Psychologist Admits to Demonic Possession as Being Real in Mental Hospitals

Dr. “J”.  a seasoned Clinical Psychologist was interviewed by Robert Stanley on 3/28/2013. He believes that demonic possession may be the real issue going on with most schizophrenics.

On a similar note, Robert Stanley also interviewed Cameron Day on 2/25/20130 about “The Dark Deception of Mankind”.

Finally, professionals in the mental health field are admitting to what many people have known in indigenous cultures for centuries: The reality of demonic possession and interference.

I also want to point out the excellent book by Malachi Martin entitled, “Hostage to the Devil” (Harper San Francisco, 1992), which recounts several cases of demonic possession and exorcism in riveting detail. M. Scott Peck MD was also a Psychiatrist who worked with the demonically possessed and exorcisms under Malachi Martin’s elusive mentorship. Scott Peck’s last book entitled,  “Glimpses of the Devil: A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts of Possession, Exorcism and Redemption“. (Free Press, 2005) is an excellent overview of how demonic possession is unique and can be distinguished from other mental disorders if one knows how to identify it.

Robert Stanley wrote a press release about “Exposing the Covert Controllers of Mankind“. He describes the covert controllers as Archons of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic literature and presents their similarities with Toltec shamanic descriptions of the “predators” and flying fish. These dark shadow like predatory beings are inside our minds as mind parasites, and in order to defeat them one must practice stilling the mind, among other things.

Junk DNA, ETs and Maternal Inheritance Factors

A friend sent me an article entitled “Scholars suggest Human DNA shows signs of being an Invasive Extraterrestrial Parasite” by Dr. John Chang.

This article suggests that the junk DNA found in the human genome may be a deliberate creation to act as a parasitic inhibitor. Others of more recent exo-polital arguments suggest that aliens and ETs are now manipulating the human genome to create alien-human hybrids and genetically altered human beings.

I thought about this in light of my own history as a biochemist, and as a researcher in alien abductions, milabs and the various reports of genetic manipulation hybrid projects. One of my milab interviewees named Maarit spoke a little on her understanding of being a genetically altered human being with possible alien DNA, although it is not 100% clear this is what is happening. Instead, she explains that genetic manipulation is done so that when an abductee is born (or even in the womb) they are parasited or hosted with a particular alien consciousness. Once the parasitism of this alien consciousness takes hold, then the intended alien-human hybrid manipulated genetics has a better chance of being “expressed”. See articles and

Maarit believes that one of the signs of having been genetically modified for these alien human hybrid experiments are autoimmune problems and Central Nervous System, super sensitivity issues. She says in her first interview, “When I say genetically modified, it is my understanding that this means an alteration of DNA so that the nervous system modified with alien DNA–and energetic body as well— can sustain the alien consciousness because only this kind of consciousness can make a hybrid body functional, per se. This is actually part of the soul recycling technology. When I say I am a hybrid I understand myself—my consciousness is something you refer to as draconian. I was obligated before birth to move into an altered body to fulfill my task. To perform that transition I had to choose the human parents too as long as the mother was a blood type RH negative factor. This immunological trait is a common feature among these so called, Draconians and their reproduction. But having an Rh-negative blood type doesn’t mean you are a hybrid, it’s just a necessary condition to carry on the biological technology. The genetic modification is very tied to CNS functions and immunological moderation. This alien genetic factor includes modification of consciousness aka vibrational aspects of soul/consciousness matrix as well. The soul matrix is a vibration like electricity in that it can be observed as tones of frequencies. “

She went on to say that what is important is a frequency level of genetic manipulation, and it is my opinion that the alien consciousness is what instigates the shift in genetic expression. Certain epigenetic factors are involved as well in the womb.  Maarit explains how she understands Draconian DNA as being inorganic and different than human DNA in a very big way: “The question of genetic alteration is not purely physical, as we understand. It includes vibrational factors as well. My understanding of draconian DNA is that it is basically inorganic, unlike the human DNA.*( EL-Remember in the Gnostic tractates and John Lash’s assertion that the Archons are a type of inorganic being”) The draconian body-DNA function needs radiation to sustain consciousness like humans need air to breathe. The draconian DNA structure is not a spiral alpha helix but a denser form of some inorganic and energetic matter, which could be described as a quadrangle. With this quadrangle the structures of energetic tones are organized to serve bodily functions. I believe this is why there have been procedures done to human DNA—balancing the functions and partitions of inorganic and organic matter within DNA. The fundamental building blocks for life are not quite what we have been told, apparently.”

The manipulation and piggybacking of specific “frequencies” in the womb was also reported by White Wolf Von Atzingen,  in my earlier interview dated February 28, 2013:

These frequencies are complex but involve consciousness aspects of that which the “manipulators/controllers” want expressed in the intended recipient. In White Wolf’s case, he already had a high frequency of wolf genetics from past incarnations in ancient Atlantean times as a human-wolf hybrid of sorts. With these frequency additions and manipulations, the person can express different genetic expressions of being, in other words, “shapeshifting”.  There is a question however, as to whether the “expressed genetics” of someone in the shapeshifted form have been proven to be different than the “non-shapeshifted human form”. But it is an area that is worth studying if one can do this.

It is my belief that the DNA coding itself is not the all-in-all of inherited traits of an individual. There are other theories for inheritance factors which are maternal and believed to be results of “imprinting” as opposed to physical presence of genes. The concept of telegony, “the paternal impression phenomenon”, was popular many years before the Darwinian theories took hold in the 1800’s.   ( It was mostly referred to in animal husbandry, but also in ancient biblical scriptures and is even mentioned in the Gospel of Phillip in the Nag Hammadi Library. The reference has to do with when a woman has her first sexual encounter with a man, she can be imprinted by her first lover in subsequent children regardless of the father(s) she later conceives and births children from. Some scriptures such as the Gospel of Philip even insinuated that even if a woman was thinking/fantaszing about a particular man, she could possibly create this imprint in a child conceived during this time. “…

Whomever the woman loves, to him those who are born are like; if her husband, they are like her husband; if an adulterer, they are like the adulterer. Often when a woman sleeps with her husband, but while her heart is with the adulterer with whom she is accustomed to unite, she bears the one whom she bears so that he is like the adulterer.”[5]

I first read about telegony from the Russian Ringing Cedar Series, in Rites of Love, by Valadimire Megre (Ringing Cedars Press, 2008, Page 16). Anastasia is the key character in this series, who is a female shaman from an ancient Siberian Taiga lineage who maintained oral teachings from ancient times, and did not intermix with modern society. In this book the author states that telegony is real, yet most genetic scientists no longer give this theory any validity. In fact, telegony is believed to be maternally inherited, such that a woman can have a child who carries characteristics of her mother or even grandmothers first “strongly impressed male/lover” regardless if they had children from this genetic “impression”.

We know that mitochondrial DNA is maternally inherited. We also have suspected that in alien abduction research–especially that of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy, that most abduction lineages follow the maternal line. Not always but mostly. What I’m getting at, is that there must be some non nuclear DNA factors of inheritance, or even telegonic factors of inheritance that the aliens or even “milab controllers/scientists” are seeking, for specific qualities in supersoldiers. Or for alien-human hybrids. In the Wiki pedia link on telegony there is a reference to ancient Greek heros who were believed to be products of telegony such as Theseus. Here is a quote from the wiki on the Greek heros:

“The concept of telegonic impregnation was expressed in Greek mythology in the origins of Greek heroes.

Such double fatherhood, one father immortal, one mortal, was a familiar feature of Greek heroes like Theseus, who had a human and a divine father, doubly conceived in the same night. By the understanding of sex in antiquity, the mix of semen gave Theseus a combination of divine as well as mortal characteristics; this explained the hero’s more-than-human nature. Sometimes in Greek myth the result could be twins, one born divine of a divine father, the other human of a human sire: see Dioscuri. Of a supposed Parnassos, founder of Delphi, Pausanias[3] observes, “Like the other heroes, as they are called, he had two fathers; one they say was the god Poseidon, the human father being Cleopompus.”

Could telegonic impressions in a female abductee be an experimental cause for some supersoldiers (later born) or alien human hybrid experiments? And could these possible telegonic impressions have any thing to do with alien orchestrated human bonding relationships? (Remember that in these “love bites” the connection and impression of bonding is very powerful).

I ask the former question because of two milab/supersoldier cases I have worked with privately, who suggested in their sessions that they had “specific frequencies” and genetic lineages from ancient Atlantean heros. And, that their handlers really were seeking the supersoldier/hero traits to express.

Other milabs such as Lilu spoke about the “Moon child” rituals that are done so that special children are born. These rituals can involve one partner being overshadowed or even temporarily possessed by a particular entity or invoked deity, depending on the ritual. The intended result of course is a child who has the “spirit” and characteristics of the invoked entity. In Lilu’s interview she briefly states her parents union: “…A reptilian named Kuulkalzuka said he was inside my father’s body when I was conceived and my daughter is some kind of representative of the Egyptian being Nephthys.”

EL: This reminds me of the theory of Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild. The homunculus, which is a specially conceived embryo/child under influences designed to create a child full of knowledge and of the essence of which they desired (33).”


We also know from Bruce Lipton’s work that perception itself is a key factor which determines genetic expression.

Whether the civilian community will ever get “real genetic evidence” of alien-human hybrid genetic markers is a question many of us would like answered.

Will we find genetic markers of ET manipulation in the nuclear DNA, junk DNA, transfer RNA or mitochondrial DNA? Or are there other markers of extraterrestrial manipulation? Is this really a “genetic hybridization project” or something more invasive on a spiritual and energetic level?

In my view, the trans-dimensional parasitic factor of alien intrusion is real.  I also believe this can be a causative factor in new gene expression if the human host wants to keep the alien parasites.( If they strongly want to identify with being “alien hybrid” or a star child, this is enough of a reason to maintain alien parasites.) Perhaps mind control systems (like Mk ultra, etc.) of the technocratic world are designed to disconnect us from our innate Spirit wisdom, so that these alien intrusive plans take root in our genetics. I believe our eternal Spirit essence is more powerful than these alien parasites and the physical biochemical aspects of DNA expression.

Perhaps we need to decide what we really want. Then imagine it, make that impression, do it and use your divine imagination before someone else does it for you!


Graham Hancock and the War on Consciousness

This is a video presentation by TED Talk which was BANNED, but luckily it’s out on Youtube. Hancock talks about his experience with Ayahuasca, the Ethnoegen that many South American shamans use for visionary and healing purposes.

Ayahuasca is a female spirit herb teacher known by shamans all over the world  (but especially South America) for teaching via visionary altered states of consciousness. In Hancock’s experience he was able to see what his former addiction to marajuana was doing to his consciousness, soul and life. He also was shown what happens to the soul after death, and the dangers of not protecting the Soul when living lives disconnected from divine Soul wisdom. This was life changing for him, after which he quit marajuana and felt liberated from this drug addiction. He also understood the importance of the connection to divine Soul essence as the key for all individually and collectively with the problems facing this planet. His realization also brought him to the conclusion that there is a major war on consciousness on this planet. This is not just because Ayahuasca is considered illegal in many countries, but because our technocratic, archontic controlled-global elite is deliberately keeping us dummied down.

I personally do not think one needs Ayahuasca or psychahedelic herbs to enter into visionary states, but shamans the world over have done this safely for years in order to experience certain mystical states for teaching and healing purposes, not recreation.

I’ve made the statement in my “Dark Side of Cupid” book, about what we are experiencing in paranormally influenced love connections (where energy vampirism is present) is a direct assault on the raising of human consciousness. What we are seeing and experiencing in many ways is a war on our soul and freedom of consciousness. This will not end until each of us individually takes personal responsibility to connect to divine Soul essence and wisdom.

Youtube link:

Eve Lorgen on Shadowland Voyagers for Follow-up Radio Show

Eve will be a guest on Shadowland Voyagers with Sienna Lee on Truth Frequency Radio on Sunday March 24th at 5-7pm PST. The show will also be available on their archives page afterwards and on the Shadowlands Voyager Youtube page.

Our first show aired on February 17, 2013, where we discussed the basics of the Love Bite and the Dark Side of Cupid with respect to how  energy vampirism and soul theft can be recognized in simple love relationships. In Episode 20, we go much more in depth with respect to how this “curse” on humanity began and what we can now do to break this curse in order to liberate humanity through the wisdom of the divine feminine.

Episode 20-Unveiling the Dark Side’s Ancient Strategy of Soul Harvesting

Sienna Lea Youtube channel:

How the Divine Feminine is resurrecting the power to heal and raise humanity’s consciousness for the intended Golden Era.

Eve Lorgen author of The Love Bite and the  The Dark Side of Cupid and Sienna Lea, author of Stealing the Moon engage in an intimate discourse to help shed light on the secret maneuvers of dark side intervention that are still in play today to harvest the souls of the innocent who remain unaware of the depths of these “covert internal manipulations.” Can we, as a species, change the outcome from previous eras of false god oppression? The choice is ours.

We will be discussing how Ancient Egypt–via the archetypal power figures of Nefertiti and Akhenaton, were co opted by dark forces to harvest the last attempt for a golden age. And what can we learn from it.

The stage was set 3500 years ago for a golden age much like the one predicted in our near future. Now, as we are completing the processional cycle of March 21, 2013, we are now symbolically participating in Mother Earth’s birth pangs of a new era. It is time for the Divine Feminine to unveil and heal, after ending the cycle of suppression for thousands of years.

Purchase the book here:

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Humanity stands at a crossroads. We are being fervently called by Life to develop a new awareness and sensitivity to transcend the matrix of violence that has gripped the planet for thousands of years. Birthing ourselves free requires moving into our hearts and awakening Love. Exposing the deep shadow clears the runway for our liberation, and trips the switch for awakening by internal combustion. The Earth is transforming, the game is ending and a new paradigm is being created by those who have the courage to change. Shadowland Voyagers is a show that provides a platform for self empowerment and responsibility by delving into the deep shadow self. Over the coming months we will reveal how the shadow hides in our blind spots and affects every aspect of our lives. We will provide an avenue for new understandings and insights for realizing wholeness and true authenticity by rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the fragmented aspects of our individual and collectively held consciousness. Topics Covered on Shadowland Voyagers: What are the hidden  mechanisms of internal power and control that tie us to the matrix of violence? How is personal sovereignty tied to the surfacing of the Deep Shadow? How does the Power Elite manipulate us through what we have not owned within ourselves. How does the Shadow hold the key to the next leap in human evolution? *****************************************************************************************

French Clairvoyant’s Perception of Reptilian Hosting

A French correspondent sent me an informative diagram and explanation of  Reptilian and Insectoid Hosting/Influence  as it appears to the French Clairvoyant, Stephane Cardineaux.

See this link for diagrams:

An article in French about his books with some diagrams:

Google Images of Stephane Cardineaux:––T5GU2ei4TM%252C_&usg=__d_6zRBtxGTEg4ZfCGSDoXAC3l8o%3D&dpr=1&ved=0ahUKEwjT1qWjhrzMAhWJJCYKHYziAXcQyjcINg&ei=NqAnV9PjJYnJmAGMxYe4Bw#imgrc=0q-MTvWqoiYIbM%3A

Stéphane Cardinaux – Reptiliens etc.

This is a basic translation of what the clairvoyant perceives with Other Dimensional entity hosting:

Page 1 : Reptilian, always behind someone. A little bit higher also. It’s the result of thoughts directed to finance, violence, power. He can block two chakras with his hands. It maintains and strengthens the problems by manipulating the person.

Page 2 : There are not always positive entities. There are also negative entities who like to feed on people’s emotions. There is a lot of different entities, but here I will only talk of Reptilians, Insectoids and Stregonois. Reptilians are here with humans since the dawn of time. Reptilians survive with feeding on negative emotions, those of their fellows and also those of humans. They live in a clan of a few dozens headed by a chief. The clans are often fighting for power. When a reptilian is feeding on our emotions, his life span is about 30 years. But to live a few centuries, he has to “squat” a human. About 1% of human’s population is concerned. When a reptilian is feeding energetically, he is denser. He gets his energy from the human’s arm, and he holds strongly the chakras 3, 4, and 5. You can see the weakness of the human in his arms when this is the case.

Also, a reptilian cas possess someone by overlapping himself with the human. It’s often the case with the big manipulators of our society. Reptilians hate love and tenderness, and also the sounds of Tibetan bowls. But they always return to the host if the flaw in the consciousness is still there.

Page 3 : Reptilian clan leader and reptilian woman.

Page 4 : Effect on the horizontal vital plan when approaching a reptilian. (it shows that the energetic centering of someone, which is usually around the navel, is lowering (- 14 cm))

Effect on the vertical plan when approaching a reptilian (it shows that our vertical vital axis (of the etheric body) is deviated to the left (16 cm).)

Effect of a reptilian (clan leader) on a bioenergetic profile. (It shows that the life field shrinks . It usually shrinks when we are in a bad state and when the body needs to concentrate the energy to protect itself).

Page 5 : Black insectoids can be as high as 3,5 meters. They live in family of dozens of individuals. I don’t know their age, because their world has a different perception of time. They are very clever and organized, they know what function they accomplish. They come when there are Satanic rituals, drugs, etc. They see these phenomena from very far and come to feed themselves. They let their young feed themselves first.

They have a tube fixed on the 4th chakra and also a very long tongue, that goes upon the 7th chakra to suck the energy. They are very clever predators, because their 6th chakra is very big. Sometimes they stay hooked on a human and lay an egg in the thorax. So they are hatching this egg.

Unlike the reptiians, their frequency of resonance is high, their consciouness is high. They are not fighting themselves, they know that their role is to make us evolve.

Stregonois. It’s from the Romanian, meaning (stregoi =vampire). They are not from earth. They are from another planet and are victims of another predator who like their eggs. Because of that, when they lay their eggs, they transfer them on earth via interdimensional portals. The males keep the eggs and hide them under rocks. Once hatched, the larva is sent back to their planet.

For their survival, they are feeding themselves on our sexual energy, but only when the 2nd chakra is very little. When they find a victim, they cling to the neck and plant its sting. I have seen this once, I saw women that couldn’t breath, and others who began to scream. It was always women who had been abused. For non-clairvoyant people, it would seem like a faintness (malaise). Stregonois are feeding themselves by revealing the deep wounds of our soul.

Page 6 : Black insectoid and effects of black insectoids on our life field

Page 7 : Stregonoi and effects our our life field

This is a google translation of an article Jurian Sterk wrote:

It is about hyperdimensions, demons, and the use of bones/blood in alchemy. It also mentions “moon children”.

*Note: The Insectiod is similar in appearance to one of the Horus-Ra winged beings of Dr. Malanga’s research.

Shadowlands Voyager Interview Now on Youtube

My interview with Christina and the Shadowlands Voyager team is now available via mp3 file and on their Youtube Channel. This was a unique interview in that we were able to discuss many women’s issues, the healing journey, facing the shadow, Patriarchy’s deceptions, false gods and how this all relates to the alien interference and soul energy vampirism in this world. We tapped into the feminine wisdom often marginalized in other venues dealing with “alien/UFO/ET/spiritual” issues. I also talk a little bit about my own healing journey and experiences.

Here is a link to the audio file of the show we did last week: Feb. 17, 2013
And here is the YouTube version:

Big Head–Octopus Like Negative Energy Beings and Manipulation Tactics

A friend brought an article to me written by Franz Erdyl, a healer from Costa Rica who works with many clients to remove negative energy attachments and assorted issues on an energetic level. This article describes what he calls,  “Big Heads“. These are dark, astral like beings who can enter via portals from another dimension. Psychically they can be perceived as having a huge head with tentacles dangling and reaching to many people–mostly women to suck energy. The Big Heads purpose is to encapsulate many people that are targeted for either energy vampirism or to suck the energy out of people and manipulate others associated with them so that certain projects cannot be completed. These Big Heads can negatively affect entire families, groups of individuals and projects related to healing, awareness and truth telling.

I recognize these patterns in my own work, and with others who have experienced constant sabotage, relationship manipulation via love bites, or Dark Side of Cupid dynamics, and even healers and light workers who suddenly become affected by these dark energy beings trying to sabotage their work, and the people associated with them and their projects. This is real. Some assert that these “Octopus-like Big  Heads” are associated with black magicians who target certain groups or individuals who are aware and raising consciousness in the world. People like healers, whistleblowers, those starting to wake up to the reality of alien interference, therapists, etc. So take heed. When something like this seems to be happening to you, don’t get caught up in guilt about bad karma or what you did to deserve this kind of harassment. It can happen to the best of us, and everybody in between. It seems to be part of the reality we are now living in at this time.

They are likened to a Lovecraftian creature known as Cthulhu:


Credo Mutwa Interview on Aliens, Chitauri, Mantidines and Jabulon, god of the Chitauri

I found this 1999 interview conversation with Rick Martin and Credo Mutawa, the South African Zulu shaman, who was also interviewed and made famous by David Icke many years ago. In this interview Credo talks about his abduction experience by the Mantidines, a Grey/Mantis like being with black eyes, but beneath the black eye caps are snake like irises. He also speaks about the Chitauri, who are known to most of us as Reptilians,  highly intelligent and aggressive lizard beings who live underground. (Who are also known to sacrifice humans, and drink their blood, among other things.) He speaks of the white skinned aliens the Africans called Wasungu, who appeared to Africans in Boomerang shaped UFO/space craft long before the European Whites came to Africa.

What I found interesting was his mention of the ancient Copper Underground City, where Jabulon, the leader of the Chitauri allegedly lives. According to Credo Mutwa, “We believe that Jabulon is the leader of the Chitauri. He is the Old One. And one of his names, in the African language, sir, is Umbaba-Samahongo – “the lord king, the great father of the terrible eyes” – because we believe that Jabulon has got one eye which, if he opens it, you die if he looks at you.

It is said, sir, the Umbaba ran away from an eastern land during a power struggle with one of his sons, and he took refuge in Central Africa, where he hides in a cave, deep underground. And it is an amazing thing, sir – it is said that under the Mountains of the Moon in Zaire (Congo) is this great city of copper, of many thousands of shining buildings.

There dwells the god Umbaba or Jabulon. And this god is waiting for the day when the surface of the Earth will be cleared of human beings so that he, and his children, the Chitauri, can come out and enjoy the heat of the Sun.

And, one day, sir, I had a very unexpected visit while I was living in Soweto, near Johannesburg. I was visited by priests from Tibet.

One of these priests, I’m sure you have met him or you know of him. His name is Akyong Rinpochce.

He is one of the leading Tibetan priests in England who was exiled with the Dalai Lama, and he visited me one day while I was in my medicinal village in Soweto. And one of the things that Akyong Rinpochce asked me was, “Do I know of a secret city which is somewhere in Africa, a city made of copper?”

I said, “But, Akyong, you are describing the city of Umbaba, the city of the unseen god, the god who hides underground. How do you know about this?” And Akyong Rinpochce, who is a very serious investigator of strange phenomena, told me that at one time the great Lama left Tibet with a group of followers and came to Africa searching for this city.

And the Lama, and his followers, were never seen again.

They never returned back to Tibet.”

I couldn’t stop but wonder if the Tibetan Rinpoche was seeking the legendary Copperland Mountain(s) where the great Padmasambava supposedly retired to. I personally spoke with a Nyingmapa Lama while living in the San Diego area several years ago and asked about the Land of Origin, which is also known as this secret Copperland Mountain where the legendary Padmasambava lived. He told me he thought this place may be somewhere near the mountainous region of Afganistan.

Anyway, Credo Mutwa is hopeful for our future even though it is quite apparent that humanity is dealing with a predatory, manipulative and downright dangerous alien presence, who has been behind the scenes of humanity for thousands of years, creating chaos, mayhem, divide and conquer tactics.

“Credo Mutwa: We will overcome, we will overcome, but skeptics must stop laughing, and fools must stop calling these aliens, god. 

There is only ONE God, and

He or She or It, is the One who created us, and not some impostor, who came from somewhere else, to hide behind us, and to drink our children’s blood. Amen, sir.”

The whole interview–which is a must read– can be found on the Rumor Mills Web site at:


Russ Dizdar on SRA, the Reality of Evil and Spiritual Warfare

For a chilling and eye opening view of the reality of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Evil Networks of Global Cults. He discusses programming and demonization of multiple personality manchurian candidates who are programmed to carry out the Luciferian Agenda. This agenda is vast and very ancient, going back to the Nephilim. Russ has over 30 years experience working with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and is also a Christian Pastor. His web site is:

This is the direct youtube C2C link:

Another radio interview that I found fascinating  and disturbing regarding the coming Luciferian agenda, the Vatican, Stargates, alien-human hybrids and the Nephilim connection is this Hagmann and Hagmann Jan. 13th 2013 show. Copied directly from Hagmann and Hagmann’s web site:



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guests: Tom Horn & Steve Quayle 

Topic:  The coming great deception.

Thomas Horn is internationally recognized lecturer, radio host and best selling author of several books including his newest books, Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is HereForbidden Gatesand Apollyon Rising 2012. He is a well-known columnist whose articles have been referred to by writers of the L. A. Times Syndicate, MSNBC, Christianity Today, New Man Magazine, World Net Daily, News Max, White House Correspondents and dozens of news magazines and press agencies around the globe.

Mr. Horn has been interviewed by US Congressmen and Senators on his findings as well as featured repeatedly in major media including top-ten talk shows, America’s Morning News forThe Washington Times, The 700 Club, The Harvest Show, Coast to Coast AM, Prophecy in the News, and the Southwest Radio Church to name a few. Thomas received the highest degree honorary doctorate bestowed in 2007 from legendary professor Dr. I.D.E. Thomas for his research into ancient history, and has been endorsed by such national leaders as Dr. James Kennedy.

Steve Quayle is an internationally best selling author, talk radio host, and renowned researcher.

*EL–My concerns with some of his (Quayle, et al.) opinions regarding alien abductees and supersoldiers are the quick, armchair expert’s version of these individuals.(Demonized alien-human hybrids programmed to kill or carry out a dark agenda via triggering & mind controlled, sleeper assassin style.) Some fundamentalist Christians can pigeon-hole and demonize many groups of people, without really having adequate and accurate knowledge of them. My other concern is the patriarchal views of male superiority, causing many to become pig headed and arrogant in their own minds, thus becoming deceived by the same “evil” they proclaim to fight against.

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Who are the Djinn?

The Djinn are other dimensional beings sometimes referred to as ultra terrestrials, living in a parallel world/reality. They interact with humans on earth, mostly in a hostile way. It is believed that they may be who the abducting aliens are, at least in some cases. Rosemary Ann Guiley is interviewed by Miles Johnstone on her books on the Djinn and the Shadow People. She states that the Djinn are the ultimate enemy of mankind, and they intend on “taking the Earth back”.

Direct link: