Reptilian Abductee/Milab Ken Bakeman, Interview by Jeffery Pritchett

Ken Bakeman, a veteran alien abductee and milab, discusses his lifetime of alien encounters by several types of aliens and humans. He knows of at least 5 types of reptilian-lizard beings, Greys, blue dwarfs, tanned-Nordic types with plastic looking skin, MIBs, human military and engagement in milab operations. Ken talks about numerous experiences including being energetically vampirized by one of these reptilian creatures. In a former post, Ken describes an experience where a reptilian being enacts a Templar like ritual. (See

Ken wrote two books and is working on a third. Ken is a good writer and engages the reader with humor and sardonic wit. The first is part of a trilogy entitled,  “Verges–A Chronicle of Alien Encounters“. Ken’s web site is:

His interview with Jeffery Pritchett can be seen here:


Reptilian Milab Abductee Shares Experiences

This is a link for a blogpost for a man named Matt R., who has had several milab abductions involving reptilians. What is interesting about Matt’s case is that he experienced a joint milab operation with several other individuals. The milab operation involved crowd control training with reptilians in charge of potential catastrophic events. This happened around the time of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Interesting.