The Physics of Abductions

By Dr. Corrado Malanga, PhD

Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Department of the Pisa University,Via Risorgimento 35, 56126 Pisa Italy. malanga@dcci.unipi.i

Translation Curated By Dorica Manu

Key Words

Abductions’  Testimonies, Time Freezing, Real Reality, Virtual Reality, Consciousness,  Planck Constants, Physical Universe Vs. Conscious Universe,Hologram, Holographic Brain, Holographic Reality

Key Scientists

Max Planck, Alan Aspect, David Bohm, Karl Pribram


At the end of this article we will be able to understand with the help of the modern Physics that we are not living in this great, big, huge physical Universe as they want us to believe, but we are experiencing instead a Holographic Reality lit up buy the Consciousness where Continue reading