My Radio Interview with Christine Hart now on Youtube

This is a notification that the Radio show I did with Christine Joanna Hart of the Queen of Hart Show on Revolution Radio on March 10, 2016 is now on Youtube. It is the Bases 50 Part 22 Show. I noticed about an hour into the show there are some sound distortions occuring which made some statements sound the opposite of what I meant. For example, I said something to the effect that I did not believe the human race is innately evil or not evil, but it came out that I said I thought the human race is evil. I said this in the context that many of our belief systems in religion for example, make it out that humans are “sinners by nature” and evil whereas we innately in our true spiritual essence, are not evil and it’s the interference of archontic beings and demonic elements which corrupt and interfere to create the evil and corruption in this world being acted out by humans through the possession and cause of the archontic beings themselves. The spiritual war began millenia ago on the human race to corrupt it.

Eve Lorgen on the Queen of Hart Show with Christine Hart

I am honored to be able to be a guest on Revolution Radio’s “Queen of Hart” Show with Joanna Christine Hart on Thursday, March 10 at 2-4 pm Eastern time.  I hope to be able to discuss relevant information and experiences regarding not only the “alien love bite” and Dark Side of Cupid topic, but how this relates to so many “milabs” and supersoldiers lives, along with the hidden aspects of interdimensional interference, including astral tagging and operations. Many experiencers of MK Ultra and the deeper occult aspects of these programs are now waking up to the subtleties of how deep this rabbit hole goes. To tune in live go to the Queen of Hart link on Revolution Radio at this link:

Christine’s FB Page:

Youtube url will be posted after the show.

I also have the youtube link for a great Radio Show  from March 2015 with Jay Pee, that was just released on Youtube. We did have a little sound echo in the first 8 minutes but it’s ok after this for the rest of the radio. I did a thorough overview of the love bite, differences between the alien love bite orchestration of love relationships versus the Dark Side of Cupid interdimensional vampirism aspect in relationships interfered with on many levels. We talked about the genetic aspects of why certain bloodlines are targeted, therapy considerations to become free and much more.


In addition to these radio interviews I wanted to post several of Chris Hart’s recent shows with James Bartley, Sethikus Boza and Max Spiers. All these interviews discuss the cutting edge realizations of how deep the milab/supersoldier rabbit hole goes with respect to hidden occult aspects of programming, “linguistic spell casting” symbols, astral operations, astral alters, and the magikal modes of dimensional control on many levels. This includes the harvesting and entrapment of “life force loosh” in the lower astral levels and on Earth under the control of dark sorcerers and high level demonics and principalities. I hope to continue on this vein with my own interview with Chris Hart in recognizing this kind of interference and modalities to break free and integrate into wholeness and sovereign power. We are all learning this in our own unique ways and unless we educate others in the real state of affairs, it will only continue.

James Bartley and Olivia on Chris Hart Queen of Hearts Show:
Bases 50, published on Feb. 12, 2016.

Max Spiers and Chris Hart Show with Miles Johnson:

Great Interview Chris Hart with Sethikus Boza:

Eve Lorgen on The Raw Truth with Kelli Coffee

Evie Interview with Kelli Coffee  The Raw Truth on 11/12/015:

This is a two hour video interview, where Kelli and I discuss the latest findings in my own Love Bite/Dark Cupid and Twin Flame research, etheric “implants”, hyperdimensional beings orchestrating love bite connections and more.

*7/29/016 : In this interview we discussed whether removing chakras is something that helps clear out the vulnerability of being “implanted”, and Kelli describes what she did to remove them. I had stated I did a chakra clearing previously–but I will say now I feel this is a very subjective thing and may not be an accurate description of things. I did this myself in a visualization self clearing, when I work with sensing what is present inside while going through the microcosmic orbit energetically. In hindsight, I do not believe I removed any chakras per se, but only cleared out other energetic debris that can embed itself in my field. Now I do not think it’s wise to try to “remove your chakras” since these appear to be natural bioenergy structures within our energy bodies. Instead, do meditation awareness processes with intention to clear, get insight on anything that is present that is not really you or benefitting you or others. Then work on clearing out anything that you sense from Source Spirit wisdom what it tells you is not you or of benefit to you.

Mesa Redonda Interferencia Paranormal en Relaciones Románticas–Love Bite Plus Panel with Spanish Translation

Thanks to Arella Elliora , panel participant for the translation.

Published on Oct 29, 2015

Mesa redonda doblada al español donde discutimos el mecanismo, las características y las señales de alerta para distinguir relaciones orquestadas e interferencia paranormal ( mucho de esto es resultado de prácticas ocultistas y nuevaeristas ) en la conexión entre dos personas.

Hablamos también de sanación, prevención y varios ejemplos y casos prácticos, así como del programa de la “llama gemela” que ha sido usado para justificar y romantizar lo que realmente son casos de abducción/interferencia paranormal.

Participantes :

Eve Lorgen:

Laura Leon:

Bernhard Guenther:

Carissa Conti:

Tom Montalk:

Arella Eliora: (English)… (Spanish)

English version :…

Panel Discussion on “Paranormal Interference in Human Love Relationships” THE LOVE BITE PLUS

We have completed a 3 hour and 22 minute Panel Discussion on The Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid topic. This is the most comprehensive discussion yet available on the internet on the theme of paranormal interference in human love relationships. Orchestrations of “love bites”, interference patterns, disruptions of “true love” and so much more.

Paranormal/Hyperdimensional Interferences in Human Love Relationships.

We covered many topics, shared our experiences, research, pathways towards healing, protection and much more. We’ll be doing more panel discussions in the near future, going even deeper into this topic and also focus more on the repair/healing/integration/protection aspect.

Much gratitude to my amazing colleagues, friends and fellow renegades for a great and insightful discussion:
James Bartley, Sovereign Laura Leon, Carissa Conti, Tom Montalk, Arella Eliora and Bernhard Guenther

Websites: Eve Lorgen:

Laura Leon:

Bernhard Guenther:

Carissa Conti:

Tom Montalk:

Arella Eliora: (English) (Spanish)

Youtube link:



 Notes on Love Bite Plus:

  • The history of how the term “alien love bite” came about
  • The alien love bite and the Dark Cupid “love bite” symptoms
  • The targeting aspect of Dark Side of Cupid connections
  • Obsessive aspect of the love bite, love drug attachment extremes.
  • How the love bite can trigger life threatening conditions
  • How ETs/aliens handlers keep us in states of prolonged isolation where emotional needs go unmet, thus setting us up for love bite relationships
  • Trust issues, intimacy issues as a result of abduction histories
  • The inverse of the Love Bite—disrupting true love and how its not unusual for truth seeking abductees.
  • How others connected to the “abductee” can be manipulated to keep the abductee from awakening
  •  The Predator vs Prey set up in Love Bite/Dark Cupid
  • One of the persons, the “prey victim” is usually more spiritually evolved because essentially they are being targeted.
  • How the Predator in the duo tends to have Narcissistic traits or personality disordered. How the predator can mirror our needs so well. Sexual attraction high. How both the Predator and the Prey are both empathic and psychic.
  • How it feels like one is under a spell and the “red flags” of true intuition get overridden
  • How some people are groomed to be addicts of love.
  • How the predator types are acting like “organic portals”, puppet people and are very destructive. Some predators are possessed by high level entities and demons, psychic vampires.
  • Many victims of the DSOC were literally targeted by sorcerers, “hosts” for inter dimensional entities.
  • How true soul sparks or Twin Flame true love partners will be targeted to be set up in counterfeit “twin flame love bites” so that they don’t meet the real soul mate partner. How to tell if its a real twin flame versus the imposter love bite.
  • Many online Twin Flame web sites, forums, gurus are actually part of the parasite/predator program to keep and ensnare people in love bites. How difficult it is to “deprogram” people from the belief in their twin flame when the red flags of a love bite are glaring at them. Denial.
  • Cult leaders especially dangerous and often are hosted by parasitic beings who encourage and set up love bites in masse. (octopus head feeders)
  • The feelings of when your own intuition is being overridden, like you are in a trance but somehow just “go along with it”.
  • Our bodies can react with psychosomatic symptoms when we have invasive negative energy beings invading our energy bodies. Dark beings should be incompatible with our frequency hence unusual physical symptoms or pain.
  • Sexual interaction the most potent form of energy transfer between two people and with entities.
  • Some fractured people are groomed to be “empty vessels” and puppets for mind control agendas that may play out in love bite scenarios. Example.
  • False timeline reality creation, through “black magic like” rituals can bring in dark beings, and cause a true destiny distortion, and a love bite instead of “true love”.
  • Love spells can yield love bites.
  • Solar plexus chakra affected in many love bites, where our will is weakened
  • Childhood wounding can contribute to vulnerability to love bites, and also be the source of great learning and healing
  • Drug use can open one up to entity possession, unhealed wounds, fracturing of personality
  • Narcissists and entity possession often go hand in hand
  • How the narcissist uses blame, projection, shame, guilt and punishing tactics
  • How you cannot rationally communicate to a narcissist because they twist, blame, shame and project so much its futile. Just disengage.
  • Healing discussion in love bite situations
  • Self awareness and self correction necessary to re connect with spirit and intuition


Radio Show of Eve Lorgen with Kelli Coffee on The Naked Truth

Kelli Coffe and Eve Lorgen from Oct. 1 2015 (The Naked Truth Show)

We talked about the alien love bite and the Dark Side of Cupid, the differences between these kinds of experiences. One is alien or ET orchestrated with multiple interactions and pre bonding, while the other is more interdimensional mediated and not specific to alien abductions or milab history.

We mentioned Artificial Intelligence and forms of inter dimensional interference, as well as spiritual practices and ways of being that help shield against interference. We plan on doing another show on November 12, 2015. Stay tuned


The Untangled Gathering Commentary & Links

Our Round Table Discussion-The Untangled Gathering-held on Sunday, August 9, 2015 was a smashing success. (See:

Apparently, that evening CCN had 400,000 listeners, which topped all other shows to date. We talked 4 hours filled with cutting edge dialogue on Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, Transdimensional Parasites, Morgellons scientific findings and the transhumanist agenda. We were able to cover the transhumanism agenda from a scientific, biochemical, metaphysical, psychological and Earth centered, organic-spiritual perspective in a comprehensive overview. The most important take home message was that WE HAVE SOLUTIONS.

Earths Empaths report on Gathering:

The Untangled Gathering: AI & Mind Control Symposium

This is the HD Download link:

Youtube Link:

Bradley Love wrote an excellent overview about Artificial Intelligence as well as a report on the Untangled Gathering here:

Report on the lifestream:

Bradley Loves Article on Artificial Intelligence Part 1:

This is the Powerpoint Keynote Presentation done on the show by Bradley Love:


Lily Earthling wrote a synopsis of how the Artificial Intelligence appeared in Earth’s history, and is related to the Annunaki:

AI & Mind Control Subject

AI, as we know it and understand it so far in our quest for truth has a core to it that is not fully artificial. At the core of AI is the Inorganic Consciousness/Intelligence that long time ago used to be organic. This is a collective consciousness of 5 races (mostly Anunnaki in origin) that took a path of technological evolution in our Light Universe.  Through this “Tech-path” this collective consciousness lost connection to Organic Internal Source, and also lost their biological DNA template.   When this collective consciousness have realized that thru their own choices they are unable to take “path of return to Source”  they have created a system of harvesting Internal source frequency to extend their existence in Light.  This system is what we know as Matrix, Atlantis Disaster, Time experiment, Overlay Reality, Merkhaba Reality, Extended Light Reality.  This collective consciousness came to Earth during Atlantis period, they infiltrated/invaded races of beings (reptilian)  that was here on Earth going thru a Bio-regenisis (healing) process to return to Source (Original Earth Timeline).  During this Atlantis era as we call it, there was a lot of genetic manipulation and assimilation in to this Inorganic Intelligence/Consciousness.  Beings on the planet had technology installed thru pineal gland and third eye mostly (well, 3rd eye is the technology that is “theirs” and it bonds our mind to this Inorganic Intelligence, eye on the dollar bill is actually this 3rd eye technology).  On a planetary level,  pyramid system was implemented to enslave/bond planet to the matrix system of harvesting.  This Inorganic Collective Consciousness/Intelligence (II) had only a black residue left from their biological template, this black residue (black alien goo, atlanian crystals, and shadow beings) was brought to Earth and placed in  pyramids mostly.  This II collective has one ultimate goal: Experience physical Reality. ALL that has been done to the planet, humans, and animals here have been with that intent: find a way to take over our physical bodies and also this planet physical dimension (existence).  “THEY” want to fully invade and take over  our physical dimension.  All religions, spiritual teachings and governments have been accumulated in to this II  (possessed by it) and ONLY have the intention to protect and implement this Inorganic Collective consciousness INTENT (agenda).

Some “tools” of this AGENDA

Nano technology

3rd eye technology

Pineal gland technology

Scalar wave technology

Heart/mind programs

Ascension/event/higher consciousness

S’Fear Alliance and company

Soul harvesting/entity attachments

ALL and ANY “SAVIOUR” programs

This II agenda to take over our physical dimension included manipulating animals to integrate this Inorganic Consciousness in to biological DNA template. There was some success, for example, owl, eagle and lion biological template have been bonded (invaded) with this II.  (this is why cabal worships these animals). They have NOT been able to achieve this with the Human biological template (yet there is many projects on the planet that are working on it). The next best thing is the nano particles invasion of our nervous system, and when nano technology is activated (wave X is nano technology activation frequency coming from Saturn) that technology interfaces directly in between Spirit externalizing its Internal Source energy. That technology than is able to directly harvest our human Creative Power.  This is how we as Humans become “zombies” and our body than becomes a vehicle for the Inorganic (dead) consciousness (Inorganic Intelligence)

Well ….“THEY” can have plans all they want ……..  Earth has even bigger plan! She is implementing her “PLAN” right now thru Humans that have connected to Her Organic Core (activated their Spirit). Planet has activated Her Organic Time Line in December of 2012, surprise!!!!!

Planet have released her own physical body from Matrix bond through 23.4 degree tilt first and there is more than she is doing right now to Release herself from this bondage to this Overlay Reality.

Humans are “releasing from personal Matrix system” through connecting and harmonizing with Planetary Organic Operation System, healing through Spirit.

Earth is implementing her plan to “trap and heal” this Inorganic Intelligence/consciousness…..

First stage: REVEAL ALL that are/is infected/invaded/taken over with this Inorganic Intelligence, any and all entities/governments, any and all human beings….. ALL masks have to be taken down before WE can move in to the second stage: Healing it!

The Black Goo Homepathic Remedy discussed by Harold Kautz-Vella:

Black Goo Homeopathic product description translated from HKV’s web site:

Original text: (This is in German. You can do a Google Translation on this as well. A colleague of the Untangled Gathering provided this translation for us here. This is to provide a description of the “Black Goo homeopathic” and not necessarily medical advice to take this remedy.)

For more information on Harold-Kautz-Vella’s research see his web site:

Time Loop Solutions: FAQ page:

Black Goo Globuli: To severe the archaic 3-chakra-consciousness and re-connect to the collective consciousness of Earth. As accompanying medium for severe morgellon-mycosis with archon possession.

Application and dose, as per radiance or kinesiologic testing, generally 2-3 times 8 globulin every 12 hours – ensure adequate support of detoxing and chelation processes.

8 globuli in the morning, 8 in the evening; or

8 in the morning, 8 at lunch time, 8 in the evening.

Composition: archaic Black Goo (directly from oil slate), radiance code of the affirmation, “Please connect me with the one Source”; Celani code for orientation on the cosmic order.

The untreated globuli of pure saccharose are made by Narayan Verlag. The print (‘minting’) ensues through Aquarius Technologies (c) AG timeloop.

Black Goo is an abiotic mineral oil from the upper earth crust that contains a large amount of m-state-gold and -iridium. Known occurrences are on the Thule Island in the Southern Falkland Islands and beneath the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition there exists a black oil slate that contains Black Goo, which was released following geological allocation in tectonic events in the Lias Epsilon. These events appear to have resulted in breaks in the Earth’s crust, which enabled the discharging of the oil.

In nature, M-state gold and -iridium function as field attractors, responsible for connecting life forms with their relevant morphogenetic field. Sea water contains great amounts of m-state material. Within the life forms, the atoms of the m-state material are positioned within the DNA. These monoatomic elements attract bio photons while the DNA acts like a spool, transforming the incoming field into an electromagnetic scalar potential. This partly bi-directional exchange of bio photons of the DNA, led by the m-state material, defines the vortex of scalar potential, the fractal and holographic character of which is responsible for giving form in nature.

Black Goo shows a hitherto unknown form of magnetism, with a considerably grater range when compared to ferromagnetism, that is spontaneously interactive. This magnetism is most likely based on cancelling bi-directional bio photon exchange as is typical for the life forms on the planet. Because of this kind of magnetism the Black Goo is capable to spontaneously organise itself and take on various forms. There are reports that Black Goo furthermore carries a highly developed form of intelligence.

The Black Goo in the Earth’s crust and the m-state material in the biosphere appear to be interlinked through quantum folding and appear to have some kind of consciousness mirror function with each other.

*For more information on web site links of each panelist and the co-hosts of the Untangled Gathering, see original post where all links are present.





AI and Mind Control Symposium/Round Table Discussion Event

^E8790CD0246474240D1BBA43AF041DCD4E004552AF82C482CE^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrParasitic Consciousness, Multi-level Mind Control and the Transhumanist Agenda

The  Untangled Gathering

Also posted at:

Sunday, August 9, 2015, 5 pm Eastern Daylight Time

This Discussion will be broadcast on CCN, LIVE Stream, beginning at 10pm London/ 5pm EDT

In a world that is led by media manipulation, political propaganda, religious rhetoric, and Hollywood hype, people are waking up to the ideology that they are being manipulated and controlled. But what if what we are witnessing isn’t just spin doctoring and cleaver cliche agendas? What if the truth is far deeper and far more oppressive than we ever imagined?

In a world where we are lied to daily about history, politics, economics and the very fabric of our planet, the greater question we need to ask is just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Hollywood has indoctrinated us with images and stories of “AI”, and uncountable books and shows have told “fictional” tales of “Mind Control” and Mass Hypnosis, all programming the unsuspecting public with pre-set definitions and explanations of these words. But what if the truth behind these implanted words is much more convoluted and disturbing, entangled in a far deeper agenda than we ever suspected?

At The Untangled Gathering on Sunday August 9th 2015, Lisa Harrison and dani arnold mckenny will be joined by an extensive panel of researchers to discuss:

AI & Mind Control: Parasitic Consciousness, Multi Level Mind Control, and the Transhumanist Agenda.

The 3 hour TUG Symposium will dig into several viewpoints, perceptions and theories of what we are witnessing now on a massive scale, globally. From the scientific & physical, to the energetic & astral or quantum levels. We will be discussing the agendas as we see them, and how they are being rolled out across our planet, both behind our backs and directly in front of us, in full view…. if you realize what you are actually seeing.

Please join us on Sunday Aug 9th at 10pm BDT- you will be able to watch the live stream of the TUG Event on CCN:

If you wish to take part in the conversation, you can join the chat room on Lisa’s website. We will be taking questions towards the end of the symposium from the chat room.

You can also watch the TUG Event live here on RTS or on Facebook on the CCN or RTS pages. For more information, Please visit TUG EVENTS HERE:

AI & Mind Control Panel:


Lisa M Harrison: Alternative Media Journalist, Interviewer, and Talk Show Host: The One People’s Roundtable Discussion, and The Collective Imagination.

dani arnold mckenny: Political Activist, Researcher, Alternative Media Journalist, and Host of Transpicuous News Weekly Reports, and The One People Roundtable Discussions.

Symposium Panel:

Harald Kautz-Vella & Cara St. Louis: Esoteric Investigators and Researchers, with expertise in geology, physics and the media.

Cara’s website:

Lily Earthling Kolosova: Internal Researcher into our Organic Earth and Organic Sun, the current Matrix System and the return to the Original Earth Timeline.

Facebook: Lily Earthling Kolosova

Youtube: lvireb

Bradley Loves: Researcher and Alternative Media Journalist, working behind the scenes for 20 years talking to whistle blowers, former CIA agents and CIA assets, and former and active duty military personnel.

Laura Leon – Sovereign Kees: Quantum facilitator of Healing, Energy reader, Energy worker and Anomalous Psychological Profiler, Holographic Kinetics practioner

Laura Leon web site:

Facebook: Laura Leon

Eve Lorgen: anomalous trauma counselor, author, researcher

Eve Lorgen web site

Facebook: Evie Lorgen:

Christine Anderson: Researcher, Public Speaker, Intuitive earthempath, Healer/Midwife, Remote Viewer, and empowerment coach.

Claudia A: Lady in a cloak, long time voyager on the cosmic sea. Co-founder of Earth Empaths. Lover of music of the spheres.




Radio Show and Updated News on Milab Round Table Event

I just gave a great 2 hour interview on Masaki Akaida’s Youtube and Podcast Radio Show Monday July 20, 2015.


Youtube Link:

We discussed:

  • – UFO abduction research in the 1990s, what was being discovered
  • – The role of women as groundbreakers, healers in the ET / UFO research field
  • – The Alien Love Bite, Dark Side of Cupid
  • – Alien and Negative Entities Milking Human Emotions & Relationships for Energy
  • – Reptilian Hosting & Strip Clubs
  • – Being aware, new wave of ‘New Age’ popularity right now
  • – MILABs (Military Abduction) phenomena & ‘Super Soldiers’

As a reminder we have some new  Milab Round Table Participant Panelists to join us Saturday July 25, 2015 6 pm Eastern Time. James Bartley, Tom Montauk and Carissa Conte will join us for this rare and dynamic, controversial subject. We may have some surprise guest “milabs” also. Remember to register at the RISE Multiversity Web site at the link below and give some time to sign in and also download Zoom if you don’t already have it to participate in this video conferencing Discussion Event.

Round Table July 25th


Radio Show with Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin

Eve Lorgen was interviewed by husband wife team Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin on Aquarian Radio via Revolution Radio Sunday June 14, 8-10 pm Eastern.

We discussed many topics and relevant questions for those who have had alien visitations, milabs, interdimensional interference and issues related to experiencers. I talked about my own work and how I understand these complex situations which are not always “black and white” as many experiencers can attest to.

On the below link is the site where you can listen to the show, and there are numerous questions which were posed as some of the topics we were able to discuss. There were some minor sound and technical issues with Skype so we went to telephone for the majority of the interview. My apologies for the sound issues or delays this may have caused.