Russ Dizdar on SRA, the Reality of Evil and Spiritual Warfare

For a chilling and eye opening view of the reality of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Evil Networks of Global Cults. He discusses programming and demonization of multiple personality manchurian candidates who are programmed to carry out the Luciferian Agenda. This agenda is vast and very ancient, going back to the Nephilim. Russ has over 30 years experience working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and is also a Christian Pastor. His web site is:

This is the direct youtube C2C link:

Another radio interview that I found fascinating  and disturbing regarding the coming Luciferian agenda, the Vatican, Stargates, alien-human hybrids and the Nephilim connection is this Hagmann and Hagmann Jan. 13th 2013 show. Copied directly from Hagmann and Hagmann’s web site:



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guests: Tom Horn & Steve Quayle 

Topic:  The coming great deception.

Thomas Horn is internationally recognized lecturer, radio host and best selling author of several books including his newest books, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is HereForbidden Gatesand Apollyon Rising 2012. He is a well-known columnist whose articles have been referred to by writers of the L. A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, New Man Magazine, World Net Daily, News Max, White House Correspondents and dozens of news magazines and press agencies around the globe.

Mr. Horn has been interviewed by US Congressmen and Senators on his findings as well as featured repeatedly in major media including top-ten talk shows, America’s Morning News forThe Washington Times, The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Coast to Coast AM, Prophecy in the News, and the Southwest Radio Church to name a few. Thomas received the highest degree honorary doctorate bestowed in 2007 from legendary professor Dr. I.D.E. Thomas for his research into ancient history, and has been endorsed by such national leaders as Dr. James Kennedy.

Steve Quayle is an internationally best selling author, talk radio host, and renowned researcher.

*EL–My concerns with some of his (Quayle, et al.) opinions regarding alien abductees and supersoldiers are the quick, armchair expert’s version of these individuals.(Demonized alien-human hybrids programmed to kill or carry out a dark agenda via triggering & mind controlled, sleeper assassin style.) Some fundamentalist Christians can pigeon-hole and demonize many groups of people, without really having adequate and accurate knowledge of them. My other concern is the patriarchal views of male superiority, causing many to become pig headed and arrogant in their own minds, thus becoming deceived by the same “evil” they proclaim to fight against.

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Johnathan Kleck Decodes Egyptian Icons & Nephilim

This is a video series of Jonathan Kleck, a Christian who decoded some fascinating meanings within Egyptian artifacts. What I find interesting is his understanding of how the NWO aliens as the Satanic elements within the NWO/alien agenda–consume us from the inside out. What he is alluding to is similar to my own article expose of “Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite”. See

Aliens act as transdimensional parasites within the human being. This concept and abduction findings are based on the research of Dr. Corrado Malanga out of Italy. One particular alien species that appears as a “head honco” in the many alien species who “parasite humans” is who they named as Horus-Ra, because of its chicken-hawk like body. (See drawings on that aforementioned article)

This is the link to Jonathan Klecks web site on the Nephilim and NWO agenda: