Connection to Intuition, Truth and Source Love–a Recording by Jonathan Adampants

Jonathan Adampants– “The Healing Begins Now”

In this 4 hour recording, Jonathan Adampants, a spirit connected truth speaker, discusses how his connection to Source Creator communicates pure truth, through intuition. Intuition of Source “truth” is a natural process of the beingness of Love which will communicate its intention through models and metaphors in nature.

The emphasis of this talk is how “cancer” is not only a physical representation of “separation consciousness” of fear, anger and “illusion”, (i.e.., separation from Self/Source/God), but it is also an archontic kind of loveless consciousness, which seeks to devour all else unto itself as the only beingness, because it “doesn’t know “ it is separated from Source. It’s identity is all it knows and seeks to draw unto itself like a “cancer” of immortality that ultimately will destroy its host like a parasite. Jonathan even describes how “cancer consciousness” will employ seduction, deception and control to achieve its own ends of “takeover”, much like “evil” does.(Sound familiar?) It offers its magical feats of “power” and immortality to take over the cells and tissues of the body, but in the long term it will destroy its host and ultimately disconnect the host from the Source of life itself.

When we have trauma in life, the shock of this trauma can cause a dissociation and separation of parts of the soul from its own core connection to “Source/Love/God”. This separation results in fear, and all manner of negative emotions and an illusion of separation, where “another consciousness” takes over, which is really “anti-life”. Love is really the answer, and yet it is not so easy when separated consciousness is shocked into a self protected “program of falsehood” which keeps it from realizing and remembering its own Source of being. This is cancer consciousness. Or, we can also say it is a metaphor for Archontic consciousness which is sweeping the planet with all manner of artificial intelligence of control systems that are literally trying to take over all organic life Source consciousness.

Luckily, organic Source Love is more powerful, and once we connect with this source of beingness of that which we already are, we will be able to overcome this dark wave sweeping the planet. It is a paradox in many ways, because once one really “gets it” by this direct connect to Source, healing is instantaneous and holographic. Not only does healing take place, but the awareness of the archontic infection is blatantly apparent, which can be quite a disturbing “shock” to those who awaken to this reality. Remember in the Gnostic tractates of the Nag Hammadi Library, where once someone becomes illumined with gnosis: “At first they will become disturbed”. Remember this, and know that you are not alone.

A  concerned man sent me, “The Healing Begins Now” youtube link audio recording, because after listening to Jonathan Adampants’ discussion of truth realizations of healing and the nature of realty, he became suddenly aware of a drastic shift in awareness. During this same time period the man also did a personalized pineal glad detox program. He became aware of what seemed to be the “predator-flying-fish” archontic parasites that have been described in Carlos Castenada’s work, as well as some of the images that Robert Stanley had on his web site of the flying fish, predator life forms. In his experiences, these forms could shift, and appear bug-like as well.

At the time he emailed me I was and usually am so busy I had no time to listen to the 4 hour recording, let alone a couple of hours. But for some reason I was compelled to speak to the man who sent me the recording. We talked on the phone about his newfound awareness of these predatory interfering parasites and what was happening and possibly why.

Instead of starting from the beginning of the talk, I listened to the last 45 minutes of Jonathan Adampants’ recording. I was so intrigued by this direct hit of “truth” that I went back and started from the beginning of the audio recording. The final part is deeply moving and describes a profound, spontaneous healing experience with a woman who had cancer, who was a talented singer, yet shy of singing in public. When the “hit” of Source Love pervaded their connected experience, a spontaneous healing occurred and the woman sang to him, beautifully and without reservation. Not only was her cancer healed, but her shyness to just living her joy of singing evaporated, without any reservation or shyness at all. I believe it all happened in a moment of I and thou Source connected realization on both of their parts.

Jonathan speaks about the true nature of reality and of the whole “cancer thing” from an atomic up to a macrocosmic scale, using parallels in nature and scaler dimensions of consciousness.(microcosm to macrocosm) He explains analogies in nature, in chemistry, biochemistry and physics. His experience of walking through the forest, grounding and communing with the trees is revelatory of how Source Love communicates through nature, and trees in particular are very good for this intuitive communication.

There is a huge difference between structure and source love intelligence of beingness that directs structure in nature. And our problems with disconnect from Source truth is due to the lies we are fed, traumas we endure and our society’s over emphasis on structure as opposed to Source Love.

When we wake up, we do realize the insanity of what is controlling the planet—this archontic “cancer consciousness” of separation from Love/Source/God.

Education—which is largely the matrix grid power control system, is a deceptive and seductive mind control system to encourage separation from Source and of Nature. It’s an overload of mind programming that can override ones heart and soul/Source intuition which needs no “memorization” or schooling. The separation mind-parasite programs of belief feed the “cancer consciousness” of non love. Once we can heal our “wounds of separation” that have occurred through trauma and connect with the intuitive nature of who we really are—then instantaneous healing can occur.

Even though this is a simple “understanding” that we can “get” on a conceptual level, to really BE IT is a rarity.

Healing from trauma takes a willingness and openness to face fears and uncomfortable emotions. It is directed  by the profundity of ones pain and is guided by the intention of Source Truth and Love. The mystery is how well one can “create the space” for quantum healing to take place. All I can say is that empathy and compassion must be present. And a strong desire and personal responsibility on the part of the person who wants healing must also be there. This is an important part of the healing and connection to Source process.

Being born into this world is like being thrown into a mean game of “pin the donkey”, except not only is one blindfolded and spun around, but we are shot at, lied to and tortured into conformity to “THE LIE” which constantly sends its vampiric tentacles out to lure us back into IT’S FALSE GAME of separation. Our internal guidance system of deep inner truth is what we need to reconnect to. Not outside authorities and systems of belief which keep entrapping us into believing science and rationality and “structure” is what it is all about. Nor is intuition defined by emotional triggers which set off false beliefs because of unresolved/unhealed traumas. Intuition is not about emotion, but can be arise with feelings and direct knowledge.

The guiding intelligence of LOVE itself and intuition can seem to be a mystery.

If you take time to listen to this entire talk, you may get alot of confirmation of your own intuition which cries out to be heard, and yet it can often get slammed shut by the programs and cancerous parasites of this world which constantly bite at your ankles.

Remember, you don’t need the approval of disconnected, archontic, infected minds. Let them be offended.

The game of Source Love is simple. Tag. You’re it!


Serbian Article on Faeries, Dragons, Witchblood and Meteors

This article was passed on to me by a Serbian researcher and experiencer named Vladimir. He was featured in an article in December 2012 regarding his SIMBAD results here:

The original author of this English translation of the Serbian article entitled “Faeries, Dragons and Witchblood” is Radimir Ristic. Radimir is an author of a book on Balkan Witchcraft and Folklore:

Although the translation is not well done here, many elements of the Serbian folklore concerning dragons, witches, “witchblood or dragonblood lineages” is similar to what is reported with alien abductees, milabs and those of occult Illuminati bloodlines. I believe there is probably a connection with dragons, and/or “Dracos”, especially the winged reptilian types associated with these bloodlines and its connection to ancient “meteors and lights” that fall and fly in the skies.

Speaking of meteors, I recall that in some of the first “alien implant” surgeries conducted in 1996 by Dr. Roger Leir and Alien Abductions researcher Derrel Sims research, found that in two cases the implants scientifically analyzed were found to be “meteoric in origin” and containing at least 11 elements. See:

Another connection I thought relevant to the “Dragon lights and meteors” that fall from the sky and then materialize into reptilian like creatures with wings–are the Northport Devil encounters of Florida. These encounters took place in the panhandle area of Florida near Port Charlotte several years ago. Mike Rowley and his son Shane had numerous sightings of these orbs of light which, when landing, materialized into winged reptoid creatures who resembled dragons. These were physical events, where these dragon like beings skulked around the woods near their home, sometimes snapping trees and making frightening growling noises. His son according to Matt R, had numerous “alien encounters” as well, some with reptilian beings.

Some video accounts can be found here:

Northport Devil: Mike Rowley:

Faeries, Dragons and Witchblood 

By Radomir Ristic

In the folk beliefs of the Serbian people exist some interesting myths who tell us how some people gained their unusual powers, intelligence, strength, etc. Actually, these people believe that almost every Serbian hero throughout their history was a “dragon man”.  That is how they explained their heroic acts, wisdom and powers, if they had some.

The problem is that in witches myths, they also explain the origin of their power and their bloodlines in the same manner: dragons. Most people know that but they do not want to say that loudly, because that is considered heresy. Witches cannot be in the same line with cult heros. This could become a bigger problem because the common name for male witches-aka-warlocks in Serbia is dragonmen.

In Serbian mythology we can clearly see that there are three different types of Dragons. The first would be dragons that are seen as meteors in the night sky and they are considered to be personifications of fire. Second kind are reptile dragons or serpent dragons who are very similar to those found in Western Europe. People believe these to be very dangerous. In most cases they are winged serpents but they have intelligence and they behave similarly to dragon-people. Actually, they share some capabilities. The third type of dragons are dragon people, and these are the types we are interested in here. One old epic song tells us the following:

As many Serbian heros there is,

All have been brought up by Faeries,

And many have the Dragons for fathers.

In some of these myths these heros were known as: Mislos, Obliic, Zmag Ognjeni Vuk, Relja Bosnjnanin. Banovik Sekula, Banovic Strahinja, Ljutica Bogdan, Kraljavik Marko…

The question is, how did these people become dragon people? They could happen in three ways. The first would be that the mother “slept” with a dragon.  Second, is that ones father could have slept with a faery, and the third is that the faery nursed the child with (gave her milk) when the child was a baby.

Titania Cowper

If someone has become a dragon because their mother was a faery or was nursed on faery milk, then faeries must be female dragons. Actually in Serbian traditions there are several types of faeires. We have let’s say, “little ones”, faeries from nature, protectors of some springs, lakes, trees, and Great Ones whom we are talking about here. By Great Ones, are daughters of Adam and Eve whom God has cursed and they become something like semi women very similar to the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch. In some stories they even have animal legs hidden by dresses. They have their Queen and her name is Jerisavlja. Very often people consider the queen of faeries to be Forest Mother and her nickname is Forest Witch or Great Witch. We can find that in many old incantations where people had tried to contact her. We must emphasize that those faeries are not some gentle creature from pagan fairytales but very dangerous ones who have extreme power, magic knowledge, bad temper, etc.  In many stories we can see how they punish some character just because he has better voice or he has seen them. Beside that they are sexually lustful and they have a manner to sleep with young boys, shepherds or warriors. However, they do not like to be in marriage and they do not like family life. Actually, by myths the only Serbian King who was in marriage with a faery was Vukasin, so all of his children were dragon people.

Dragons are sexually lustful too. Even today in east Serbia people believe that dragons had  often visited beautiful girls at night. Very often, people believe those girls gave birth and their baby was a dragon man. What nobody tells us outloud is that if the baby is a boy, people will call him adragon-man and if the baby is a girl everybody will call her a witch. What those girls and boys have in common is that both will have magic powers, knowledge and the most important capability is being able to induct trance at will. Why? Because they are dragons and faeries children, so they are half human. Maybe they look like humans but their souls and true being are totally different. Usually people say that only persons with some capabilities can see how they really look like, when they are in their bodies, but everyone can see that as they leave their bodies. In most cases their souls were described as in animal shape or mythic animal shape. For instance, in one old epic song, Serbian Duke Banovic Sekula lives in his body in the shape of a dragon with six wings.

From historic data we can clearly see that dragons do not choose girls perchance. Those girls are witches or they are from witch families. For instance, professor Stevan Dordjevic have founded in city archives of the town Zajecar that society accused on a young girl that she was sleeping with a dragon in Osljan village in 1935. She was a witch and she was famous for fortune telling. Later, in 1946 there was another accusation and then people accused the young daughter of famous male witch Krsta, that she was sleeping with a dragon. We must say that people usually had nothing against dragons and their children but they believed that it was too dangerous if the dragon stayed too long in their neighborhood because he could provoke drought. The only reason why dragons stay in one region too long are girls.

The question is who those dragons are and what is their origin? With regret we must say that Serbian ethnology has failed to give us a straight answer to that question. Mainly there are two theories. The first is that dragons are some animals, usually serpents, fishes or sheep that become dragons because they have lived too long. For instance, if some serpent lives a hundred years it will become a dragon in one moment. Second theory speaks more about mysterious dragons that sleep with women. But this, these dragons represent mythical ancestor or ancestors. The reason why scientists consider that those dragons could be ancestors is that because they are in too many bloodines, especially in those with “blueblood”. That tells us about why they are so important in people’s belief systems. However, it doesn’t say who those ancestors are.

We have had the opportunity to speak with several authentic witches in the rural regions of the country about that subject and found out what thier traditions tell us about those dragons. So from several similar stories, we have compiled one which we shall tell about.

By witches’ myths, dragons have fallen all over the Balkan many centuries ago. They have fallen with something which looked like meteor showers. Because of that, even today witches and peasants connect dragons with meteors and that is noted in Serbian ethnology as we have already noted. Some of those dragons have fallen in the Danube rivers, Timok and Pek and other areas in the forest and mountains. Those who had fallen in rivers have continued to live in them under the water. They look like male mermaids, they have their middle long, big circular eyes, wide nose and long canine teeth. Those who had fallen in forests inhabited big trees, mainly old beeches with holes. How they look like is hard to say because some witches claim that they are just big lights and others say they are anthropomorphic serpents with wings and that they become a big light only when they start to fly. Those who have fallen in mountains inhabited caves and they look like previous dragons. As we can conclude, all of them are the same dragons but after they fall in matter they take different shapes depending on their new habitation.

It is very difficult to explain how witches perceive them. Most of them claim that those dragons are material, but that they are more like material spirits. They are not “dough” and firm like us. Let’s say that they are more etheric. Because of that only some people can see them. Most often those people are witches, shamans, or some similar groups which have extraordinary capabilities. However, dragons can hide themselves even to those groups if they want to, because they are very powerful. As some of my informants have told me, dragons revealed themselves only to the woman with whom they wanted to sleep, people with whom they wanted some other kind of contact or people could see them accidentally. One of my informants explained to me that very plainly and described to me that if I perchance caught the woman in the moment when she was sleeping with the dragon that I would see only her and her legs in the air.

As we can see, after their fall dragons have started to seduce women and sleep with them. That was not a hard task for them because they are shapeshifters too. So when they want to seduce a woman they take the appearance of a handsome man and seduce them. That is how it all started. Children from these relationships because half human-half dragons. What is the most important thing is that by this process those children have inherited some powers and capabilities of their fathers. That means that they have some basic powers, and those powers were different from person to person but all of them would have one ultimate power and that power was “different souls”, because of which they would have capabilities to leave their bodies whenever they wanted.

Because of that power all of them are capable to be in contact with hidden world and hidden forces which could be visible to them only when they leave their bodies. That contact provides them additional magical knowledge. During their night flying they can be in contact with faeries, dragons, ancestors, etc.

By witches myths, dragon bloodlines have managed to preserve themselves through the centuries. it is not necessary that every family has a woman who is in a relationship with a dragon at present; it is enough that the family has a long departed dragon man or witch and that family would have dragon blood in their veins, even today. Some members of that family could reveal themselves as witches or dragon men but not everyone, although they do have dragon blood. Usually that happens when they are young and when they start spontaneously falling into trance. That is the time when they get their initiations and when they discover hidden world of faeries, dragons and ancestors.

As we can see dragons could be mythic ancestors as ethnologists have said. However we can also see that these dragons are mythic ancestors to only some people, not all. Those people who have dragons as their ancestors will have unusual powers and capabilities. They would be people with witch blood.

Moreover, it is not unusual that dragons are the subject of witch cults. About one of these cults we have l already spoken to in a previous article (The Couldron, No. 128, Serbian Witchcraft, p. 32-33). Shortly told, in East Serbia exists a big tree in which “Morning Star”(Lucifer) or Danica in Serbian, lives after his fall. That tree is the object of the cult. All local witches respect that tree or better said, what is in that tree. They work with Danica, it is their source of knowledge and power but they do not worship it! What is interesting here is that Lucifer is connected with dragons because he is the Star that had fallen and he lives in trees as other dragons do. Other names for meteors in Serbia is falling stars and all dragons are connected with stars. It is very clear that he is a subject of cults because he is more important than the others. So we can see some hierarchy here among dragons.

When I asked my informants where those dragons came from, I only got one answer–the sky. Because they are connected with stars we can conclude that they have come from space. It is important to say that people don’t see them as aliens but as very old creatures from ancient times. So who are they ? It is very hard to say. However, all what we can conclude from all of this is that these stories are very similar to those from Book of Enoch One. We know for sure that the Book of Enoch I ( it talks about Watchers, fallen angels and how they slept with women and their half angelic offspring) was very important among Balkan Gnostic Bogumils and even more, that the Book of Enoch II was found in Serbia in Belgrade. Stories about dragons and witch blood which we have found among Serbian witches are very similar to those from Book of Enoch, although they do not talk about fallen angels but dragons.

The question is, “Are angels and dragons the same”? It is hard to tell but we think that even if these stories are not the same they must have a mutual origin. We know that stories about dragons in this region are older than the Book of Enoch, so our personal opinion is that angels have taken places of dragons after the arrival of Christianity and Gnosticism. At the bottom line, appearance of fallen angels is very similar to the appearance of fallen dragons in the way they behave. It is clear that both of them represent the same creatures which have fallen from the sky, but that they have different names through different moments in history and in different cultures. What is more important is that those stories explain why those people have these powers and what these powers are.


*Note: It is notwwrthy that in the Michael Lee Hill case in the Wes Penre Papers, Michael is said to have an unusual “blood anomaly” as well as another man named Terrel Copland. (See:

Excerpt: “2. Two Comparable Experiences; Two Comparable Blood Disorders

In January, 2011, The History Channel published a documentary on Michael and the young ex-military man from Suffolk, Virginia, Terrell Copeland. This whole documentary is uploaded to YouTube[5] and it’s a very good idea to watch it before you continue reading the rest of this amazing story. Amazingly enough, it also appears that Michael had a face-to-face meeting with Marduk himself, or someone who presented himself as him.

2.1 The Terrell Copeland Case

Terrell Copeland is 25 years old, and was discharged from the Military due to a strange blood anomaly. The Military doctors could not find the cause to it, but considered it reason enough to discharge him all together. So what was this blood anomaly all about?

In fact, it releases massive amount of CK (Creatine Kenase) into the blood, which in turn super oxygenates the bloodstream. Normally, this condition will create a lot of problems for the person, such as muscle damage. Or usually it’s the other way around; severe muscle damage leads to high CK levels. Terrell’s CK levels were as high as 2000ul! For a normal person, the level rarely reaches over 200ul. This is all recorded in Terrell’s Military records, which are included and exposed in the YouTube video above. However, Terrell has no muscles damage! And he is in perfectly health.What differentiates him from a “normal” person, though, is that he has had a number of UFO encounters; both close to his home and away from it. He has also had his home broke into and strange people threatening him. Being an ex-military with access to military fly craft, he says that what he’s seen is not military. And indeed, strange, similar phenomena, also discussed in the movie, occurred here during George Washington times, and are recorded as such; I doubt those were “military”. Videos are showing how big orbs in the sky are hovering around and sometimes split into two. In general, these UFOs are showing patterns that seem way beyond current technologies; even the secret ones from TTPs (alien “Technology Transfer Programs).”EL- In my own research with “experiencers of the alien/ET encounter phenomenon” a higher than normal percentage have some form of Rh negative in their blood. One of my milab interviewees, Maarit believed that the Rh negative blood factor originates from “Dracos”.

A Shaman’s Perspective of Djinn, Watchers and Archons

This is an article by Hank Wesselman. Here are some excerpts regarding Wesselman’s encounter with a real djinn and the information shared about these beings and what they want.


The Djinn, Watchers and the Archons: A Shaman’s experience by Hank Wesselman


“J(inn): You humans are creators. We, the Jinn, cannot create but we can mimic… we can imitate… and we can affect potential outcomes, but we cannot create.

(There was a long thoughtful pause and then:)

J: Few can perceive us anymore and fewer still can bind us to their will. Now that I have told you my name great one (offered respect to me,) you can ask me to serve you, and I will.

HW: I have been called by other Jinn ‘El Kobbet’—the binder… And what qualities and abilities do you possess that might be of service to me?

(The Jinn flickered thoughtfully, then answered.)

J: I can protect you from enemies and I can inflict curses and misfortune on those who oppose you.

HW: I am constrained in my practice from inflicting harm on anyone for any reason…

(Still, I thought, this genie might come in handy if a real bad guy came along or someone threatened me of my family with harm.)

J: …Or with ill will…

(I had momentarily forgotten that the mental channel was an open one.)

HW: How about healing work?

(The Jinn’s field dimmed in intensity. His answer was startling.)

J: Who can say what is written on another person’s soul? We cannot purposefully influence their destiny without tampering with their agreement.

HW: Agreement with who…?

J: With the higher organizing intelligences…

HW: Are the Jinn below them in the spiritual hierarchy?

J: Oh yes. Some of the younger Jinn occasionally misbehave. The watchers approach them then and encourage them in more appropriate forms of expression.

HW: Who are the watchers?

J: The ones among the higher intelligences responsible for this world. We are not allowed to interfere with humans on their path although there are some who do, as well as those who function as adversaries.

(I thought about some of my recent reading and asked:

HW: Are those the ones that the Gnostikoi called the archons?

(I used the Greek term for the Gnostics.)

J: Oh… so you know about them… (The Jinn’s field brightened reflecting excitement.) The archons are not true spirits. They are mind beings, mental entities many of who were created by humans as thought-forms. Many of these function as attachments… as mental parasites.

HW: How do they do that?

J: They feed on the energy… on the attention paid to them by humans. This includes the energy generated by human belief systems. But they are not true spirits and they will cease to exist if nobody pays attention to them any more. The ones you call ‘the archons’ are those that we call ‘the deceivers,’ and like us they are not creative. But they can mimic and they can take on forms in response to human belief systems.”

For the entire article see:

An Encounter with a Female Djinn by Hank Wesselman:

Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers and Reverse Speech Analysis

Owl synchronicities are quite common within the UFO/ET experiencer population. Owls  have also shown up in reverse speech analysis years ago, by a former colleague and experiencer named Pat Mason back in 1998. I also interviewed Reverse Speech Expert David Oates in 1998 for a British magazine called Alien Encounters Magazine. The article is entitled, “The Resurrection of Truth: Reverse Speech Analysis–The Ultimate Truth Detector. This article was published in 1998, issue #25. The article is no longer available online through my web site, so I wanted to quote some pertinent excerpts from this interview as it relates to owl synchronicities, archetypes and metaphors of the subconscious mind.



One of the things that caught my attention years ago was how metaphors and archetypes showed up in reverse speech, and how these can indicate whether or not someone is telling the truth, or whether they may be communicating something they think to be true but, in fact, may be some form of internal conflict. One of the things David Oates told me about reverse speech was that it is, “man’s sixth sense”. Reverse speech communicates the true hidden thoughts, desires and motivations from the unconscious. According to Oates, language is bi-level, forwards and backwards. In his own words (pg 31) he states,

“The process of spoken language is two-fold. As the human brain is constructing the sounds of speech, it puts these sounds together in such a way that we are delivering two messages at the same time. One is forward–conscious speech, and the other is reverse–the unconscious. It is a natural function of the language and the mind. We are all speaking and hearing reverse phrases from one another every day. It’s a part of what intuition is all about. If we get a gut feeling or a sense of what something is about, we can track this back to reverse speech. There are whole backwards conversations going on all the time.”

I asked David, “What scientific research led you to the conclusion that reverse speech reveals hidden unconscious motivations, desires and thoughts?” He responded,

“We’ve done EEG tests on people while listening to a soundtrack (normal taped speech), without telling the person where (on the tape) the reversals were found. The EEG showed that the brain was stimulated in the parts that we were addressing when the reversals were played. Also, the tests showed rapid activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain from the moment the reversal started until it ended. This proved that the human brain receives and responds to reversals in a communicative fashion. The implications of this are monumental.”

Reverse speech is not about the words of the speech but more of the tonality. It sounds melodious and has a sing-song quality to it as well. And, according to Oates, the more emotionality of a person, the more reversals will be found within the speech. He also said that dry, intellectual conversation or things like speeches or memorized talks contain less reversals. Oates went on to to say,

“We believe that reverse speech is generated in the right hemisphere of the brain because of high emotional situations, the reversals occur once every 2 or 3 seconds. When you get to a public speech, especially the one that has been scripted or when people are highly left-brained the reversals will drop off to once every 30-40 seconds. If there are no reversals or the reversals are dropping off in frequency, then I know they are telling a story they’ve told time and time again.”

In my own estimation, our souls and what is within our own subconscious minds are always communicating to one another, whether we are conscious of this or not. And we do know that soul communication, dream imagery or reverse speech will often communicate in archetypes and metaphors.

David Oates had his own UFO sighting in Bonsall, CA around that same time period and did a reversal of speech analysis about his own experience. I also asked him many pertinent questions about reverse speech which I believe are very important in understanding how and why archetypes show up within reverse speech and what this means. Oates told me, “I’ve done reversals on a woman who was molested as a child, yet had no conscious memory of the events. In her reversals she made graphic descriptions of the perpetrator. I’ve had people reveal names of relatives, bank accounts, hidden-agendas and behaviors that were later confirmed by the individual. But I have had people who come to me claiming to have had a particular experience and they didn’t. In the reversals all you get is a jumble of metaphors, which tells me they are not telling a true story, even if they believe it to be true. It is an unconscious manifestation of some deep internal conflict. If something is true, the reversal will give accurate direct information confirming it. If it’s a lie, the reverse speech will flat out say it’s a lie, or give motives why the person is lying.

If it is a fantasy or delusion the reversals tend to come out in deep metaphors, lots of “Lancelot is wounded”, “goddess”, “stuck in the spear”, “sword”. The unconscious mind is speaking in pictures, metaphors, and archetypes, much like in dreams.”

David Oates own UFO Reversal Experience:

F: “…This is a true one, it happened to me last week. I will never forget this until the day I die…”

Reversal: It was so big.

F: “…I’ve got a house on top of a hill, you can see right down to the cost line, it’s a beautiful place…”

Reversal: Believe me.

F: “…so I walked out of the house, I’ll never forget this, it was the most incredible thing…”

Reversal: They pull you with Samson’s soul. Have to recognize that it was so big.

I asked David if reverse speech reflects personal growth and the spiritual realm. I wanted to know if especially enlightened spiritual individuals reveal spiritual mysteries through reverse speech. He replied, “Yes, that is my own personal interest. It is a direct access to the soul. Not a session goes by that the word “Soul” does not come up. Reverse speech describes the state of the soul. One of the things that was a shock to me is that the soul can be sick or healthy. We’ve had reversals that said, “I need a new soul, ” or, “our planet is sick”. Reverse speech tells us about Heaven and God, and the interaction that side of life has with us.”

I also wanted to know more about metaphors and levels of communication revealed in reverse speech. And, according to Oates, metaphors come in a structural or archetypal way, or in an operational way. Operational is basically how an archetypal metaphor will operate. He told me,

“In the deep unconscious there are prime metaphors. At the base of the structure of the psyche, all of the human behavior, thought and emotion is instigated by metaphors. Metaphors have a life in their own right. They are living entities in and of themselves like Jungian archetypes. (EL– Remember this in light of what Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics says of unconscious thoughts and conflicts becoming living entities ) The metaphors create behavior. The way they interact with each other depends on the behavior that is created. I call these structural or archetypal metaphors. The operational metaphors are how the archetype operates. Let’s suppose there is someone who has three structural metaphors that say, wolf, goddess and Satan. The wolf is a hunter and protector. Satan is aggressive and angry. Goddess is hope for the future. ( EL–This is interesting when one considers the Wisdom Goddess mythos of the living planet Sofia/Gaia within the Gnostic narrative of the Aeon Sophia’s history and of the Anthropos–humanity.)

Oates goes on, “If the wolf and goddess work together they will have a behavior of love and compassion. If wolf and Satan work together then aggression and anger is the generated behavioral pattern. Operational metaphors describe how behavior plays itself out according to the way the structural metaphors interact. There are great similarities between reverse speech and Jungian archetypes. Some metaphors are unique to the individual much like in dream symbology. In reverse speech we have a reference point  of the forward speech to confirm much of the meaning. I see the same metaphors over and over again in the same context for many other people. The structural metaphors always communicate truth with a capital T. Operational metaphors are different. Even if a person believes they are lying, the structural metaphor will not support that lie. An incongruity will represent that.

In terms of levels of communication Oates stated, “There are three levels of reverse speech communication: conscious thoughts and those just below the surface of consciousness and the collective unconscious.”

If this is true, then there can be a therapeutic value to understand and even consciously change our own “metaphors and archetypes”.

Oates theorized that we indeed can work to change this imagery within our own conscious and subconscious minds through a development of a technique he calls metaphoric restructuring. He elaborated on this by saying,

“Reverse speech goes far deeper than any other techniques known. (EL-within traditional psychotherapy) and accesses the core structures of the mind immediately. The information can sometimes be shocking and disturbing for certain people, and I found that most of my clients were unable to instigate their own behavioral changes.”

He went on to describe how such a technique would work. “The theory I proposed in my experiments stated that at the deepest levels of consciousness the mind thinks and organizes human behavior through a series of pictures and images, like an internal movie. The images are simply made audible in reverse speech. On this basis I then proposed that if we were to change the picture of the movie plot or the metaphor, then it was possible that this change might also change the behavior or personality that the picture actually represented.”

In my work with Pat Mason in 1998 we discovered several reverse speech phrases of alien abductee/experiencers that demonstrated archetypes and metaphors like owl, wolf and also spiritual mysteries. In Mike Clelland’s experiences, he also has found numerous synchronicities related to owls in conjunction with UFO and alien encounters. See his blog post  at:  Mike Clelland also wrote an excellent essay entitled, “Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” in the book “The Synch Book 2“(Sync Book Press, 2012).

These specific reversals were found by Pat Mason and were published in the aforementioned Alien Encounters Magazine, Issue # 25:

(pg. 33): Two experiencers discussing alien abductions, dreams, memories:

F: “Oh, that’s interesting. Maybe he (the UFO investigator) was too embarrassed to have another woman (abductee) call or something…”

Here is a reversal showing soul truth speaking mysteries:

Reversal: God throw off to move in with the mystery of mysteries. Teach babies to set that up.

Here the abductee is describing how within the alien abduction phenomena there is a truth detracting element to keep people distracted and away from the truth. We can see the archetype of the wolf emerging as the woman’s hunter and protector.

F: “Part of it is truth detracting, trying to get people away from…”

Reversal:  My fair wolf speaking up. He passed his truth to the girl.

Here, is a reversal which pertains to spiritual mysteries as David Oates has also found.

F: “Well, cause the more information, the less fear, you know.”

Reversal: Find the area of seven. The chamber filled with the choir

F: ” I don’t know, all I have is a weird dream memory and…

Reversal: They amend these dreams…if they make “em, I’m learning.

F: “I guess psychically, you know, the girl saw something like a reptilian (alien). Psychically with the third eye, but I didn’t see it and she saw it. ”

Reversal: In the darkness…we seem to help the aliens.

F: “Cause she remembers an orange light, right?”

Reversal: Care. The owls knew it was their memory ship.

F: “Yeah, cause I have, uh…”

Reversal: Ride on the grey.

F: “The truth is the truth. It needs to be there, you know.”

Reversal: Why in the grey deep seed. They pierced us, they pierced us, hey.

In two reversals the word “grey” is found, which in my opinion, refers to the Grey aliens, and how they embedded or pierced us somehow. I recall in Peggy Kane’s reverse speech work, she had the repeated metaphor of “net” show up in conjunction with aliens, dark entities or forces. As if some kind of “net” is imposed over the person to keep them entrapped under some form of control or deception.

In more of Pat Mason’s work she found references to the owl archetype several times with an abductee in conversation.  In an online article entitled, “Encounters with the Unknown: Hidden Messages” Pat Mason discovered many reversals that were quite revealing.

F: Yeah, there were more than – there were probably about …

Reversal: I got worth. Then who are they?

F: “… pretty lights …”

Reversal: The owl lead her.

F: “He took me …” (into the ship)

Reversal: He who pushed it.

F: “… and having this face with these two eyes …”

Reversal: See owl. Wishes you could see it. Send me back a net.

Mary is wondering about the fluorescence. She asks:

F: “Is it, can it be normal?”

Reversal: No mere image, is it?

Mary is talking about showing her therapist the glow under a black light:

F: “…under the black light.”

Reversal: The owl called within it.

Still talking about her therapist, she was trying to get him to help her get information from the researcher who was analyzing a sample of the fluorescence.

F: “If he could find out information”
Reversal: Sham.  Come right out with it.
EL–I actually remembered this case and the flouresence which was present and emitting naturally from this abductee’s body. We had the sample tested by some local scientists they knew in their area. They told her it was coumadin, a dye which is also found in “rat poisen”. But here it appears that something about this situation or testing was a sham. But in the earlier reversal, the owl reference indicated an alien “calling” within the fluorescence marking. If you notice the owl archetype in the other phrases, it comes up with reference to seeing a floating orange light. In another reference with her memory of being led by a being into a ship, the owl metaphor comes up again as this “being”. Mary, the woman who was describing her alien encounter talked about seeing a face “with these two eyes”, the alien being. It was again reversed as the owl archetype. In another reference to “the lights” before the abduction, it again reverses back to the owls who are leading her. For the full article, see:
In the alien abduction experience much of it is recalled in dream memories and flashbacks. I know in many cases of alien abduction the aliens employ screen memories. This was found often within Barbara Bartholic’s work in hypnotic regressions of alien abductees. If you may have noticed in one phrase, the reversal indicated that the aliens “amend these dreams”. The dreams of abductions, our memories and how they interact with us. This can make alien abduction experience recalled from vivid dreams difficult to trust if, in fact, they do change the dream imagery so that we believe one thing, when in fact they are doing something else. They can appear as large owls in abduction related dreams, and this has happened in my own experience several years ago. Bud Hopkins and other alien abduction researchers have noted how large animals with big black eyes or huge owl figures show up before an alien encounter. But I wondered, “why the owl archetype? What does the archetype mean in Jungian terms or shamanic animal powers or allies?”
In Native American medicine, the animal powers, spirits and allies can manifest in ones experience through various means. They can repeatedly appear in physical life in association with certain patterns, in dreams, synchronicities, as power animal retrievals, or in medicine card displays. Animal medicine, according to authors Jamie Sams and David Carson,  (Medicine Cards, St Martins Press, 1999) is anything that can improve one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all of life. This includes healing of mind, body and of spirit. This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength and understanding.(pg. 13) Animals in nature can relay messages to us through their habit patterns or essence of being, oftentimes in the dream world or Nagual, but they can appear in other ways in physical life (the tonal) or within appearances through synchronistic experiences. Lessons can be learned from many animal powers and one can call upon the power of a particular animal to gain understanding and wisdom in the  great mystery of life. Depending on the context in which the animal appears and ones own personal lesson and internal archetypal symbology, determines what meaning it may have for you.
In my personal experience with a power animal retrieval by an authentic shaman, the animal communicated to me a unique medicine that revealed itself in its own way. In other words, there may be general meanings you can read or find in books such as the Animal Medicine cards, but real life experience with an authentic power animal is really what one should go by in terms of its medicine for you and your own unique journey with this animal spirit ally.
In the Animal Medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson the Owl’s main characteristic message is: Deception. On Pg. 121 it reads,
“Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white. Owl is called Night Eagle on several medicine wheels  used by Amerindian teachers. Traditionally Owl sits in the East, the place of Illumination.”
In essence, Owl is a predatory creature which hunts at night. They see clearly in the night and their feathers are silent. You cannot hear the Owl and some Native Americans feared the Owl and called its feathers deception feathers. The authors say that this owl is oftentimes the medicine of sorcerers and witches and if these birds gather around you alot, you may be drawn to the magical practices. A warning is also given that one should resist any temptation to practice black magic or any art that takes energy away from another being. “However, even if Owl is your medicine it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a black magician or sorcerer. Owls nature is to see what others cannot which is the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what is there”. (pg.121)
In other cultures like ancient Greece, the Goddess Athena was associated with an Owl on her shoulder. Owl teaches unseen truths and can enable one to perceive the whole truth. Basically people with Owl medicine can see through people and their ulterior motives and not be deceived as easily as others. Conversely, if Owl shows up in a contrary position in the medicine card spread, or under unique adverse circumstances, its appearance can also mean you have been greatly deceived by either yourself or another. Perhaps witchcraft or black magic is being used against you. It can be saying to you to look deeper into yourself about what you are “in the dark about” or even to look at your own darkness, shadow and blind spots.
I’ve found that doing research into others’, personal experiences with animal powers is more accurate than a few books on animal totems or medicine cards. Biographies of shamans, saints, witches, yogis and even your own personal experiences will teach you how these power animals and medicine apply to you or a particular situation. I believe that we can have our own unique dream symbology as well as sharing a collective, archetypal internal imagery. This is represented in dreams, shamanic vision quests, or even through reverse speech, as well as personal synchronicities.
For more information on Owls and Witchcraft, and owl significance in countries all over the world see:




New George Kavassillas Round Table Discussion on Superwoo Radio

6/18/013 Superwoo Radio Interview with George and Cynthia Kavassillas, Kelly Ka Sha, and Perry Mills, in a  Round Table Discussion on Chakras/Kundalini versus the pure Heart/ Soul connection for authentic being.

Excerpt: ”Due to both Kelly and george receiving numerous enquiries, the topical subject of chakras and associated energetic systems are discussed and deliberated. This is a deeply insightful episode, bringing about awareness of the role chakras are playing, as to how they can work for us and also against us. The discussion addresses how chakras can be utilised in our favour, to focus on specific issues relating to a corresponding chakra which can then be identified and addressed. Also how the chakra system has a limited capacity and therefore limits the amount of self that can be present in this reality. The question of how the chakras relate to our sovereignty and how the fear of chakras will actually keep a person bound in the Universal Matrix. Understanding the difference between the love one experiences through the heart chakra and the love one experiences through the heart soul essence and how ascension is really inscension because spiritual enlightenment is an inside job. The panel then discusses the metaphor of taking the real red pill that takes us beyond not only the earthly matrix but also the cosmic matrix and even the universal matrix. Also, the misunderstanding of george’s comments in relation to yoga, and the discussion then goes into astonishing depths as we journey into the realms of our individual tree of life, the serpent and liberating ourselves from the synthetic universal matrix. And, how most people don’t understand where the deep level of tiredness that so many are experiencing comes from; a truly simple yet astounding revelation! Another brilliant and deeply informative episode, so enjoy this second edition of Super Woo Radio’s Special Episode Round Table Discussion Kelly’s website is: For a more in-depth private discussion with george you can book a private session here:

Interview Questions with Eve Lorgen

This is a short interview that I did in January 2013, for a high school student studying in Mexico. I thought I would go ahead and post it here for those who may have similar questions on my research and how it relates to Ufology, Alien Abduction/Encounter phenomena and Spirituality.

Interview questions from “Alex Tartini” High school student in Mexico:

1. Tell us a little bit about your background.

I was born and raised in California and now reside in Western North Carolina. I have a  B.S. degree in Biochemistry and also a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  Certification in hypnotherapy, studies in Oriental Medicine, Shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and some Christianity including early Gnostic teachings from the Nag Hammadi Library. I am a practitioner of Astanga yoga and meditation.

2. How did you get interest in Ufology?

I became interested in Ufology as a child, and my father had an interest in UFOs and aerial phenomena, as he was an aerospace engineer at Lockheed-Martin in Silicon Valley, CA for many years. We had occasional UFO sightings and paranormal experiences also growing up.

 3. Which Ufologists have inspired you? 

Dr. Jacques Vallee, Barbara Bartholic, Bud Hopkins, Dr. Karla Turner, Derrel Sims, Dr. Roger Leir and Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy.

 4. What is the ‘Alien Love Bite’?

This was a term created by early “alien abductee/experiencers” that described a  particularly powerful love connection with another person, whereby the love connection was believed to be “engineered” by one of the person’s alien handlers. It had an alien signature to it. Oftentimes both individuals were “experiencer/abductee/contactees” where at least one of them recalls being pre bonded with their partner while on board an alien craft or within an abduction type of scenario, oftentimes remembered as vivid dreams. Sometimes the bonding took place as children and then the couple was taken and put together several times throughout their childhood or teen years or even adulthood, only to later meet in real life. Often in unlikely and opportunistic situations–that made one feel it was “staged” or divinely arranged. This set off a de ja vu and a powerful “high chemistry” soul bonded connection type of experience.  This is described fully with many case histories in my first book called, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. The syndrome of a “love bite” often begins with magical dream meetings, memories of seeing them in alien contrived settings, or perhaps in a variety of situations, where a romantic and powerful connection is felt. Then a love infatuation or obsession follows for one or both partners. Then the drama of high emotional ups and downs, sometimes paranormal activity and increased alien visitations occur during the love infatuation phase. Longing, passion, yearning, jealousy, rage, love, all the emotions wrapped into one wild, emotional roller coaster ride.

More often than not, after a period of time, one person is “switched off” emotionally, oftentimes right after an alien abduction/visitation, and then they no longer have strong feelings for the other partner, who may then pine away in unrequited love. It is terribly painful emotionally. It has been postulated based on the number of “love bite connections” that didn’t work out right, that the aliens are “feeding off of the emotional energy”. And this being the reason for the wild emotional roller coaster ride and obsessive quality of the relationship.

In my second book, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism, more case studies are examined from the perspective of relationship dynamics when energy vampirism is present. It is not firmly hypothesized in this book whether the “beings orchestrating and influencing the relationship” are ETs or not. Instead, we say it’s a “Cupid” and this Cupid can take many forms, anywhere from non descript “spirits”, demons, troll spirits, reptilians or ETs. It’s focus is on recognizing whether ones love connection may indeed be paranormally interfered with by these interdimensional kinds of beings who enjoy creating excessive drama and feeding off the energy. Hence there is alot of emotional and psychic vampirism occurring in one of these kinds of love relationships. It’s more pronounced in terms of psychic vampirism, where a “third party entity” is observed overshadowing one or both partners. Disruption of true love is also reported, by these same kinds of beings, much like in the movie “The Adjustment Bereau”.

5. What do you think about the nature of the ‘UFO phenomena’? 

It is physical and paranormal/non-physical at the same time. Our understanding of physics must be re-examined here because UFOs do not always appear physical and yet they can leave physical traces, respond and interact with our consciousness, implying that they are intelligently controlled and function as both physical and non physical objects. In general, like Jacques Vallee has said for many years, I believe for the most part, UFO’s are a deceptive control system over humanity. Although now there are many UFO types of advanced air and spacecraft engineered by our own military and aerospace companies.

 6. How do you know that there are many races and not only one intelligence with different costumes?

Many types of aliens, ETs and interdimensional beings have been reported. Many of the interdimensional ones have abilities to “shapeshift” and be chameleons of sorts.  In one of Dr. Karla Turners books, Masquerade of Angels, the Ted Rice case suggests that many ETs were involved working together on the same UFO/craft  or “other environment” in Ted’s case. This involved genetics and cloning, among other things–including a love relationship set up with a school mate at 14 years if age. A classic “love bite”. And, one has to remember, it was the late Barbara Bartholic who taught me all the intricacies of how aliens set up people in bonding dramas and engineer powerful love obsessions. No other abduction researcher was willing to admit to this, thinking that love relationships were not even related to what the aliens were doing to their “chosen ones”. It’s not just about medical exams, hybrid genetics and physical UFO space craft. The alien agenda is much more involved, it’s not just the physical “hybrid genetics” issue, but one of spirituality, the soul if you will.

In Dr. Corrado Malanga’s research with alien abductions, he has defined at least 12 types of aliens, but there are many more than that, I believe. To make it easier to understand, Malanga categorizes the aliens (especially in abduction related activities) as corporeal–having a body form, and incorporeal. The incorporeal ones are nothing more than shadows, or light beings depending on their origin. These incorporeal aliens will take on different alien body forms in order to interact with humans, as they must take on some form to enter our dimension. Most of the alien types reported are the alien Grey cyborg types. There are many types of greys, from tans, browns, tall greys, black greys, blue greys, and tall whites. Then there are sauroid types which appear reptilian,  and/or frog man types and various races with the amphibian or reptilian/sauroid resemblance.  There are grey reptilian hybrids too. Lots of combinations here. Then there are the mantises or insectoid types, which are believed to be higher in hierarchy than the greys and reptilians. There are Nordics, Oranges, Dracos, Dragons and then the higher levels of creation. Beings such as the Primordial Man, also known as Adam Kadmon. The ones who are higher in authority on the “dark side” are those Malanga describes as “Horus-Ra”, LUX, beings and something they call a “Growl”. Ra is really a black shadow entity taking the form of Horus, the Egyptian Chicken or bird like figure. Growl can take the form of a Nordic type, cyborg with 6 fingers. Lux is a type of light being that will often appear as a spirit guide, but in reality is deceptive and feeds off the human energy field.(EL added note- Malanga now states that LUX is Lucifer, an emanation)

To make a long, complicated story short, the beings who abduct humans for the purpose of hybrid genetics and soul energy vampirism or entrapment are not in humanity’s best interest. Some believe they are all part of a team, wearing different masks but all working for the same kind of thing–human soul harvesting. Of course in Christian exorcism and possession studies, many demons have different masks but all work for the one deceptive “Satan/Lucifer” kind of entity. What one can say is that there are many spirits/demons that are a kind of emanation of the same larger being such as Satan or Lucifer. But even these names and notations may not be accurate.

 7. Have you ever received any threat by some Secret Society?

Yes, but mostly covertly, or through a person sent to me as some kind of spy or “agent under control”, psychic attacks, etc.

 8. Have you ever seen any sign of ‘alien attack’ because of your work, as you describe in your books (headaches while trying to find the truth)? 

Yes, countless times. It’s mostly observed as distractions, disruptions, sudden illnesses, computer and electrical malfunctions, people suddenly “turning on you” for no apparent reason, or mysterious characters entering your life to affect you in some way. And of course the paranormal anomalies and outright demonic attacks and spiritual warfare. Health issues and sudden poisenings, etc. Of course after experiencing this enough times, I figured alot of this is demonic. In other words, black magic and forms of mind control and remote influencing technologies are part of this. So, it certainly  caused me to re-examine many Biblical truths and warnings about “the Accuser, Satan, Lucifer, Soul harvesting, etc. And Jesus Christ of course, what he came to tell us and to do to become free. I think he knew the game plan on planet Earth and wanted to educate us to help set us free. Unfortunately the deception runs into every religion on planet Earth as well. No one religion is free from some sort of corruption by “the dark side”. And there are truths in all religions and some falsehoods too. So it’s good to be able to view truth through archetypes, forces and myths. Expanding awareness, and understanding who we are as humans, helps us understand who the aliens, ETs are.

 9In your work, you’ve talked a lot about the ‘spiritual warfare’ in the UFO phenomena. What do you think of the spiritual side of the phenomena? Do you think that, as many have suggested (especially in Spain, with our great Salvador Freixedo), aliens may be behind some mediums, apparitions, etc…?

Yes, I agree that many aliens are masquerading around as angels and spirit guides and many things. I answered alot of this question above. One has to understand too, from a larger perspective, there are other powerful beings higher up on the levels of creation above these aliens taking on various forms/masks.

Let me give you an example. For some “experiencers”, once they have gotten free from alien abductions, alter their view of it, and seek the truth of their own being, spirituality, etc., is when other beings start interacting with them, either to teach, mislead or distract them. Beings such as the Primordial man can take on any figure one worships or believes in. In a very powerful way. It is like a lesson or maze to get through all the illusion. Who knows what this will ultimately lead to. But understanding our own self, our spirituality and divine soul nature is part of the key.


Mooji on Forgiveness, Relationships and the Realization of the Self

This is an inspiring interview with Mooji on the understanding and beingness of the I AM prsence. Forgiveness is a natural arising of this truth. Aspiration for truth and freedom allows grace to move through you and your life.

This is a good contemplation for those who are caught up in the belief that “the whole world is awakening”.