Pattie Brassard Interview with Veritas Radio on “The Event”

I wondered if I should even send out this link.  This is an interview with Pattie Brassard with Mel Fabrigas of Veritas Radio show dated Aug 6th, 2013 on Youtube.

A researcher colleague sent this to me along with a collection of other coinciding reports this past week. In particular, alot of stories are coming out about the FEMA gearing up for huge events, which all seem to be related to the second sun “brown dwarf star” and planetary system that becomes visible this month and for a while afterwards with lots of earth and atmospheric changes. Of course there are more aspects to the FEMA exercises (which you can get info about on one of Chris and Sheree Geo’s Truth Frequency shows this week , see but the main concern is this celestial event.

Apparently the chemtrails hide the second suns visibility at sunrise and sunset in most places, but the effects of its proximity are starting to happen with various grids going out, bizarre weather and the ozone layer disappearing in some areas entirely. They even mentioned a report in NC about how the rain amounts given by the weather and mainstream sources were a flat out lie and it’s been much more than that.

There are other coinciding events such as the multiple Embassy closings, the Syria situation and the global currency reset plans which all seem to be happening now or very soon–this month. They did mention the fact that most people are just too mind controlled via television and other modes to even pay attention or prepare for what is happening.

This interview was so sobering I didn’t know what to think and I hope it’s not true. It can be another “eventitus” psychological tactic so keep this in mind also. I suppose time wise no one really can pinpoint exact dates but this whistleblower seemed to really know their stuff. He/she mentioned a few comments about aliens, Annunaki and Nephilim, but didn’t want to elaborate on any thing “spiritual”. This caught my attention, and also the fact that they didn’t seem to know much in this regard.

Pattie also mentioned how some of the planets in this huge second sun “brown dwarf star” system have intelligent alien life, some benevolent who want to help us and that the Blue Kachina Hopi legend is about one of the planets in this system, whose size is bigger than Jupiter. He mentioned how the NWO global elite just wants to save themselves in underground bases and keep this a secret from the surface population. One odd thing that was mentioned was that our planet Earth and our moon is supposedly not a natural part of our solar system and it had been “from somewhere else”. I wondered about this in light of what I’m learning in the Gaian Navigation Experiment and John Lash’s material on and Can our planet Sophia navigate out of this situation or is this part of her Correction?

The brown dwarf star and its planetary system has passed through our solar system every 3200-3600 years and supposedly wiped out our civilization 5 times before.