Archontic Copy-Cats and Parasite Programs

What are Archons, and why do they “copy”?

A general overview of Archons and their nature can be found in many of the Nag Hammadi Library Gnostic codexes. (See:

A summary of the various meanings and connotations of Archons can be viewed in the Gnostic Glossary by L. Carauana—See:

 In short: “- ARCHONS
– The rulers of the Lower Aeons
– Also called rulers, governors, authorities, guards, gate keepers, robbers, toll collectors, detainers, judges, pitiless ones, adulterers, man-eaters, corpse-eaters, fishermen
– Yaltabaoth is the Chief Archon and created all the others. See YALTABAOTH.
– According to the Apocryphon of John, there are twelve Archons and their aeons, comprising the Lower Aeons
– Seven heavenly Archons are associated with the seven planetary heavens.
– Five Archons ‘of the Abyss’ are associated with the five sublunary realms created by earth, water, air and fire intermixed in the ether.

…and …

– The Archons as toll collectors: “…three of them will seize you – they who sit (there) as toll collectors…” (Jesus to James, First Apocalypse of James) “The toll-collector who dwells in the fourth heaven replied, saying…” (Apocalypse of Paul)
– As judges: James prays as he dies: “Do not give me into the hand of a judge who is severe with sin!” (First Apocalypse of James)
– As governors and administrators: “The governors and the administrators possess garments granted only for a time, which do not last.” (Dialogue of the Saviour)
– As robbers: “This is the tomb of the newly-formed body with which the robbers had clothed the man, the bond of forgetfulness; and he became a mortal man.” (Apocalypse of John)
– As pitiless ones: “I have broken the gates of the pitiless ones” (Sophia of Jesus Christ); “the secure gates of those pitiless ones I broke” (Trimorphic Protonoia)
– as adulterers: “she (the soul) had given herself to wanton, unfaithful adulterers” (Exegesis on the Soul)
– As man-eaters and fishermen: “For man-eaters will seize us and swallow us, rejoicing like a fisherman casting a hook into the water.” (Authoritative Teaching)
– In the sense of man-eaters, the Archons are also corpse-eaters. They eat the dead (the non-Elect) while the angels of the Upper Aeons, as truth, eat the living (the Elect) as they ascend: “This world is a corpse-eater. All the things eaten in it themselves die also. Truth is a life-eater. Therefore no one nourished by truth will die…” (Gospel of Philip)
– Archons have souls, but no spirit: “they (the Archons) could not lay hold of that image, which had appeared to them in the waters, because of their weakness – since beings that merely possess a soul cannot lay hold of those that possess a spirit” (Hypostasis of the Archons)
– Since they have no fullness, they are deficient. Though they exist at present, they will return to their state of non-existence: “their end will be like their beginning: from that which did not exist (they are) to return once again to that which will not be.” (Tripartite Tractate)
• They are likenesses, copies, imitations, shadows, phantasms and distorted reflections of the Upper Aeons: “(The Archons) are their (the Pleromas’) likenesses, copies, shadows, and phantasms, lacking reason and the light (…). In the manner of a reflection are they beautiful. For the face of the copy normally takes its beauty from that of which it is a copy.” (Tripartite Tractate)

– Those who ‘go astray’ are caught in the traps and distractions of the Archons, and have not yet recognized the ‘gnosis’.
– If they later recognize the gnosis, they may still be saved (as Penitants)
– “…many go astray on the way.” (Gospel of Philip)
– “those on whom the counterfeit spirit descends are drawn by him and they go astray.” (Apocryphon of John)
– As the penitants: “And I said, ‘Lord, where will the souls of these go when they have come out of their flesh? (…) Those who have not known to whom they belong, where will their souls be?’ And he said to me, ‘In those, the despicable spirit has gained strength when they went astray. (…) After it comes out of (the body), it is handed over to the authorities (…), and they bind it with chains and cast it into prison, and consort with it until it is liberated from the forgetfulness and acquires knowledge. And if thus it becomes perfect, it is saved (…) It is not again cast into another flesh.” (Apocryphon of John)
– Those who go astray do not know the difference between perishable and imperishable: “Now a difference existed among the imperishable aeons. Let us, then, consider (it) this way: Everything that came from the perishable will perish, since it came from the perishable. Whatever came from imperishableness will not perish but will become imperishable, since it came from imperishableness. So, many men went astray because they had not known this difference; that is, they died.” (Eugnostos the Blessed)
– The flesh of ‘non-understanding’ leads us astray. Jesus: “I do not speak of the flesh in which you dwell, but the flesh of non-understanding which exists in ignorance, which leads astray many from the of my Father.” (First Book of Jeu)


The term copycat has been used in only relatively recent times, but may have originated with some of Shakespeare’s writings. (See:

The Archons nature is filled with spiritual ignorance, and envy, and like Jesus said,(paraphrased) “They were liars and thieves from the beginning”. They aim to steal, copy, exploit, control, corrupt and harvest by leading astray those who have not remembered and acted upon their true spiritual origin, (gnosis). They are compelled to act like parasites, infecting, copying themselves within their hosts, until the hosts become corrupted, and “copied out” to run the archons programs for them, and reproduce their parasitic behaviors like embedded programs.


Imitators and Parasite Infected Trolls in Social Media

So how might this be playing out in today’s world, particularly with social media technologies in particular? How can we recognize how this takes place in everyday terms, lifestyles and psychology?

After being confronted with several cases of alien love bites and other archontic infected machinations through certain people, I was inspired to write this post on Facebook:

“My next article and web panel discussion will be on Archontic copy cat programs, and how mind controlled, entity infected people running these programs use others work to promote themselves and smear others reputation with their stupidity.”

It never ceases to amaze me at the effectiveness of mind control, conditioning programs and corrupted beliefs to completely hoodwink and lead people astray.  You see, the mind control doesn’t have to take the form of some overt MK-Ultra handled and trauma tortured person in a ritual abuse cult, in order for them to act out “programs” of the controllers, Archontic parasites,  reptilian entities, demons or whatever is working through them. On the contrary, sometimes those who have been more heavily handled and tortured, tend to be the ones that cannot be controlled more easily by the generic conditioning population control methods for the “average intelligence” and spiritually “lukewarm” people. This is something that alien abduction researchers such as Barbara Bartholic, myself, James Bartley and Karla Turner have noticed with many “alien abductees”. It was often those people who were specifically targeted with an extra dose of abuse, interference, programming and control to be kept in line with the Archontic control system over humanity. These persons were interfered with more heavily and used as lab rats to develop and streamline the best control systems by the shadow “breakaway” groups implementing these occult control systems on humanity. Most of these individuals—original abductees— remained relatively unknown for their real lives and “abilities”, while some who are “parasited” and running the alien or MK Ultra occult programming tended to be the big famous people. Or those who are high up in alphabet soup agencies, occult organizations, aerospace, academia and entertainment. It just works that way for the most part. The more heavy an influence a position will have, the more likely the person at the top is already controlled by these archontic parasite programs.

The media is chock full of these Archontic infected trolls and imitators whose sole function is to skew the true statistical presence of real discussion, opinions and truth that originals will make known. I found it alarming that for having only a scarce 194 friends on Facebook, I had assigned to me nearly thirty Facebook security fake profiles and people who apparently stalk certain groups regularly without being real “friends” on Facebook. And when you effort to block them, Facebook security won’t let you! And if this tactic doesn’t work to discourage originals from writing and discussing apparently “subversively tagged” material, the Archontic infected imitators and parasites start posting material on the internet whose real purpose is to malign and taint the reputation of originals and truth telling folks.

I found this video on Youtube describing typical, reptilian targeting troll tactics. This is the description of the video:

“Published on Jan 6, 2017
Mirrored Original” The Dynamics Of Realm Piracy – Case Example 2Circles YT channel The Solution

Only the strong finish the journey. What is most important to survive this adventure are:
-Physical strength
-Emotional control
-Spiritual perspective


-Daily cold showers
-Meditation to cultivate the inner silence (Spirit ignition)
-Heavy weight lifting

Physical strength

This strengthens the pull of the soul on the body. Comes with a feeling of confidence and overall well being and makes it much more difficult for entities to weaken you psychologically/emotionally. Easy gymnastics won’t do it, you have to push your limits.

Emotional control

Having strong emotional self control is absolutely vital for remaining uninfluenced by forces that prey on our emotions. This is achieved by constant honest self-observation, correction and maturing.

And ALWAYS being aware that there ARE those that prey on our emotions. Knowing and accepting that is half the battle won. Knowing that you are about to be manipulated into a fight, prevents it right away. Knowing that you were manipulated into one, makes it easier to deal with it afterwards.

Spiritual perspective

You are not your body, not your name, not your life story. You are a soul that had hundreds of experiences like that. No one and nothing in this reality can do the REAL YOU any harm.
Always remember this when being challenged and provoked. It’s not you that gets attacked, but merely your Matrix Avatar Toon.
You take no damage when Super Mario gets killed by a turtle.
Neither does the real you take damage when a matrix lizard attacks your avatar. It’s just a game.


It happens more often than one would think, but most people don’t recognize the reptilian signature, the psychic mind reading, synchronistic component of “timed reptilian assaults” online. Of course this can happen in person in different ways, but is more common online. I’ve had these occur in several ways, often time in a multiple hit format, in person with some social interaction, online emails or forum remarks, Facebook etc. It’s how it is orchestrated seemingly from a hyper-dimensional perspective, perhaps with the assistance of artificial intelligence mediated through the internet utilizing the “troll matrix characters” to carry out their archontic programmed, parasite functions.”

There are also Facebook “copycat social media programs”, where you get some email invitation from a friend or email address you recognize, and to get the message, you have to open a link and it immediately copies your FB profile and by just clicking on the link to try to read the message, it automatically sets up your social media page, (without permission) after which you start receiving numerous invitations, messages and so on. Then when you go to delete the account or unsubscribe, it pops up a page where you have to accept their cookies in order to delete your page! Unbelievable!

I’m sure many have made initial purchases for online dating networking only to realize that it won’t let you unsubscribe or remove your profile from public view. Even if you call their contact number several times, it keeps charging your credit card. Apparently to delete your subscription you have to find a specific email they send with a slew of other junk emails that fill up your box so much you cannot find the one email with the fine print hidden in a way you cannot easily find the “Do not continue, unsubscribe” option. It is insane and deceptive, and what is worse is that when you do manage to speak to a “real person” through a phone contact number, they justify the corrupt, deceptive business tactics and make you wrong and “feel guilty and shamed” for not consenting to be endlessly charged. Archontic copy cats just following orders from their controllers of course….

It makes you think that people who promote these things have been archontically “copied out” having lost their soul and moral compass, so they normalize fraudulent business operations in the name of technology or, “its just a job”.

Spam emails are similar in that they try to make it irresistible to not click on a link that tells you money has been deposited into your Pay Pal account, after which it is yet another scam to steal personal information. One has to wonder the minds who create such scams, spam and crime businesses, and if they too are nothing but Archontic copied out “back drop people” whose sole purpose is to carry out their copycat parasite program, in such a way that it looks “normal”. IT IS NOT NORMAL. Nor is it human or whatever were original humans? The serpent seed? Who knows…

The sad thing about the increase in scams, and all manner of deceitful crimes is that it causes one to be suspicious and distrusting. It is not always safe to “help” someone in need or on the side of the road for example, especially for a woman.

Now I know there are good people out there who give, are volunteers for many organizations, and I also know people who were inspired to give, during the holidays for example —to a particular Christmas gift giving Facebook group for the local poor in their community. And they got caught into a scam. These generous people, in one case, were told a sob story of how the recipient man is a poor unemployed widower with kids to support who desperately needed help. Turned out that the poor widower was a meth addict, crack head, leeching off easily duped people to collect as many “gift cards” as possible for himself. So we really have to ask ourselves, how can we still be able to give and live according to positive spiritual laws, and still maintain discernment so that you “know” when you’ve been targeted for a scam or dishonest business practices? (Or sexual predators on dating sites…)

You see, people would like to give and live in generous ways where they don’t have to be afraid of being ripped off, hurt or left in dangerous situations. It’s also true that as the economic depression increases, the number of scams and illegal business operations (including sex trafficking and human slavery) increase along with the reversing of the moral compass “just to survive”. If you ask me, it is all engineered by the same Archontic predators so that people have less and less chances to get out of their reptilian brain and out of the trap of poverty consciousness.

A key point to observe also, is how many businesses which require some sort of agreement, where the real important parts are in the fine print, which is really a form of entrapment, or what we now call “agreement of entrapment”, that legally binds you to their deceitful thievery and access to you or your personal information. This is why creating statements of non-consent and declarations of non consent may be helpful. A sample “Declaration of Non-Consent” can be viewed here:

These agreements of entrapment extend beyond “signing forms or agreements” for purchases, job confidentialities or online social media. These agreements of entrapment are carried out within our own belief systems, and how we can get sucked into feelings of guilt, shame and obligation that in reality is not our own “stuff”, but projections and manipulations by others who don’t deal with their stuff–who are expert manipulators. See my previous article on Cleaning Up Others Messes—When is Enough?

This is ultimately a lesson on Boundaries, if we want to be free and unharmed from predators acting out archontic programs.


Spiritual Warfare is about Soul Harvesting

It is not all black and white however, as there are so many programs and unimaginable activities going on that the average, easily distracted person may never become aware of it, and be counted in as easily “harvestable material” by the ones who lay claim on their human souls.

Most of the population won’t notice these covert shadow government, breakaway and “alien” engineered activities but the abductees and milabs—especially those with supernatural abilities and higher IQ’s tend to be monitored, targeted and tweaked like canaries in a coal mine so that the rest of the population will be easily controlled in comparison and not even know they are enslaved and manipulated. All for the harvest of course. It is a spiritual war and never forget that.

Some may prefer to perceive this as some kind of spiritual evolution, or ascension cycle. But if you ask me, it’s not quite that simple. The complexity lies in the Archontic infection, “imitators of humans” and artificial intelligence “beast” technologies which have hijacked so many systems that the probability of people waking up, as time proceeds is becoming less likely. (At least if life continues in this fashion.) Excepting for the few, the brave, unrelenting truth seekers whose determination to seek the truth, live the example through their originality and shining goodness of their beingness. Not copy-cats.


The Loss of Discernment and Skewing of Moral Compass

Unfortunately our Earth history, religions and values have been so corrupted and in some cases, completely reversed. People who do not listen or follow their own spiritual intuition—and do the real healing work, called self-responsibility— are easily taken over by the false copy-cat programs and parasites without even knowing it has hijacked them. They lose their spiritual discernment, and often fall into either the victim or predator role. Their moral compass is often skewed by this point and now they are operating on behaviors, compulsions and beliefs that justify the ”the archontic parasite programs”. It is these individuals who tend to copy-cat the “creative originals”, or promote themselves using others’ accomplishments to  flagellate their own egos, businesses, and compulsive self-justifications.

This is sad, infuriating and disgusting. I see how something real and genuine such as “interdimensional interference, alien manipulation and high technology, black magic operations really do happen, and yet the parasited “copy cats” and emotionally, spiritually weak and intellectually ignorant people will use every excuse to essentially say, “the devil made me do it”—it’s his/her fault and I’m a poor victim and he/she is the monster doing all of this to me.” Not only that, but I’ve directly observed how the whining victim claiming an “alien love bite” through corrupted New Age beliefs and practice in reptilian manipulated, neo-tantric sexual practices completely put themselves in harm’s way through lack of discernment. Or excessive drug use like methamphetamine or “crack”. This thus enables the predator/abuser to be and act out what they are with free reign, while both are essentially playing the whining victim card, etc.

What I see is the failure of many to understand some basic spiritual laws,  and how their own lack of healing, false beliefs, egotistical desires and mind controlled behaviors led them straight into the predators den, until they too started acting like energy vampires! You know, the old vampire tales of how the “victim gets bitten” and turns into a vampire themselves may not be completely untrue—unless the victim heals, learns true spiritual laws and takes personal responsibility to reconnect with their real Spirit instead of the Archon parasites, and false programs of the copy-cats playing gods—or humans. Since, after all, we are often dealing with something that is no longer human, per se, but pretenders who are in actuality predators who tend to exhibit psychopathic, narcissistic, vampiric tendencies. Some can be quite charming, and alluring in sexuality, carrying out the “reptilian sexual predations and tactics” of false twin flames,  kundalini activation, bliss and the characteristic alien love bite/Dark Cupid dynamics. (See: The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships (
and The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism by Eve Lorgen (

This is often an X-rated topic all its own which, at some point, we will address in an upcoming Web Panel discussion where we elaborate more on the reptilian sexual predations and abilities.

So much can be learned through a basic understanding of human psychology, trauma, addictions, genuine spiritual laws and ethics. And, I must admit, that many of us who have had any sort of traumatic experiences related to the “alien love bite”, or anomalous hyperdimensional interferences,  such as mind control, sorcery attacks, targeting, or even MK Ultra programs, we realize that hindsight is 20/20 vision.


Hope, Self-Forgiveness and Humility 

It is easy to be angry, blaming, and self-pitying when these kinds of traumatic experiences happen to us over and over again. We can fall into a kind of hopelessness to give up when we see this day in and day out. We may choose to numb ourselves, isolate or self-medicate with all manner of distractions or even addictions. We may just normalize the “dysfunction” of it all, believing it is “just the way it is”, while actually perpetuating and creating these beliefs and patterns in our reality.

But I know that this is not the solution. Hope is here, and people are waking up, healing, taking personal responsibility and helping others. We just have to go deep enough inside ourselves, be humble and willing enough to feel, connect, self-forgive and allow the wisdom of our Spirit to move at the pace of what is right for us. We are all in different places, from different family systems, cultures and age groups.


Guilt, Shame and “Dysfunctional Family Loyalties”

This brings me to the topic of how family or group loyalties can affect our discriminating wisdom and hinder the opening up of opportunity to ultimate freedom.

One thing I have observed that is often a stumbling block to healing, integration and awareness of our “Spiritual higher Self” is the lack of understanding of “agreements of entrapment” . The key is to understand how our own trapped emotions and deep beliefs about “what we should do or be” imprison us to remain victims of continual manipulation by hyper dimensional forces, or our own subconscious minds, family systems and “curses”. In essence,

The entire spiritual manipulation system and agreements of entrapment seem to lie in how we allow guilt, shame, family loyalties and obligations to keep us tied to someone, thing, or group etc ., whose only job is to drag us down energetically and vibrationally such that we too may get spiritually harvested or used as archontic puppets to be recycled endlessly.

We actually see this family loyalty obligation heavily in “Mafia families” and Illuminati Bloodline families to the extent that those who choose to break away from “their handlers and abusers—who have used them to promote crime and other “agendas”, are shamed with guilt, punished and left to the wolves, homeless, sometimes medically and financially compromised or reputations smeared. This ties in with the psychopathology of narcissistic abuse, and how cult abuse creates innumerable agreements of entrapment for manipulation.

Why is this insistence of the “obligation to loyalties so impressed upon families or even “specific fraternal groups, cults or alphabet soup agencies?” Think about it, if you are in recovery, lets say from any kind of drug or alcohol addiction, recovering from any kind of sexual abuse, narcissistic cult abuse etc., the single most important action to take to recover is the NO CONTACT RULE, and of course to not “use” the substance of abuse. One of the most difficult things for people in recovery is the complete change in not only their drinking or drug habits but their social lifestyle, relationships and maybe even their careers. When family loyalties keep them locked into guilt and shame, or normalize dysfunctional behaviors, they are left wide open to be manipulated by the same dark forces that caused them to become self-medicating addicts to begin with. Guilt and shame are the most common means in which “the dark side” creates agreements of entrapment to ensure they have souls to exploit, manipulate and ultimately, if possible, to harvest for their own use.

In some Buddhist texts such as Zurchunpa’s Testament (Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Snowlion Publications, 2006) it is suggested, if not required, to detach from ones own family and country of origin, if the enlightenment seeking yogi wishes to become free from the cycles of samsara. It is also suggested to keep the company of excellent friends who abide by virtue. Pride, attachment, aversion and distractions are the enemies of true freedom. And, “If you do not practice the moment faith arises, there will be no end to the jobs you have to do.” (Pg.33)

Faith from the Buddhist perspective, is actually the number one key to finding and practicing the Dharma. Dharma is essentially the teachings of truth. Awareness of truth happens through faith, practicing virtue, taking the time to meditate in awareness and contemplate the true causes and effects of what is perceived in reality. My only criticisms regarding classical Buddhist instructions are the lack of clarification of human psychology, interpersonal relations and contemporary issues on anomalous experiences. There is also a kind of idolized over culturalization of Asian traditions, which often reflect some forms of archontic infection such as gender inequality, and hive minded assumptions holding group loyalties.  Buddhist groups, just like any other religious groups and cults can be just as vulnerable to mind control programming and “archontic infection” as any other, unless the truth seeking yogi really remembers their true spiritual origins. By this time, they often remain unnamed and anonymous, living through the spontaneous wisdom of the Spirit.

Cleaning Up Others Messes: When is Enough?

There comes a point in our own healing and “waking up” process, where the uncomfortable aftermath of recovery from anomalous trauma, may result in having to clean up the mess of what has become of our own life. Sometimes we end up cleaning up others messes as well. It may not be as severe a situation as narcissistic abuse—like severing a relationship with a mind controlled or hosted “handler” type or an addict who refuses to deal with their shi**. Maybe it is the aftermath of a divorce or a messy “roommate” relationship that you find yourself having to constantly clean up after.

If you consistently keep finding yourself in situations where you end up “cleaning up after others messes”, you may still be operating in a co-dependent fashion. These messes can be physical, like always ending up picking up after someone, washing their dishes, doing their laundry, clearing the trail of endless clutter they leave in your home or shared space. Or those who leave toxic emotional dumping clouds of energy in your home. It could be you finding yourself making excuses for the “abuser/manipulator/addict” who, due to their own unresolved issues, make poor choices and you end up paying for their stupid mistakes. Paying their bills, and organizing their life for them. Or maybe it’s the slob next door—who allows their dog to poop in your yard repeatedly without picking it up and disposing of it. (I actually have found a hilarious remedy for that—but I digress…) Do you find yourself having failed friendships, and find yourself making up excuses for a spouses poor behavior and even believing those excuses?

The messes can be emotional “clutter” of others who will not deal with their shi**, and who actually manipulate you into cleaning up after them, and even feeling responsible for them.
I find it mind boggling, and yes— enraging—at how other people, who put on pretenses that they are poor victims of circumstance, who have never really dealt with their sh**, live their entire lives and mold their personality style into manipulators who take from others, while appearing like innocent, powerless victims. They can be experts at entrapping you into taking care of them, paying for their repeated poor choices, expecting to be rescued every time they become helpless casualties of some circumstance from “another’s abuse”. Another lost job, romantic break up etc. Or the poor, lonely “little harmless old ladies”, with a conglomerate of health issues who entrap you into long, never ending, life-force sucking conversations and dramas, so that you find yourself driving them to the store, to the doctor, to the cafe, and soon they are on your doorstep like a feral cat waiting to find a place to nest in with you to die. Sucking you dry of all life force, time, energy and squandering your resources. And somehow you feel guilty if you don’t help these poor helpless people who somehow keep finding you because you are nice! Sometimes this happens to “empathic people” who want to care but they tend to be taken advantage of by “expert career manipulators”. The reason why they are such expert manipulators is because there is a huge unaware part of their psyche that truly believes they are powerless victims and the only way to get what they want, is to control, coerce, and expertly engineer clever ways for others into feeling sorry for them, feel guilty into giving something to them. Not only this, but they can do this in a way where they expect to be treated like royalty, you give them an inch and they take a mile, then make you feel guilty for not giving them more. Or maybe they just steal things from you, and justify that it’s not even stealing, because after all, in their minds, you can afford what they can’t so you should just give it to them. So they save you the trouble and just take it!

Now there are also users, takers and manipulators who do this through laziness, and fully cognizant pretenses, simply because they would rather someone else to be their slave to pick up after them. You know, the kind that use you for their battery and will not stop taking your energy unless they have something to fear, like real consequences. These kinds of people have no honor and tend to also be abusers, sometimes in a clandestine way such as the covert, narcissist personality types. They tend to be partnered with co dependent victim people who have not yet learned how to respect themselves and set firm boundaries.

When you think about it, sometimes the covert manipulators are worse than the outright thieves or abusers who make no pretenses of what they want and do. I’m not exonerating the overt abusers here, just making a point about how there are two sides to the same kinds of behaviors going on. One is overt, perpetrators of abuse, the other is covert victim, who also abuses but does this through hidden manipulation. Less harmful perhaps, but still an act of deceitful theft, essentially.


Belief in Powerlessness or Outright Laziness?

It all boils down to having some deep seated belief in being powerless and not having the courage, means, skill and humility to communicate appropriately and take personal responsibility to change their situations. This can go on for generations, and in some cultures where the female gender was oppressed and devalued for example, they can become expert manipulators and pass on these dysfunctional behaviors and beliefs until they are forced to change. And believe it or not, when someone carries the frequency of, “I am a powerless victim” this actually draws to you, an abuser to compliment your shadow side. Sometimes these manipulative, whining victim, or abusive behaviors need to be confronted in therapy. More often than not it will be forced to come to the surface in less favorable circumstances, perhaps in an embarrassing squabble in public. You know, the kind that just “pops out” when they had a little too much to drink and WHAM, they do something completely asinine!

If you are doing your own healing work, it may come to the point of realizing it is no longer your responsibility to put up with others messes anymore and you must find a way to confront them, so that YOU don’t have to deal with their sh** anymore. At some point some of us have had to say “No more! I will no longer be willing to deal with your dysfunctional behaviors any longer and am telling you now what I see as an unacceptable situation for me.” This is when you come to realize, “what is yours is yours, and what it mine is mine, and from here on out, YOU CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESSES!”


Taking Personal Responsibility by Communicating Well

This is when it becomes difficult, because on the one hand, it is your responsibility to do what you can to communicate effectively, with integrity, even compassionately, to let the other person know how their behavior affects you. You can do this with the 4 Rules of Compassionate Communication by doing the Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests. (See: It needs to be spoken in non-demanding, nor angry tones or blaming language. If you are angry, scared or feeling too triggered, it’s best to wait, think things through, write it out succinctly or take a time out. Then return to the issue when you are calmer and focused and clear on what you observe, feel, need and want. And here you must really be wise on what language to use, keeping in mind what words connote blame or judgement, and be honest with what you are really feeling and what this triggers inside of you. If you can be present with the feelings inside you, and come to understand on a deeper level what is really happening here, you will be able to be present with the other person more effectively in communication. And even if you do this with finesse, compassionate assertiveness and all of that—you may still end up with a volatile situation where you end up feeling like you’ve lost the battle. The other person, being unaware of what they habitually do, will most likely react with defense, justification and blame. So prepare yourself. Most people do not really know how to communicate compassionately, with ethical consideration or self awareness. They tend to react and habitually defend their position. It may not be a battle, but a potentially hurtful situation, and depending on how the other “confronted” person reacts or responds, may determine what you now must do, to take ethical responsibility. This is always hardest with a spouse, family member or maybe someone you work with closely like a business partner.

On a larger scale, ethical communication skills are much needed in diplomacy, international relations and business negotiations. I believe every educational system should incorporate these basics, because obviously most of us did not learn this growing up, even in relatively “functional families”. And the cost of misunderstanding is so huge that to not value or learn such simple, basic—non-violent communication skills is nothing short of stupidity.


Manipulation Tactics are Acts of Disrespect and Theft

It is especially challenging when you must confront someone who you have known or lived with a long time like a parent or older sibling who has gotten used to “manipulating you” for example, with guilt trips. Or maybe it’s the neighborhood bully, drug lord or crime boss. Or a spouse who will keep doing everything they can to throw you back into the “role” of the defenseless victim so they can maintain control to avoid their own self-responsibility—thus leaving you with a big mess or emotional toxic dump that is not your stuff. What can you do or say in such situations?

Let’s say you grew up in an alcoholic home, where the usual avoidance behaviors of one parent was to blame the other or play the whining victim, so it’s up to you to be the peacekeeper in the home. And if you don’t do this job, by placating the rage-aholic, abuser-alcoholic, etc., you or others could very well get severely injured. Of course, having to confront someone when you have these kinds of memories, can trigger feelings so intense, it causes you to freeze up and feel that same fear for your life all over again. You become like a deer caught in the headlights or tongue tied. Or you become so enraged at the slightest sense of being manipulated that you can literally become unglued and lose it, and then say angry, blaming things that really hurt the other person. If these kinds of feelings come up for you, when interacting with a “manipulator” then it’s best to take a time out and calm down. Think things through, organize your thoughts, feelings and what exactly you would like to communicate so that you don’t end up being abusive yourself. Be wise on not getting yourself possibly injured or killed by a narcissist abuser who is violent and untrustworthy. In some situations, obviously you must opt for silence or learn how to be the perfect operative “super spy” to get yourself out of a very dangerous situation, like in the movie, “Sleeping with the Enemy” movie with Julia Roberts. (See:

Here you really have to assess the situation because you don’t want to fuel an already volatile situation with someone dangerous who is looking for a fight. Being a wise martial artist like “Kung Fu” may be the best approach, if you have the skills to do so.

A helpful way to organize your communication is to have the 4 aspects of Observations, Feelings, Needs and Requests written down, and have a pre made list of verbs, feelings, needs and language that is simple, non blaming and really clear, so that you can “fill in the blanks” and edit simple phrases to speak or write. Taking a Compassionate Communication Course is a great way to initiate such self responsibility. (See: Practice with a group or counselor first, or read it through with a neutral listener before barging ahead to “let the manipulator have it”. This is not about punishment or judgement, but clearing your own self of how you have been pulled into someone else’s “Game” of manipulation, and finding a legal exit and emotional resolution, so you can end this cycle of suffering and madness.

I believe in offering a time frame, maybe 24-48 hours before you communicate (especially if you were triggered) or for the other to respond from your communication before making any kind of consequential decisions. If it’s possible, communicate in ways where you both can reach a heart level of empathy for each others feelings, beliefs and situation.

As many of us know who have had to leave a narcissist or any kind of abuser, addict etc., the moment you start to do your own real healing work and take self-responsibility is when they really start to initiate all sorts of control tactics, triggering dramas and scheming entrapment scenarios. (Or even paranormal interference patterns start amping up.) When these things happen, a chicanery of theft is actually going on with your time, energy or resources. When people habitually do things like “tell you what you are going to do with commands, (unless it’s your boss at work and you made a legal agreement to do this job, etc.) or they keep you in the dark without communicating true intentions or plans that affect you, habitually manipulate or guilt trip you, then it is time to confront them. Or initiate the no contact rule. Once the lightbulb goes off that when people do these kinds of behaviors habitually, they are in actuality, users and takers, who are essentially carrying out actions of theft and deceit. Of course they may not be aware of what they are actually doing, but some very well do know what they are doing. In these situations, it can be helpful if you have an ally, whether it is a mediator in a legal divorce settlement, a marriage counselor, or perhaps in a family intervention situation with the assistance of an addiction & recovery counselor or police officer who is trained to deal with family interventions.

Here you must be willing to follow through on your own boundary assertions with consequences. This is hardest with children, teen agers, drug and alcohol abusers and learned helplessness conditioned, “whining victims” who have manipulated others for a lifetime. And of course some overt abusers will never change, unless they are stopped by force. In the least, we can stop feeding them our attention and energy. Disengage emotional contact with these people so they cannot get their hooks into you.


When Silence is Not Golden

If we can remind ourselves that our silence is our AGREEMENT OF ENTRAPMENT to be abused, tricked, cheated of our resources, time, energy, love, jobs, freedom—you fill in the blanks—then it is time we all learned how to communicate effectively and say NO. Let our declaration of non-consent of disrespect, thievery and abuse be known so that the full ramifications of consequences of the duplicitous users and takers be laid to rest. Let the chips fall where they may. I believe now is the time, where each individual must take personal responsibility to deal with their own stuff, and to stop expecting others to clean up their messes.

Perhaps some questions to ask are, “what in reality is “fair play”, and what are the true rules of the Game here? Have we been led to believe or make choices that have been deliberately laid out for us, within the limited parameters of multiple choices that keep leading us astray into the recycling game the Archontic parasites?

When we can start to master our own selves, clarify our own minds, balance our emotional energy and communicate effectively, then we can start dealing with the BIGGER ISSUES which await us all.
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For Sample Declaration of Non-Consent Statements See:

Statement of Non Consent to Enter the GAME of the Predator/Parasite

Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse and Cultivating Mutually Respectful, Loving Relationships

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Narcissistic abuse is an increasingly widespread issue these days, especially for those who have endured any kind of emotional abuse in their childhood family of origin. This is common for abductees, milabs, ritual abuse survivors, MK Ultra victims and those who have strong family ties to the occult and military-industrial-complex careers. As many of my readers know, narcissistic abuse is part of the phenomenon of “the dark side of Cupid” relationships, where, in addition to the basic traits of narcissism, the super manipulated partner was perceived in some way to host a paranormal type of “entity”, which I believe actually drives much of the energy vampirism behaviors well known in these kinds of horridly abusive and shocking relationships.

Recovering from the trauma of these kinds of relationships requires a comprehensive approach, and unless one truly understands the inner dynamics of narcissism as a full-blown personality disorder, and the addictive quality of obsession that often accompanies such relationships, a survivor may not be able to heal as quickly. It can literally be a soul destroying experience.

What I have come to understand, is that the pattern in becoming a target of these types of abusers, is also rooted in ones own conditioning, core shame issues and deep seated feelings of unworthiness that can occur with histories of abuse. But, there are instances in which a healthy, normal kind of person such as a successful career woman, who can get targeted by these types of predators, leaving them bewildered and absolutely shocked at how awful and traumatized they could feel. One professional therapist and famous author I corresponded with told me in confidence that when she had such a “dark side of Cupid” relationship with a man like this, the trauma and emotional devastation was worse than a brutal rape she experienced many years earlier in her life.

Narcissists and the types of partners described in much of the NARC Abuse literature, fit the profile of personality disordered people, often with psychopathic traits. One has to remember that these persons work by deception and will manipulate accordingly, without conscience or empathy in order to extract “energy” or narcissistic supply from their partner– just for the sake of them feeling alive and getting attention to feed the false sense of self. Their false sense of identity is like an outer shell personality that changes to whatever traits are necessary in order to extract energy. What is underneath is often a deeply shattered, shamed and self-loathing core, that is buried. It feels like nothing is there literally, like a black hole whose only goal is to suck you dry. What I believe happens in many of these narcissists lives, is that once they abandon their true core self, they are ripe for a type of demonic or complete archontic mind parasite takeover. This is when the more lethal types of psychopaths start emerging. I believe it is many of these types of narcissists who run some of the most powerful, global military-industrial-complex and banking corporations.

Unless you have had a personal relationship with such a non-human-pretending-to-be human person, you really cannot understand the needed strategies for healing, recovery and freedom from their damage. Personally and collectively.

Without being overly sided with “victimology” ideology, I do believe that both perpetrator and victims work together, even if it is unconscious on the victim’s part. The paradoxical thing about perpetrators, victims and narcissistic abuse is the tendency towards the trauma-bonding “Stockholme Syndrome” that takes hold of the victim who has had longstanding abuse and conditioning by such perpetrators in their lives. We see this alot in cult abuse and even within the alien abduction and contact experiences.

Step this up a few notches to what we now globally seem to “normalize” with our lives in this Matrix of global control. I think most of the worlds population is in a mesmer of Stockholm Syndrome, having been exhaustively distracted, overworked or numbed out to such an extent that they no longer believe they have the power to change their lives, in the face of the global “powers that be” who are essentially running the show.

I believe one way to create a solution for this is to do it one individual and relationship at a time. We must have the self-respect to heal, get into “recovery” and say NO to the narcissists who entitle themselves to our energy and our attention. But the healing and recovery process is specifically tailored to those who are recovering from narcissistic abuse, not just simple “co-dependecy issues” or other more benign issues people may want to heal from.

These articles are an excellent starter for anyone who is still on the path of healing from narcissistic abuse. They are written by Melanie Tonia Evans and her main web site is:

Is He or She Really A Narcissist? Laying Boundaries and Accountability


Excerpt: “In this article I am going to show you how you can use the most powerful tool in your arsenal – boundaries to find out if this person is capable of taking responsibility and being accountable for their actions without risking another experience that could cost you your soul, mental well-being and even life.

There is nothing worse than being set upon maliciously by someone you believed you could trust, someone you love, and someone you thought loved you and had your best interests at heart.”

First must realize: There is No Closure with Narcissists

Excerpt: “When we end a relationship with a narcissist – it can be a terrible and painful experience to realise there is no closure.

There is no “I’m sorry, I treated you terribly”, there is the absence of “I realise that if I had done things differently we could have worked”, or “The way I treated you was disgraceful”. Often, horrifically, there is no explanation for the cruel ability to abuse and manipulate you, and then discard, abandon and move on as if you never existed.

Most narcissistic abuse sufferers struggle terribly with this – and experience the anguished feelings of “What did I REALLY mean to him or her?”

These feelings of non-closure can create a powerful hook, whereby you feel like…

Leaving The Narcissist With Your Emotions Intact

Excerpt: “It’s important that you know what to do in order to empower yourself before leaving a narcissist, in order to assist the process of disconnecting.

Much of this preparation needs to occur emotionally.

The emotional state you are in when you leave a narcissist is a great indicator of how well you can recover, and how long your recovery will take.

‘Aftershock’ is a very real phenomenon after leaving a narcissist. When you are stuck in the fight with the narcissist you are in survival mode, and somehow that keeps you alive.

When you leave the narcissist you will experience grave Post and/or Complicated Stress Disorder Symptoms. Not unlike a holocaust survivor, the entire trauma has a chance to hit when you have got away.”


Trauma Bonding: Is it Love or Something Else?

Excerpt: “With all of the survival fears, powerlessness and anxieties taking place, a great deal of neuro-peptides, resulting from your disturbed, fearful and unstable thoughts, are manufactured in your hypothalamus (chemical manufacturing plant of our brain) and are distributed into your blood stream and received by the cells of your body.

Our cells get addicted to the peptides they receive powerful doses of, and then physiologically we get addicted to getting more of these peptides, which the narcissist triggers within us regularly.

This creates feelings of I need his attention, I need his validation, I need his approval, I need his support, I need his love, I need him to provide me with some RELIEF and eventually just like a drug addict licking the crumbs off the lounge room rug, we will try to get any amount of the narcissist’s energy regardless of how damaging and soul destroying it is.”


Relationships of Equality

Excerpt: “Why didn’t people really teach us the meaning of ‘The truth sets us free?’ This means that speaking the truth about how we emotionally feel grants us the freedom of true self-love, love from others and happiness. 
I’m thoroughly convinced defensive communication destroys relationships. If you’re real (vulnerable), you’re truly empowered and truly safe. No one can disempower you, manipulate you or compromise your boundaries. You’re responding from a place of self-honour rather than reacting from a victim viewpoint. Victims take hostages. They create drama and fights – and they absolutely create their own ongoing pain.” 


Men and women all want the same thing! We all want to stop the separation, stop the ‘enemy tactics’ and connect in honest and safe ways. Emotional integrity and realness is the greatest gift that we can bring to our love relationships. None of us can be loving and loved in relationships without this vital foundation.Reflections on Equal Partnership

  • Whatever vulnerability (feelings) you hide will keep creating the scenarios you fear.
  • Expressing your authentic feelings will give you authentic results.
  • Your expressed feelings equate to standing in your power.
  • If you are real – no one can take you down.
  • The truth will always set you free.
  • Get out of your head battles and speak the truth from your heart.

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EL–Lastly, how do we develop these mutually respectful relationships, where we are able to authentically express our emotions and live from the heart of truth? This is where compassionate communication, inner empathy and the dedication to personal healing and growth come in. If we want to have these relationships we must cultivate them MUTUALLY.