Radio Show and Updated News on Milab Round Table Event

I just gave a great 2 hour interview on Masaki Akaida’s Youtube and Podcast Radio Show Monday July 20, 2015.


Youtube Link:

We discussed:

  • – UFO abduction research in the 1990s, what was being discovered
  • – The role of women as groundbreakers, healers in the ET / UFO research field
  • – The Alien Love Bite, Dark Side of Cupid
  • – Alien and Negative Entities Milking Human Emotions & Relationships for Energy
  • – Reptilian Hosting & Strip Clubs
  • – Being aware, new wave of ‘New Age’ popularity right now
  • – MILABs (Military Abduction) phenomena & ‘Super Soldiers’

As a reminder we have some new  Milab Round Table Participant Panelists to join us Saturday July 25, 2015 6 pm Eastern Time. James Bartley, Tom Montauk and Carissa Conte will join us for this rare and dynamic, controversial subject. We may have some surprise guest “milabs” also. Remember to register at the RISE Multiversity Web site at the link below and give some time to sign in and also download Zoom if you don’t already have it to participate in this video conferencing Discussion Event.

Round Table July 25th


Radio Show with Dr. Sasha Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin

Eve Lorgen was interviewed by husband wife team Janet and Dr. Sasha Lessin on Aquarian Radio via Revolution Radio Sunday June 14, 8-10 pm Eastern.

We discussed many topics and relevant questions for those who have had alien visitations, milabs, interdimensional interference and issues related to experiencers. I talked about my own work and how I understand these complex situations which are not always “black and white” as many experiencers can attest to.

On the below link is the site where you can listen to the show, and there are numerous questions which were posed as some of the topics we were able to discuss. There were some minor sound and technical issues with Skype so we went to telephone for the majority of the interview. My apologies for the sound issues or delays this may have caused.


Radio Show Update -Eve Lorgen on the Sacred Matrix Revolution Radio

I will be on Janet Kira Lessin’s, Sacred Matrix Revolution Radio Show Sunday, June 14, 2015, 8-10 pm Eastern time.

Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview Eve Lorgen on the Sacred Matrix on Revolution Radio (, studio B from 8 to 10 Eastern. – See more at:

This is the link:

Eve Lorgen on the Nick Margerrison Show

This is an interview I did with Nick Margerrison of the UK who runs a Podcast of many interviews in the alternative media etc. This was somewhat a difficult interview, although we went easily for about an hour and a half. Nick kept trying to get me to talk about personal issues in ways I found somewhat distasteful, but nonetheless I am offering the link to the show we recorded Wednesday June 3, 2015. I notice that non-experiencers tend to ask different kinds of questions, which reveal a different kind of world view.

There are several links I provided for Nick of the basics of my earlier work such as the “Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas” article from 1999, which I presented at a Mufon meeting in Washington DC in 1999. I also provided my recent Interdimensional Interference and Emotional Triggering article link to offer first time listeners the breath and depth of the work I have done over the years.


Upcoming Radio Shows

This is a radio show interview I did with Joanne Summerscales of AMMACH on 4/16/015. Currently the link does not download, and when I can get a direct mp3 or working link I will  update this link asap. Podcast: Eve Lorgen with Joanne Summerscales


Eve Lorgen on Radio Show via with Debra Jayne East on Sunday, May 24, 2015,  8 pm Eastern time (Updated links will be added as they come in) Her new show is called Starlite 17.

Archive Page:

New Link:


Eve Lorgen on The Cosmic Awakening Show with Michelle Walling:

Thursday, May 28, 2015, 8-10 pm Eastern Time


Eve Lorgen interview on Thursday, June 14, 2015 8-10 pm EST interview with Janet Kira Lessin on Aquarian Radio




Radio Show with Chris Kehler on Quantum View

Eve Lorgen on The Quantum View Show with Chris Kesler,  Wednesday March 18, 2015  6pm EST on Pyramid One

Here is the archive link:

Youtube link:




For live listening:

Click on the Player that says Pyramid One Ch. One (Bob Charles)

Recording for Love Bite/Dark Cupid Round Table Event now Available


Rise Multiversity Love Bite Round Table Event (2/28/015) Recording now available for download and donation purchase:


Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in this ground breaking RT discussion event. We plan on having more discussions of related topics, such as Milabs, Anomalous Trauma and Healing and Clearing Modalities in this Matrix Reality.


Wolf Spirit Radio and other Radio Show Reminder

Eve Lorgen will be a guest on the Ever Beyond Show with Jay Pee on Wolf Spirit Radio, Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 6-8 pm Eastern time. This show was previously posted and is a reminder.

Here is the link to listen/info:

The mp3 direct download:


Eve Lorgen will be a guest on Alex Ansary’s Radio show via American Freedom Radio on Friday, March 6, 5 pm Eastern time. The link is The Vinny Eastwood show with Alex Ansary, but final url is not posted yet until archive is up.

For live listening:

Alex Ansary’s website is (its being remodeled right now however) and his youtube is


Upcoming Radio Shows and Discussion Event

There are several Radio Show interviews with Eve Lorgen and a Love Bite Round Table Discussion Event coming up:

Valentines Day Special: Interview of Eve Lorgen with Freeman Fly and Jaime Henshaw

Airs on Valentines Day, Saturday Feb. 14, 2015, 8 pm EST  on The Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid. We were able to do this engaging 2 hour interview in person! We covered many aspects of the “alien love bite”, its origins, Dark Side of Cupid, Paranormal Romance “occult programing”, milabs, and much much more! Other specific links and Youtube urls will be added soon.

The show airs Saturday 8pm Est

The archived page is here

Main Website:


Eve Lorgen interviewed on The Grimerica Show with Graham Dunlop , Proposed air date Friday, Feb. 20, 2015

Specific Links to the Show:

This is the mp3 of the show aired on Monday February 15, 2015:


Eve Lorgen and 5 panelists (James Bartley, Bernhard Guenther, Brenda Butler, Laura Leon with Sienna Lea, via RISE Multiversity Round Table Discussion on Love Bite on Saturday, February 28, 6 pm EST via see Events page. This will be a 2 hour discussion with 2 hours Question and Answer video/audio interaction with listeners. This was posted in more depth at:


Eve Lorgen on Wolf Spirit Radio on The Ever Beyond Show Sunday 6-8pm EST With Jay Pee, Sunday, March 1, 2015, Time and other links to be announced.

After the show archive link will be provided.

Main web site:


Eve Lorgen on The Quantum View Show with Chris Kesler,  Wednesday March 18, 2015  6pm EST on Pyramid One