Boundaries and Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

In Anomalous Trauma much of what we see results from some form of narciscistic abuse, whether it is from a parent, sibling,  “Dark Cupid” love partner, cult abuse or even alien abductions and milab experiences. Narciscistic Personality Disorder is a … Continue reading

Interview of Eve Lorgen with Frank Zero of The Frank Zero Blog: Contact

5/7/014 This is a written interview I did with Frank Zero, who runs his own Blog with several categories. This is under the Contact Blogspot category. See: *Note: The issue with multiple copies should have been resolved on the … Continue reading

Anomalous Trauma Group Support and Process Work

I want to share a bit about what a colleague and I are planning for support groups for Anomalous Trauma experiencers.These may extend to other personal growth and “awakening from the Matrix” issues as well. Our plan to begin such … Continue reading

Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

1/27/014 This is a written interview of me from an Italian colleague and researcher/author named Corvo. This interview is originally in Italian and can be found at: An earlier post in Italian regarding my work and book, “The Love Bite” … Continue reading

Junk DNA, ETs and Maternal Inheritance Factors

A friend sent me an article entitled “Scholars suggest Human DNA shows signs of being an Invasive Extraterrestrial Parasite” by Dr. John Chang. This article suggests that the junk DNA found in the human genome may be a deliberate creation to act … Continue reading