and these entities had an agreement to cooperate and soon the Nazis were able to trace abductee bloodlines through time, to mark them and use them. My family bloodline is one of the many. This project continued in the USA in 1945 after Nazi’s escaped there. (Paperclip, etc.) Pretty much the experiments, which started in Zurich, were about time and time travel. The son of this particular Nazi has a son now named “B. Brownie” and he is holding an influential position in US society and aerospace programs. He is also one of the co-coordinators in programs relating to military operations, eugenics and milabs.  These events and the nature of incorporeal entities are also the reason for multiple mind control programs done by secret government. It was often done under the psychiatric research by the military or other establishments. Casual workers and researchers seldom knew the connections or reasons for these studies.

I believe men milabs may have more physical combat experiences from the battle zones etc. But clones cannot do psychic ops. You need your soul in order to be connected quantum space.

Clones are stored in facilities on the moon and mars too. My clone on the moon (facility) was cleaning the rooms used for accommodation. Free labor. Silenced like robots and safe to use.

Information about the group antigen gene mutation database:

6. What is the hierarchy of aliens in terms of the ones who are abducting, the difference between the different aliens, Active Alien Memories and the transdimensional parasites, and who is the Primordial Man?

I think they cannot and should not be viewed through a hierarchical structure because all the creatures that have no soul “abduct” humans either physically or mentally. The situation is personal for each and every abductee, so I can only speak for myself. Milabbackground is often connected to Rh negativity, Draco/Reptilian/Ra coalition. Imo: In Dr. Malanga’s work, Genesis 1 part one, describes what is pretty much going on right now. Recommended to read it. (EL-a new article/interview will discuss Malanga’s hieirarchy of aliens and how they interact with us)

The AAM and transdimensional parasites are energy. AAM is stored in the brain. Some transdimensional parasites can come and go as they please like RA or LUX. Primordial Man is a level of semi-material consciousness if one would have words to use to describe it.

There is lots of information on the Adam Kadmon figure in religions and myths so I will not dive into that.

I think my experiences of Ra and the coffin (As recounted in the Horus-Ra interview/article) was actually an event where they closed me or my cloned copy into a vertical container to suck the power of the soul. Dr. Malanga describes Ra’s vertical containers in the FMS module—where you remove the implants and clones. So again, when things are put in the right context, the picture is logical indeed.  (EL- It has taken me months to study Dr. Malanga’s work to really grasp what he is saying and how this really works on the mental, spiritual soul and archetypal level)

In one experience previously noted in an earlier interview I felt huge snakes licking my energy body. This was my own minds way of symbolizing how I experienced the parasitic entity’s activity within me. My son also described how a huge snake ate him and in the belly of this creature were more similar smaller snakes licking him in similar ways. Even if this sounds disturbing and scary, we should not be afraid to face the reality. Especially when there are powerful tools for liberation. (EL-other abductees in FMS sessions have described similar snake like parasites within their energy body as the snake-serpent-worm symbolic form)

The Primordial Man (PM) exists in a state of almost semi-material consciousness, He is also known as the first man (Adam Kadmon) told in various myths and religions. He is one step lower than Creator 1. It exists as a trinity, for example the non-dual consciousness is like the Father- (original consciousness), Holy Spirit–Creator1, and son, being the PM. A triad well known in most of the myths and religions. This process of separation can be seen as an archetypal expression of the levels of creation as well, as it can be observed in subatomic levels as within the structure of human triadic consciousness too. (i.e., soul, spirit, mind)  PM is the head of the aliens because he created them. He does not want to be joined to the original non-dual consciousness and lose his own identity or function in this level of existence. (EL- the fall/sin?) So many of these aspects cannot be viewed separately or taken literally.

 7.  Did you recall being abducted in other lifetimes, and do you think this is common for other abductees—that this situation follows us in time/space?

In my opinion, an abductee is always abductee because the soul does not necessarily understand time as such, especially if it is not aware of the nature of alien interference. One is free only after the soul wakes up.

I personally do not remember past lives as such. But I do believe that this interference follows abductees to different timelines. Aliens capture the unaware consciousness of an abductee and move it to a new body. This is probably what happened to me because my components were not communicating.

An odd example of these kinds of conditioning is the ancient Egyptian rites for death and dying people. In plain words these rituals program the subconscious awareness or soul to move and attach to RA. Scam of a great kind. When we read and interpret these ancient myths and rituals/rites of passages they should be viewed with open and critical mind in the proper context. This is hard for people. Religions sheeple us. There is no one to save us but the God within us. We have to save ourselves. And we all can do it if we want to. Nothing can compete against our inner divinity. Nothing.

8. Why do you think so many abductees psychic? Is this due to a DNA strain or can it be enhanced in some way by how aliens treat us in abductions?

Many abductees are psychic because their soul has being taken out of their bodies so many times and that the impressions of quantum existence that the soul is living are starting to pop up to the conscious mind. Some Rh-negative reptilian bloodlines like mine are psychic because of this genetic factor reptilians made in order to boost more consciousness or soul powerinto our system for them to utilize it.

Mind control procedures done by aliens cause some abductees to become “aware”, because it wakes up the soul component, but fragments the mind and spirit even more. So these components cannot act as intermediaries and strong images are drawn from the matrix by the soul aspect.

9. Why do you think the aliens are so interested in following the bloodline maternally? What is important about the mitochondrial DNA?

Dr. Malanga stated in (Genesis 1 part one) that the soul can link to DNA with certain purine-pyramidine bases probably coming from the mother’s MtDNA. It is certain that human evolution is more complex than we think. Is it possible that MtDNA was put into our system deliberately? (EL—MtDNA is theorized as having an endosymbiotic origin. See: and

By using MtDNA ET’s were probably able to make it like a duplicate of PM’s DNA, according to Dr. Malanga in Genesis 1 Part One. This would be an interesting topic to hear more about from professor Malanga and other researchers in the field. My conscious memories from medical research done by the shadow government are related to mitochondrial studies and ATP-synthase, which was recorded and stored in a computer. So these enzymes controlling the energy production and DNA mutation are quite influential in this scenario. (EL—Dr. Malanga also states that the generational line of abductions/abductees in families is followed matrilinealy, for the most part.)

More from ATP-synthase and TdT:

9. Can you say anything about the incorporeal alien parasites?

Well much of it I said before. They are energy without a body. I think the incorporeal ones are attempting to fuse themselves into the human body in order to take it over eventually. This means they can experience time–a three dimensional existence. These incorporeal entities like Ra are very hostile and mean and want to possess, host and own all aspects of the abductee. Now abductees function as a virtual world for them. (EL- and a lot of human soul energy)

10. Can you describe how the aliens transfer souls of abductees and “restrain” them into an alien body? Why do they do this? You mentioned having had this happen to you before, where the experience itself included ritual elements. What do you recall of that? 

In my opinion it is like what Malanga described in the cloning article (

In my case the Draco/Reptilian/Ra coalition separated my soul when they killed the original body. There might be discussion amongst some whether a soul is able to connect herself to a clone for a longer period of time. That probably seemed to be the case for Ted Rice and I believe, for me too. The other possibility is that I have mixed memories relating to which body was a copy of me and which one was the original. Personally for me, at this point it is not so important anyway.

Many black magicians know the lure of how to trap human souls. Well, the origin of these awful procedures come from these creatures. It can happen with or without ritual behavior. But when Reptilians/Ra are involved there is often ritualistic/sacrificial elements in it. Because these experiences are too painful and I’m still working with the actual events, I just simply cannot go deeply into it. If one is interested in this subject there is lot’s of information around.

The soul is being kept within a magnetic field (in the black box) and then launched back into the clone like in the Ted Rice case in Dr. Karla Turner’s book, Masquerade of Angels. But because of the military involvement the picture is a bit more complex and it depends on the participants working on the scene.

11. What do you consider the 6th level of interference that is not clearly understood yet? Any developing theories of this level of interference?

In my opinion I think it’s about alien procedures through which the overall metamorphosis of human-alien races that benefit the agenda of PM. (EL—In order to grasp this an overview of the Genesis Part 1 article is recommended)

12. Now that you have done the SIMBAD simulations, how has this changed your level of alien visitation experiences? 

The first SIMBAD done by Dorica Manu and Eve ended the abductions. Aliens tried to come back for me many times. First attempt was a couple of days after the simulation session. The attempt started from physical reality. These creatures manifested into our bedroom and I woke up. The entities vanished. My soul woke me up. After that our heater and lamps broke. The second and the third time the aliens tried to interfere and intrude started from my mental space. Like in the FMS simulation I saw a window resembling a mirror through which these grays were entering inside a mist. Again, my soul was awake and destroyed them like a beacon of light coming from the depths of my self. The third time was similar. It started in a dream. I was downstairs. My husband was sleeping on the sofa. I saw the mist coming again and woke up my husband telling him that our son is in danger. We all woke up at the same time. Before that incident, during the evening, we actually heard an odd kind of bird sound in our house. So Horus-RA was pretty anxious at that time. (EL- Horus-Ra often appears as a bird, hawk, chicken like figure) I even saw the empty space of my AAM (active alien memory with my inner mind’s eye. It was like a clear white band of destructed information, which could not be read. (EL-In this case the AAM became a Passive Alien Memory PAM)

Right after my SIMBAD I did the same procedure for my husband. He had the Reptilian/RA connection too. I did an adjusted SIMBAD to my son. It was pretty easy because of his flexible mind and conscious experiences of these creatures he was afraid of. His soul was so determined to get rid of them, and he has been free ever since. Now together we speak openly about the light of the soul and he acts as if it is the most natural thing in a life. Which it is.

After these SIMBADs I connected to the souls of my son and husband every single night for about a month. I checked their brains, bodies, implants etc. with my inner mind’s eyesight. I did this as a precaution; to make sure aliens didn’t put things back into us. SIMBAD was an important event for my husband. He had been aware of this interference naturally, but the simulation helped his own emotional and psychological growth. We began to get in touch with our true emotional aspects more deeply. Even the process of clearing oneself can be emotionally hard, I’m happy for this opportunity of personal growth.

My son is a delight. He is just enjoying himself and his life. I’m relieved to see that he can make his own future without being manipulated like we had been. He is able to make his own decisions. This was the best gift for him and I’m grateful for that.

13. Any new developments in what you are now experiencing and how they are now “adjusting their strategies” based on your own soul recovery?

Because these aliens cannot touch me, they are trying to influence people around me. Even those who are not abductees themselves.  They somehow do this by influencing the behavior of these people, where they still try to cause havoc in my life, to break my soul. It is kind of a sad situation, because even non-abductees are not safe from manipulation. It is them who experience consuming situations in life—overtime work, needy friends, colored truths, which affect their judgment, etc. But I will not let it affect me. I treat everyone with the same respect.

The military is making it very clear to me that I’m under surveillance, which is nothing new anyway. My e-mail account was closed. My mails are being destroyed or bounced back to me. My bank account had an attempted hack, etc. Calls with another abductee (For example, she went through a SIMBAD too) are being disrupted. The same van I saw before with fake plates is wasting somebody’s money by driving around in the middle of nowhere having deer as an audience. (I live in the forest where there are few people around)

We have to understand that this crime of abusing the soul is happening right now. It takes place in our lives, in our society and the scientific basis of this interference is being held from the public domain for the most part.

Rupert Sheldrake on Morphogenetic Fields:

Malanga’s video on Sheldrake’s theory:

The SIMBAD cleared my perception on how the aliens are using this archetypal language against us. (EL- the subconscious as well as Soul understand and communicate via archetypes.) It is an important thing that each individual learns that these archetypal images are real and that they learn how to interpret them while getting in touch with the database of their private symbolic language.

I can give you one example of this deception made by aliens: as they noticed that I’m about to break free, they (aliens/NWO) tried to recruit me. They did this via VRE (virtual reality environment). In this VRE, there was a male and he showed me a number 44, and then said I should look up what it means and consider if I would like to be part of them. The number 44 was Obama’s election number just for instance. Number four also represents the fourfold structure of the nucleus of a psyche for example. (Man and his Symbols by M. L. Von Frantz, pg.195) So this is something else. After this incident I had a strange money transaction of 44 000 euros put into my bank account. Luckily I was able to return the money to the person who sent it to me. In this way it is quite clear how the space, matter and psychic realities are our reality: the hologram, which can be manipulated by skillful forces. And we can respond to it if we are aware. And by responding consciously we can protect the purity of our self.

Human nature also requires answers. I do. So I decided to do an experiment with the SIMBAD. I created the scene as described by Dr. Malanga and invited some major individual participants there to discuss with me about the pain they caused. See SIMBAD video sample below:

And, and as I suspected, I had alien visitors show up. That session and the one other after that were very informative showing how strong the alliance is between Horus-RA, the Dracos, Reptilians and Military. I destroyed all these creatures in the simulation. And because I was in a different point in the time axis, I destroyed all the implants and clones occurring during the time when these events were taking place. So everyone can see, how flexible one can use these kinds of simulations.

We as a family are living our first summer without abductions. We all have new lives ahead of us. Not those things in our ordinary everyday lives would have changed drastically, but we are able to face the challenges of life as free individuals. What I want to say to all abductees who are still on their path to freedom is that liberation it is possible and it is happening. Do not be afraid to take the step.

I’d like to thank Eve for warm friendship and great work on the field of alien manipulations and relationships. We as feeling beings need to be connected with each other. By being aware of alien manipulation, it gives us strength to support healthy behavior in our relationships.

After the first SIMBAD, my soul began to show herself as a crane having a large view of the particular scene. My mind came in as a lorry carrying all the mental material around. My spirit manifested as an excavator doing the physical work. What a great team I have inside. You have it too. Divine builders. Use them. Use!

From Eve: I want to thank Maarit for being wiling to share her testimony here. She is a brave soul who inspires me to keep up with the work of helping others free themselves from alien manipulation and interference. My next article interview will focus on the heirarchial levels of aliens and the incorporeal beings, including the Primordial Man.

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