Anomalous Trauma Group Support and Process Work

I want to share a bit about what a colleague and I are planning for support groups for Anomalous Trauma experiencers.These may extend to other personal growth and “awakening from the Matrix” issues as well. Our plan to begin such groups is within the next month and beyond. We are calling these support groups Embody U Groups, and they will also become a part of RISE Multiversity.


Many years ago while living in Southern California, I conducted open discussion and support groups for people who experienced UFO encounters, alien abductions, milabs and related mind control and spirituality issues. I had learned early on that it was much more fruitful to facilitate such groups with a strong focus on empathic support and honest sharing, as opposed to intellectualizing belief systems, discussion and debate. (However, discussion Roundtable events will be offered through RISE Multiversity soon), I knew that if any real therapeutic work could be done, it would have to be structured with an authentic heart-centered approach, where we can get to the root issues common to human reactions to anomalous trauma. And, to do this while providing safety and confidentiality within a professional framework, as opposed to the often circus-like, exploitative atmosphere of UFO/paranormal/conspiracy related venues and conferences.

Today, there is a strong need for group connection and support in an empathic therapeutic environment. I am specifically emphasizing this need for those who have “awakened” to the reality that our world is not what the “mainstream matrix constructs” have purported it to be, and so while groups in person may be available for “normal matrix belief systems/issues, this is not really widely available except through online support networks and forums that have evolved out of the alternative media community. Ideally, a growth oriented group is best done in person where real human connection and relationship can be established in safety and trust, so that open sharing on deep emotional levels can be achieved and supported. But in today’s world, where there are people scattered across the globe, it is inconvenient to meet in person for group support on a regular basis.

Nowadays we are employing internet videoconferencing technology to conduct consultations, hypnotherapy sessions, and other forms of support to meet these needs for a global population. Systems such as FUZEBox, CiscoWebEx and all manner of webinar and support forums are available now, but none that I know of are actually doing support groups for anomalous trauma and “matrix awakening” related issues.

What is done in person, can also be done within a videoconferencing sharing format with several people within a small group of maybe 10 or less. While it may not be ideal, alot can be done to meet the increasing demands and need for authentic human connection in a safe online environment.

Empathic support forums can offer things like reflective listening, no-crosstalk rules, staying heart and emotion centered with group facilitation so that root feelings and needs can be realized for the person sharing. In this way the person sharing can veer away from “mental spinning in the story” and quickly reach core issue resolution. Compassionate presence is offered by the group and also realized within the client for her/himself at the same time. This basic method is derived from the practice of Compassionate Communication Skills and Inner Empathy.

Other therapeutic modes such as or shadow work can be employed for emotional process and parts integration. My colleague, Seinna Lea, (M.A. Psychology) is a well-known radio host of  Illuminating the Shadowland  on TFRN. She also author of the book, Stealing the Moon, that looks at the effect of the dominator culture on archetypal realms we all carry. Sienna will be co-facilitating the Embody U Support group. Her expertise is in helping people identify the shadow aspects of their psyche, breaking contracts with the artificial constructs and integrating sub-personalities and feeling states that habituate our behavior and inform our choices. She brings her background of psychodrama to help move obsolete behaviors through emotional quantum intelligence of her group work.

These methods help deepen ones spiritual/soul connection to God/Source where true insight and compassion awakens within the individual. With these practices, the witnessing aspect of ones spacious, compassionate presence expands until it becomes fully embodied, expanding ones consciousness.

In addition to my basic empathic support skills, (MA in Counseling Psychology and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) I also am knowledgable in a plethora of issues that arise in life, such as addictions, adult children of alcoholics issues, narcisscistic abuse, mind control, relationship dynamics and counseling, bereavement and grief work, and transpersonal “human potential growth” exercises. I often employ relaxation and hypnotherapeutic work in my private sessions as well as the liberation methods created by Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy for eliminating alien interference issues.

In a nutshell, these methods can be incorporated in group and individual personal growth work:


  • Reflective listening and sharing: Empathic Support
  • Compassionate Communication or Non-Violent Communication Skills
  • Inner Empathy and Parts Integration
  • Insight oriented psychodynamics and self-inquiry
  • Relationship issues and counseling
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Transpersonal/Spirituality Exercises such as meditation, lucid dreaming practices, body/mind exercises like yoga and Qi Gong*

*While I know spirituality is very important, I do not propose any particular religion, deity or belief system upon anyone. My education spans the scientific from Biochemistry to Oriental Medicine and yoga asana, Chi Gong, to Counseling and Hypnotherapy. I have found that it is more effective to simplify methods that connect people to their hearts, bodies and souls with less rather than “more”.

Surrender, Self-Respect and Common Sense

In the last blog post, Twin Flames or Love Bite: Genuine Love Connection versus Archontic Manipulation? (See  the question of surrender and self-respect has come to light. I felt this needed an elaboration based on what was shared by an anonymous experiencer of a “Dark Side of Cupid” love relationship, that she assumed was her Twin Flame Soul Mate.

This is the last few paragraphs from “V” who shared her story of her “Twin Flame” love connection that she later believed to be a manipulation from “paranormal interferences” boosted by many New Age teachers, psychics and social conditioning. I will comment afterwards on the theme of the necessity of discernment, self-respect and surrender.

“My true inner guide or higher self has told me that my only mission here is to learn, grow, experience and share. Even learn from these soul connections and even learn of the deceptions of the archons. This is a huge learning school. And that we all get to choose what we want romantically, either a soul connection who is able to heal to give us the love and respect we deserve, or another connection who comes when we have learnt our lessons and took control over our lives. Either to continue a path single and happy to be single because we do not need someone else to be happy.

Surrender is the key to all this, as well as self empowerment, as in fact, the Light is INFORMATION. The more informed about deception, manipulation and control, the more free we become and the more connected to the prime Creator, or to source.”

Recently, the theme of surrender “to the light”  has arisen as the antidote to the cure and pain of the emotional suffering endured when one is in a “love bite” type of relationship.  In a “love bite” connection it is suspected that there is a type of interdimensional or paranormal interference, fueling an unhealthy drama of ecstatic highs and crashing lows, and a seeming endless unconsummated “drama”. The question of energy vampirism is also relevent, if indeed a person you have/had a powerful love connection with, is a host to some kind of attached entity, mind parasites, or simply a narcissistic kind of person. The above suggestion to surrender to highest unconditional love should be met with the caveat that self-respect is a large part of surrendering appropriately, when it comes to powerful love connections with another person. Surrendering to loving this person with a healthy sense of detachment, that is.

I think the key point here, is to remember not to “cast pearls before swine”. Especially if you suspect your love connection to be influenced in a malign way.

I also want to point out that there is a false light programming going on in many New Age circles, and this needs to be distinguished from the true “Organic Light”. Highest wisdom is a rare treasure, and I’m certain that it involves a degree of self-respect for the person who chooses to surrender without compromising their emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Many of us make sacrifices for the ones we love, and that is noble. But what I am seeing with so many cases of influenced love connections, is a kind of “spell” that comes over the person. For those who have reported this to me, the spell is made more powerful by a kind of psychic energetic linking that takes place in such a way, it activates certain energy centers like the solar plexus or the entire kundalini throughout the body. The person’s shakti is aroused and amplified, putting them in a state of bliss and ofentimes conflict all at the same time. The reason why these kinds of love connections are so hard to detach from is due to the addiction to the blissful sensations of the shakti, and the deep heart connection that can take place, regardless if the person you are with are normally “your type”. This is the paradox of the “love bite”, and “dark side of Cupid” relationships.

I do want to point out that the existence  of shakti energy or kundalini arousal is not bad in and of itself. It is the predatory beings or influences which “play the couple” like a pair of puppets while feeding on the psychic energy. The whole solution would be to then be able to clear oneself and ones partner from the predatory disruptive influences, so that the sacred love connection can be restored and nurtured. It also goes to say that such ‘influences” can be unresolved issues and conflicts within either partner and these weaknesses are exploited by predatory beings. I say, first get rid of the predatory beings and work on healing the issues that can make one vulnerable to such influences. Or do both at the same time if possible.

As I’ve elaborated on in my Dark Side of Cupid book, the only way one of these connections can truly thrive and survive is if both partners are aware enough of their own issues and shadow elements to be willing to work through these issues with transparency for the greater goal of sacred love. Can it work? Yes, I believe it can if both persons are willing, resilient and dedicated for a greater purpose. And this greater purpose must include self-respect and the knowledge that predatory beings and influences do exist, and to never lose ones discernment when one is presented with issues that compromise integrity and self-respect. Impeccability is most important. However, this is also a potentially troublesome goal if it’s unrealistic.  If we overvalue ones “good self” while making one’s other “bad/weak side” wrong or evil, we can fall into the unhealthy dynamics of the divided self. This concept is brought out succinctly in the book review of “The Guru Papers: Mask of Authoritarian Power” by Charles D. on Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad’s 1993 book. See

Essentially, many belief systems, especially religions and cults–do great damage to people by not taking into consideration basic human feelings and needs and tend to over emphasize a “divine self”. You know the scripture, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect”. I think this sets one up for ultimate failure and denial of some really basic human needs. This encourages the person to suppress their “bad side/weaknesses” to such a degree that they can fall into delusion, as well as exacerbate compulsive-addictive behaviors.

Recently, through a series of coincidences, the theme of surrender, self-respect and mind control has come up. Surrendering to unconditional love/light has arisen as the solution, in the previous blogpost regarding “Twin Flames”. I would add to this the basic foundation of wisdom and self-respect. This is difficult when one is “so in love” with a person or even a belief system or cult, where ones critical reasoning and sense of self dissolves away with dangerous consequences. I came across a story from 2012 about a Buddhist community where, in retreat some questionable and dangerous activities occurred– with lethal consequences. In  “Psychosis, Stabbing, Secrecy & Death at a Neo-Buddhist University in Arizona ( I was shocked to discover that I had actually met these people not long ago in my own Buddhist spiritual path. It showed what can happen when secrecy and obeying cult rules overrides ones common sense. A harmful condition I’ve observed in some spiritual cults is isolation from human interconnectedness, relationship and emotional support. There needs to be substantial emotional support when a spiritual practitioner enters tantric practice. When secrecy–or indifference for that matter—overrides these basic human needs, trouble is sure to follow.

There is a real danger in many cult-like spiritual groups and in some forms of tantric practice, in particular. I don’t want to make it sound like I am criticizing all spiritual groups, beliefs or tantric practices as corrupt, but I do think it deserves open and transparent discussion. The discussion needs to be education on mind control, predation, narcissistic and exploitative behaviors, emotional intelligence and human psychology. Basic human feelings and the needs beneath those feelings should never be marginalized or made “wrong”. Or in many religious patriarchal systems and even New Age ways of thinking, one is branded as “spiritually retarded”.  Perhaps what we need now more than ever is a true understanding of what being human really means, and to be able to make the distinction based on authentic experience–what humane is as opposed to Archontic, mind-parasite belief systems.

The web site has a section dedicated to Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, the Controller Agenda and the Djinn. This is an insightful discussion which also excerpts much of the work of John Lash and key points on who the Archons are and what their agenda is with humanity. See Gerry Zeitlin web site: . This web page also contains one of the earlier interviews with and JohnLash from 2005:

In a future article, I will touch upon the various reports, experiences and therapeutic processes of those who have undergone “alien interferences”, mind parasites and predatory, psychic vampire relationships. I want to thoroughly examine the different ways in which people perceive these issues and the modes of therapy, such as empathic support, inner empathy and parts integration, regressive hypnosis, hypnotherapeutic modes of guided visualization using Malanga’s liberation techniques and shamanic practices., such as Holographic Kinetics.


Shadowlands Voyager Interview Now on Youtube

My interview with Christina and the Shadowlands Voyager team is now available via mp3 file and on their Youtube Channel. This was a unique interview in that we were able to discuss many women’s issues, the healing journey, facing the shadow, Patriarchy’s deceptions, false gods and how this all relates to the alien interference and soul energy vampirism in this world. We tapped into the feminine wisdom often marginalized in other venues dealing with “alien/UFO/ET/spiritual” issues. I also talk a little bit about my own healing journey and experiences.

Here is a link to the audio file of the show we did last week: Feb. 17, 2013
And here is the YouTube version:

Paranormal Romance: The Real Deal


Have you ever wondered what a real paranormal romance would be like? Imagine powerful psychic connections, super sexual chemistry, de ja vus, omens and magical synchronicities. You feel mystically connected on a deeper soul level, and yet there seems to be a dangerousness about it. The passion may be unstoppable if you cross that line. Longing and passion builds as telltale signs appear that he or she must be “the one”.

A love drama unfolds with emotional highs, crashing lows and perhaps even paranormal activity. You find yourself doing things that you have never done with other partners. You take greater risks that may be out of character for you. The love affair becomes erratic, obsessive or unable to consummate . It is as if the lovers are being buffeted around by unseen forces from one exhausting drama to the next.  It feels surreal, orchestrated as if it is influenced from the beyond.

If you’ve ever thought you have met your soul mate but were baffled by magical omens, paranormal activity and exhausting emotional drama, you may first want to do a background check on Cupid’s evil twin.

No, it’s not your imagination.

Cupid may very well exist, but he also has a dark side. In The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism, Eve Lorgen, M.A., shares her expertise on what may really be happening when lovers are brought together by paranormal sources. These love connections can lead to obsession, and may even cause the lovers to question their own sanity. Paranormal interference may be anywhere from a nudging sense that “this love connection feels like it’s being orchestrated elsewhere” to a hard-hitting realization that the lover is an outright psychopathic, demonically overshadowed, psychic vampire.”

Through several case histories, identifiable signs and symptoms and a questionaire, the author introduces the reader to a new understanding of mystically connected love relationships gone wrong. She offers practical tools for recognizing, dealing with and healing from these traumatic, fools-gold soul mate connections.

Hear what others are saying about The Dark Side of Cupid:

Whether you are a fan of paranormal romance, someone seeking a soul mate, or wanting to know how real psychic vampirism occurs in a love affair, then this book is for you.
- Joe H. Slate, Ph.D. Author of Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators and Parasites.

“In Eve Lorgen’s remarkable book she explores an aspect of our reality that may well be one of the most powerful driving forces in our world today, the influence on our lives of a non-human intelligence with highly advanced technology at its disposal. . . . [Her] book is of great import to us all and very timely in its publication.”
From the Foreword by Nigel Kerner, author of Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

“Through real life experience, Eve Lorgen has developed knowledge and expertise on a subject that few professional counselors dare to tread, mostly because it is unfamiliar and unmapped territory.  While love is the experience that can excite us the most and sometimes bring out our best, it is also our most vulnerable spot through which we can be devoured. This is a book for both the practitioner and the experiencer plus anyone else who wants to broaden their knowledge of the dark side of Cupid.”
Peter Moon, Author of The Montauk Project

eve“Note from Eve Lorgen:
The Dark Side of Cupid is a must-read guidebook for all truth-seeking individuals who are looking for their soul mate. This book comprises several years–well over a decade–of research since the publication of The Love Bite and succinctly describes how one can recognize, deal with, and heal from anomalous relationship interference. Its focus is on healing, empowerment, and a deepening of one’s Soul connection. It is a tool for awakening.

To learn more go to:

 Order from publisher directly:

To order the book directly from Amazon:

Contact Eve Lorgen at:

Dealing with Self-Righteous, Well-Intentioned People

I recently watched a youtube video of Mooji, (See an awakened spiritual “teacher” in the lineage of Papaji, the renowned Advaita master from India, speaking with a self-righteous, well intentioned woman.

In this public Satsang talk in England, a young mother asked pointed questions to Mooji about the subject of how dangerous the condition of the planet is in now. She pressed on in a somewhat self-righteous manner her ideas of what she thought was a most pressing issue for all, vying for the audience’s agreement. Her innuendos pointed to Mooji the idea that not enough “spiritual leaders” seem to be taking the “saving the planet” issue seriously. By the way this woman was speaking to Mooji, I was taken aback by her brusqueness, frequent interruptions of Mooji and an undertone of blame and anger about this issue. To put it bluntly, this woman’s demeanor was a pain in the ass.

I’ve come across many people like this in my own practice. They are deeply concerned about the world we live in, the corruption, abuse, toxins, etc. And yet many are so hurt inside that they have not yet healed the wounds or got in touch with their own core Selves. As we connect more deeply to our own feelings, needs and spiritual nature, we develop a warm softness, wisdom and poise that people like Mooji demonstrate. Compassionate communication and Inner Empathy can help us learn these ways of connecting with our spiritual nature, through the heart.

(See, and

Mooji used such poise, firmness and wisdom in dealing with the woman’s pressing issue. He made the point that if we, as individuals, truly take the time and effort to know our own true selves–our true divine soul nature–then the issues that we think are so pressing naturally will resolve themselves as our own wisdom arises. We then have the wisdom and compassion to do what needs to be done in a wiser more efficient manner. We can use our own passions to do what we feel is helpful, but at the same time, it is best done when one has awakened sufficiently so that we do not do things in a frustrated, manipulative, self-righteous manner. This is a video clip worth watching closely, not just for the content of the discussion but the way in which Mooji deals with a difficult, frustrated person.

Inner Empathy and Compassionate Communication Course

Jerry Donoghue of Asheville, NC offers online courses for Compassionate Communication and Inner Empathy. I have taken both courses and highly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve communication skills and deepen their own capacity for compassion for self and others.

By developing and expanding our compassionate presence within, we deepen our own ability to hear, listen and love others. This also aids in increasing our emotional intelligence and overall spiritual awareness.

Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication Skills

In my new book, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism, Nonviolent communication is suggested as a primary strategy to help resolve and recover from anomalous relationship issues that arise as a result of complicated “interferences” within the love relationship itself. Compassionate communication skills are merely the first step in resolving anomalous issues, and when practiced regularly, can create profound shifts in our own understanding, empathy and connection with the other individual.

I deliberately focused on the relationship and spirituality issues of anomalous phenomena because I believe it will take an entirely different strategy than the ones I’m witnessing in the “truth seeking community” for the real, lasting, powerful changes and solutions we seek. We don’t need any more details of what the aliens are doing, what craft are flying in the sky, endless scientific debates and what underground bases employ the secret government-in-bed-with-the-bad aliens, etc., etc., etc.

Non-violent communication practice also helps the communicators to use parts of themselves that accelerate emotional intelligence and can deepen ones divine, soul connection. As this divine connection deepens, empathy and compassion arise as a natural part of our being. This important step ALSO expands our total awareness in other areas of our lives, which beforehand may have been mysterious, or disconnected from other levels of  understanding if we primarily rely on rational levels of intelligence.

Now, having said that, what I have observed in the UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy and “Disclosure” oriented, truth seeking community is a basic unmet need for inner connection and empathy. Many of these individuals–whether they know it or not–are experiencers of anomalous phenomena such as alien visitations and paranormal experiences, harassment, etc.  As both a scientist and counselor, I see that a connect between the logical rational mind and heart intelligence is a necessary step to understanding and ultimately recovering from anomalous trauma. This includes the basic problem of non disclosure of anomalous phenomena interacting with humanity. (UFOS, alien/ET visitations, secret government mind control abuse, etc.)

Most persons in our western patriarchal culture–especially those of the more rational mindsets, continually “stay in their heads” assuming some scientific theory or logical explanation and proof will solve the problem. To make matters worse, these rationalists assume emotional intelligence, compassionate communication and spirituality issues are of less value or not even “the issue” of the problems they face. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I have observed in this well-meaning, truth seeking community, are habitual behaviors and beliefs which are part of the problem.( I’m right, you’re wrong, ego based compulsive behaviors, criticism and blame, etc.) We need understanding, compassion, wisdom and self-empowerment to deal with the real issues. And yes, they are complicated. Devaluation of the intuitive, emotional, and spiritual aspect of our being, while assuming the superiority of scientific rationalism–will only cause more misunderstanding, harm and suffering in the long run. When there is a disconnect with the empathic and divine aspect of our being, we may tend toward entertainment seeking, unnecessary drama and endless scientific and rational debates, resulting in a cyclic process that goes nowhere but more frustration.

It is my experience that in order for the wisdom of true insight to arise, one must be in the presence of compassion. Compassion and wisdom are two sides of the same coin and exist together in divine awareness. These attributes can develop by doing healing work with yourself and with others, until true insight dawns.  The practice of Non-violent communication and compassionate communication skills is a first step towards the raising of ones consciousness. This is a very powerful practice I encourage anyone to learn.

Perhaps by this point in the article I have lost most “male readers”. I’ve heard it said amongst some Native American medicine women that in this era, it will be women who must heal themselves first, then the women must work to help heal the men. Only then will harmony and balance be restored. Oh–and that includes the “Disclosure” issue.

Here are a couple of videos of Marshall Rosenburg, founder of Non-violent communication. The first video clip is shorter for an introduction into Non-violent communication. The second video are questions and answers about this communication practice.

Video 2

Compassionate Communication Skills

One of the most effective communication skills to learn and practice is compassionate communication. It is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg and is also known as
Non Violent Communication or NVC. What is great about compassionate communication is its utter simplicity, and emphasis on sincerely connecting to the heart.

I have personally taken the Compassionate Communication course by Jerry Donoghue in Asheville, NC and can attest to its effectiveness, ease and simplicity without getting into complicated “psychobabble”. This course is also offered via online skype conferencing.

Another course that is highly effective for personal growth and development of compassion is Inner Empathy. This goes a step further and addresses deeper issues that arise in relationships. This is also offered online and practice groups meet so that others can regularly practice compassionate communication and inner empathy awareness. These methods are independent of any religious orientation, and can be adapted to anyones personal faith. I use these methods in my coaching and hypnotherapy practice.

This is an article on Inner Empathy.