Hyperdimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment -Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion on Hyperdimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment is out now! We decided collectively that the topic of the interdimensional interference issue needed more elaboration from the micro perspective to the macro perspective. Our last panel, “Love Bite Plus” focused on my two books, that deal specifically with the alienlovebite and the Dark Side of Cupid, where some definite form of manipulation was taking place within a love relationship, whether it is physical or merely astral.

We all have had experiences with the hidden aspects of disruption, interference, psychic attacks and other types of hyperdimensional interference (both positive and negative) that extended beyond the love relationship context, from our own individual lives and observation of how this same phenomena occurs on a macro societal and collective scale. It all really boils down to how our own human race and our Soul essence energy has been exploited and preyed upon by parasitical forces which feed upon our “loosh”. These parasitical forces may be perceived in all shapes, sizes and types of beings, and work in and through human beings as well.

Although many ardent truth researchers and experiencers have understood this basic concept of the manipulation of human kind by these “archontic forces”, we may lack the specific keys to discernment, identification of, and application of individual solutions in which to realize a greater degree of sovereignty within this world of apparent “predation”.

As time goes on, more and more reports of interference and outright targeting, and all manner of malevolent attacks are being predated upon many individuals, especially those who have any form of abuse histories, abductions, whistleblowers, ritual abuse, milabs, and high level occult bloodline lineages and/or those with a significant degree of spiritual metaphysical abilities.

A later panel discussion will be done on the reptilian hosting, possession issues of interference.

Some of the Points of Discussion Are:

  • – The macro-perspective/bigger picture of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System on a global level and how it ties in with the micro-perspective: hyperdimensional interference on a personal/individual level. Clarification and definition of basic concepts.
  • – Suppression of extra-sensory perception and social/cultural conditioning (starting in childhood) keeps hyperdimensional forces hidden from our awareness.
  • – Hyperdimensional “technologies” used for interference/manipulation: shape-shifting, thought injections, manipulation of perception, etc. They have knowledge of our physiology and psychology and use it against us.
  • – As powerful as negative entities seem, their “achilles heel” is lack of creativity (when it comes to attack/interference) and are actually not as powerful as they like us to believe.
  • – Importance to gain deeper knowledge about this topic and educate oneself for empowerment and protection.
  • – Ancient cultures were very aware of the hidden forces influencing our reality/world. Suppression of Knowledge. Corruption of Science. “Modern” world caught in limited 3D reductionist thinking and view of life/reality. Outer technological progress at cost of developing our inner technology (mind-body split by design}, which cuts us off from our full potential and ability to perceive these forces.
  • – All our unresolved issues within are gateways for hyperdimensional interferences and suggestions that influence our behaviors and actions, leading to addictions, hanging out with the wrong crowd and people that are not good for us, all of which re-enforces the “feeding” loop.
  • – Manipulation of desires and emotions. Entities controlling groups/crowds and feeding off of the “loosh”, including worship/admiration (gurus, priests, celebrities, politicians)
  • – Normalization of pathology in society. The predator gave us its own mind.
  • – Importance of healthy skepticism (Discernment) as opposed to blind belief and extreme skepticism.
  • – Normalization of sexual pathologies. Internet porn, strip clubs as feeding grounds. Hosting/Possession. Sex addiction, compulsions, change of personality. Manipulated sexual desires. Etheric implants.
  • – Interference on internet message boards, forums, social media (Facebook). Important to check your compulsions, triggers, urges, thoughts before posting/reacting.
  • – Disinformation “agents” sent your way. Ego hooks. Fake new “friends”.
  • – People don’t know how much they are influenced and controlled by hyperdimensional forces until they start to wake up, seek truth, gain knowledge and engage in self work (de-programming, de-conditioning).
  • – The end-game goal of their agenda from a macro-perspective is full take-over of our bodies in order to lock us in a frequency prison, priming our bodies for their essence to host in (creating an incarnarnational opportunity). Hence the push for disembodiment, increasing the body-mind split via increased mental activity/distraction through technology as well as poisoning the body via GMOs, EMF radiation, vaccinations, chemtrails, etc., for genetic modification. —> Hybridization.
  • – Disinformation/trap of “positive aliens”supposedly upgrading our DNA, which is actually a “downgrading”. Discernment! Ties into MK Ultra, abductions/contactees (fake screen memories). New Age deception.
  • – Embodiment (full soul integration, connecting to our inner “technology”) is key for protection, awakening and  anchoring higher frequencies, reconnecting to our original genetic blue print.
  • – Humanity is being used as an “interface”. Soul recycling, stuck in incarnation loop and physicality.
  • – Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorders (as well as Sociopathy and Psychopathy) as major gateways (vehicles) for hyperdimensional hosting/interference. Trap of agreement when getting into reactive behavior; triggered into their “game”.
  • – Importance of boundaries and taking self-responsibility for the hyperdimensional forces (working through others) can only target what resonates with our own wounds and weaknesses (psychologically and emotionally).
  • – Trap of victim-consciousness and blame, which these entities encourage us to react with since that state disempowers us even more.
  • – Via non-reactive zero-point consciousness and especially not getting/feeding into reactionary states of fear and paranoia, we can starve them so they lose interest and move on. i.e. not giving them what they want.
  • – Certain reactions (fear/paranoia) are a from of permission for more interference/attacks because of the frequency match. Keeps increasing because of the feedback-loop.
  • – Divide and conquer/in-fighting in the “truth movement” from a hyperdimensional perspective. Lack of emotional intelligence, embodiment and self-work in many well-meaning activists and conspiracy researchers. “Truthers” can become unconscious disinformation “agents”, especially if there is lack of understanding of the hyperdimensional matrix.
  • – Oftentimes online/public persona is very different than how people are in person. Careful of cult of personality or “celebrity” style personas in the “truth movement” (ties into projection, worship, etc) who feed off of the attention and are caught up in drama/gossip/martyr/savior/victim mindsets, which is what negative hyperdimensional entities want and feed off of, working though them. Unconscious on their part.
  • – Frequency Resonance Vibration and the power of our own minds with regards to shaping our experiences (for better or worse). Our lack of understanding of who truly are and what we are capable of is being used against us. Interferences/attacks don’t happen over night but build up slowly, manipulating our free will choice, resulting in traps of agreement.
  • – Timeline shuffling via thought injections and emotional manipulation, hijacking our minds, which results in negative forces creating reality through us that is in alignment with their agenda. We are way more creative and powerful than them, hence they need us to create through us via free will manipulation.
  • – Silence as a permission for interference and consent/trap of agreement. Be vocal about boundaries and question everything we take as “normal”: media, culture, government.
  • – Government is an archonic creation, literally an “alien” construct and the most basic set-up of the Matrix Control System through which the hyperdimensional overlords work through.  We don’t need government in any shape or form.
  • – Voting is consent to be ruled over (a government body taking over your life), a trap of agreement giving away our power as sovereign individuals, and also a consent to the Matrix Control System based on authoritarianism. It has negative metaphysical repercussions despite any well-meaning intentions, manipulating people’s free will choice to align with the “alien” agenda of complete take-over.
  • – Importance of making conscious choices and using true free will. Most people mistake free will for their mechanical programmed reactions based on social/cultural, unconscious programming and past trauma, i.e. they are not choosing consciously but do as they are programmed to do under the illusion of “free will”.
  • – Hyperdimensional forces need our free will consent/agreement to align with their agenda. Forced choice is not “nutritious” to them and not “quality food”, hence the manipulation of consciousness and mass beliefs (such as the belief in government and many other things people don’t question) is how they get what they want. Manipulated need for authority  —> Stockholm Syndrome.
  • – Sincere Self-work is imperative, deprogramming from cultural/social conditioning. Disillusionment is inevitable in the process of waking up.
  • – Importance of basic  psychological self-work; shadow work. What are your emotional triggers? Importance of boundaries.
  • – Issues in relationships (not related to Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid) when one person starts to wake up, engages in truth seeking and self-work but the other person isn’t. Trap/danger of trying to make the other person “see” and “wake up”.
  • – Anyone who is not in the process of sincere self-work, seeking truth (and not aware of the hyperdimensional matrix) can become a “trojan horse”, being used by entities to get to the one who is in the process of awakening. Discernment in relationships (not just the romantic kind)

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdHaPzGC8_o

audio: http://lunahelia.com/RTEVENT/Hyper-Dimensional_Interference_Keys_to_Discernment_5.21.16_audio.mp3


Eve Lorgen on Higher Side Chats with Greg Carlwood

My interview with Greg Carlwood on the Higher Side Chat Podcast 5/15/016:

We covered alot of material for two straight hours. Great insights:

Notes and Topic Points:
5:45: How profound, detailed dreams can indicate an alien encounter.

7:40: What aliens get out of encounters and abductions. Eve says that the agenda of the reptilians is to feed off of humans’ emotional energy.

11:15: The truth about soul mates: You may have been “love-bitten” by an entity. You’ll also learn about how aliens can cause pedophilia and other sexual perversions.

19:00: The truth about “milabs.” Are they a partnership between extraterrestrials and the military? Is the military performing their own abductions?

34:25: How your family’s background can enhance your chances of you being approached by a malevolent entity. A family history of cults or involvement with the Illuminati can play a large role.

39:00: Some facts about covenants (including those made by your ancestors or in a past life), making agreements with aliens, and how to get out of such agreements made by you or on your behalf.

46:00: Eva’s thoughts on why some high-profile celebrities live much longer than average, and why others, such as Prince and Whitney Houston, have died at tragically young ages.

Sign up for THC+ to hear more, like:

58:45: Eva says that two percent of the population knows or suspects that they’ve experienced alien interference, but many more have had this experience and simply don’t realize it because it feels normal to them.

1:12:40: Some clues to look for to determine whether you are having a reptilian sexual encounter.

1:17:30: Some signs that you are being affected by some type of paranormal encounter, which include precognitive dreams, physical sensations in your chakra areas, and a strong sexual connection despite a lack of love.

1:34:30: How Eve’s mentors, Dr. Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic, died under suspicious circumstances, and how their deaths contain the markings of alien interference.

1:47:00: Information about Eva’s current work, which is about remembering past lives and time loops, and how extraterrestrial beings may be involved.

Eve Lorgen | The Alien Love Bite, The Dark Side of Cupid, & Entity Involvement In Human Romance

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Ie9W-m1ks

Radio Interview with Jay Pee on Revolution Radio

This Sunday April 3, 2016, I will be a guest on Jay Pee’s “Ever Beyond Show” in conjunction with Wolf Spirit Radio at 6 pm Eastern time zone.

To listen live go to  and go to the listen and chat link. You may also go to http://www.everbeyondradio.com for more information.

Here is the Youtube link of the show:



I will also be a guest on Yvonne Palermo’s Radio show “Spaced Out Radio” via Wolf Spirit Radio on Friday April 15, at 9 pm Eastern time.(6 Pm Pacific)

For more information on Yvonne’s Spaced Out Radio show you may go to:


The archived or youtube link of the show will be posted HERE after the show.

*Radio Show with Yvonne Palermo with the Groovie Bean from 4/15/016 Eve Lorgen and Jim Nichols:


Radio Interview on Paranormal Show Ghostman and Demon Hunters (G&D) with Shaun Burris

  • Due to an interference in last weeks “power” we will do the show this coming Sunday! On Sunday evening (Easter) March 27, 2016 at 7:30-8 pm Eastern time Eve Lorgen will be a guest on the G & D (Ghostman and Demon Hunter) Paranormal Show with Shaun Burris. To listen live go to the web site: http://www.ghostanddemon.com

Archived Show will be posted after the show.

Here is the Youtube Link to our Radio Show:

Ghostand Demon Hunter Show with Shaun Burris:

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“Do Aliens control our Sexual attraction? Are your Relationships & Love life controlled by Alien Beings with a Dark purpose? We find out this Sunday 03/20/16 @ 7.PM.ET w/Guest Author Eve Lorgen 
{The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships) Only at the Home of the Mystifying Oracle of Radio your GhostMan&Demon Hunter Show.



My Radio Interview with Christine Hart now on Youtube

This is a notification that the Radio show I did with Christine Joanna Hart of the Queen of Hart Show on Revolution Radio on March 10, 2016 is now on Youtube. It is the Bases 50 Part 22 Show. I noticed about an hour into the show there are some sound distortions occuring which made some statements sound the opposite of what I meant. For example, I said something to the effect that I did not believe the human race is innately evil or not evil, but it came out that I said I thought the human race is evil. I said this in the context that many of our belief systems in religion for example, make it out that humans are “sinners by nature” and evil whereas we innately in our true spiritual essence, are not evil and it’s the interference of archontic beings and demonic elements which corrupt and interfere to create the evil and corruption in this world being acted out by humans through the possession and cause of the archontic beings themselves. The spiritual war began millenia ago on the human race to corrupt it.

Eve Lorgen on the Queen of Hart Show with Christine Hart

I am honored to be able to be a guest on Revolution Radio’s “Queen of Hart” Show with Joanna Christine Hart on Thursday, March 10 at 2-4 pm Eastern time.  I hope to be able to discuss relevant information and experiences regarding not only the “alien love bite” and Dark Side of Cupid topic, but how this relates to so many “milabs” and supersoldiers lives, along with the hidden aspects of interdimensional interference, including astral tagging and operations. Many experiencers of MK Ultra and the deeper occult aspects of these programs are now waking up to the subtleties of how deep this rabbit hole goes. To tune in live go to the Queen of Hart link on Revolution Radio at this link:


Christine’s FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/christinejoanna/

Youtube url will be posted after the show.

I also have the youtube link for a great Radio Show  from March 2015 with Jay Pee, that was just released on Youtube. We did have a little sound echo in the first 8 minutes but it’s ok after this for the rest of the radio. I did a thorough overview of the love bite, differences between the alien love bite orchestration of love relationships versus the Dark Side of Cupid interdimensional vampirism aspect in relationships interfered with on many levels. We talked about the genetic aspects of why certain bloodlines are targeted, therapy considerations to become free and much more.


In addition to these radio interviews I wanted to post several of Chris Hart’s recent shows with James Bartley, Sethikus Boza and Max Spiers. All these interviews discuss the cutting edge realizations of how deep the milab/supersoldier rabbit hole goes with respect to hidden occult aspects of programming, “linguistic spell casting” symbols, astral operations, astral alters, and the magikal modes of dimensional control on many levels. This includes the harvesting and entrapment of “life force loosh” in the lower astral levels and on Earth under the control of dark sorcerers and high level demonics and principalities. I hope to continue on this vein with my own interview with Chris Hart in recognizing this kind of interference and modalities to break free and integrate into wholeness and sovereign power. We are all learning this in our own unique ways and unless we educate others in the real state of affairs, it will only continue.

James Bartley and Olivia on Chris Hart Queen of Hearts Show:
Bases 50, published on Feb. 12, 2016.


Max Spiers and Chris Hart Show with Miles Johnson:


Great Interview Chris Hart with Sethikus Boza:


Eve Lorgen on The Raw Truth with Kelli Coffee

Evie Interview with Kelli Coffee  The Raw Truth on 11/12/015:

This is a two hour video interview, where Kelli and I discuss the latest findings in my own Love Bite/Dark Cupid and Twin Flame research, etheric “implants”, hyperdimensional beings orchestrating love bite connections and more.

*7/29/016 : In this interview we discussed whether removing chakras is something that helps clear out the vulnerability of being “implanted”, and Kelli describes what she did to remove them. I had stated I did a chakra clearing previously–but I will say now I feel this is a very subjective thing and may not be an accurate description of things. I did this myself in a visualization self clearing, when I work with sensing what is present inside while going through the microcosmic orbit energetically. In hindsight, I do not believe I removed any chakras per se, but only cleared out other energetic debris that can embed itself in my field. Now I do not think it’s wise to try to “remove your chakras” since these appear to be natural bioenergy structures within our energy bodies. Instead, do meditation awareness processes with intention to clear, get insight on anything that is present that is not really you or benefitting you or others. Then work on clearing out anything that you sense from Source Spirit wisdom what it tells you is not you or of benefit to you.

Mesa Redonda Interferencia Paranormal en Relaciones Románticas–Love Bite Plus Panel with Spanish Translation

Thanks to Arella Elliora , panel participant for the translation.


Published on Oct 29, 2015

Mesa redonda doblada al español donde discutimos el mecanismo, las características y las señales de alerta para distinguir relaciones orquestadas e interferencia paranormal ( mucho de esto es resultado de prácticas ocultistas y nuevaeristas ) en la conexión entre dos personas.

Hablamos también de sanación, prevención y varios ejemplos y casos prácticos, así como del programa de la “llama gemela” que ha sido usado para justificar y romantizar lo que realmente son casos de abducción/interferencia paranormal.

Participantes :

Eve Lorgen: http://evelorgen.com

Laura Leon: http://www.sovereignkees.com

Bernhard Guenther: http://veilofreality.com

Carissa Conti: http://in2worlds.net

Tom Montalk: http://montalk.net

Arella Eliora: http://thewayofbalance.blogspot.com (English)

http://caminoalregresodelbalance.blog… (Spanish)

English version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1j-d…