Evidence for Alien Abduction: Fluorescence Body Marks

This article was donated by AJ and is inclusive of some of my own former research with fluorescence body markings following alien abductions.

Images courtesy of http://www.alienevidenceinc.webs.com

For well over a decade, abduction experiencers have been discovering, much to their dismay, substances on their bodies post-abduction. Many of these fluoresce under certain types of lighting. The most common spectrum these substances are visible under is the UV spectrum, i.e., a ‘black light.’ In 2003, abduction researcher and professional counselor Eve Lorgen published an article about this particular type of evidence of alien abduction titled Fluorescence Findings on Various Body Sites of Abductees.  Eve Lorgen holds a B.S. in biochemistry and worked in the biotechnology industry for 7 years. According to Eve,

“The most common use for fluorometric compounds are for fluorescence labeling of substances such as DNA, enzymes, and antibodies in immunology, medical diagnostics and biotechnology. They are also employed as cytochemical stains, fluorescent probes and markers in histology. Fluorophores are excellent for the detection of trace metal and pesticide analysis…”

According to Eve, “The primary fluorescence found on abductees is in the brilliant yellow-green region of the visible spectrum…These sites include: the arm, forearm, shoulder, behind ear, breasts, back of calves, hands, chin, chest, vaginal opening, pubic hair, dog hair, and also inside the mouth and on the tongue itself. Most fluorescence is subdermal, although occasionally some fluorescence spots could be wiped away, yet most is retained within the skin suggesting an external application and diffusion mechanism through the dermal layers.”Flwrist_2

“Less common types of fluorescence emit in the red-pink (hot pink) region and are found primarily on the hands, fingers, palms and neck region of abductees. These abductees report handling and cuddling of infant alien/human hybrid creatures. This is also subdermal.Hand_4

The photo on the top  (wrist) is that of a three-year-old. Note the orange-pink color of the child’s wrist. This close up reveals the overall shape of the mark and it appears to depict an unusual symbol. The child’s family has a history of abduction experiences and one of the child’s parents remembered an encounter the previous night. This is a potentially disturbing reminder of how young humans are when their first interaction with these Beings occurs.

Citing Lorgen’s 2003 article: “Less common fluorescence is white, light blue and lavender. White has been found in the mouth and oral mucous membranes and tongue. Lavender fluorescence has been found on the forearm.”

Over the past 10 years, it appears, at least from the number of images available on Internet research sites, that the color blue may have increased in prevalence. This could also be due to the fact that more abduction experiencers are taking a proactive role in their own investigations and are simply finding more marks and substances on their bodies that fluoresce under ultraviolet light. In any case, the blue-white spectrum appears to be observed more today than it was 10 years ago.

Other examples are included below:These marks were discovered on the knee of an abductee immediately after an abduction encounter. It is an unknown substance that fluoresced bright white/blue under UV illumination. The abductee had partial conscious recall after the event. [Image – Knee]The abductee also had three slender finger “prints,” i.e., what appeared to be finger markings, that fluoresced under UV lighting, but unfortunately, the photo wasn’t clear enough to show the detail so it has been omitted. They were identical in appearance as the marks on the knee but thinner.The above photo depicts a possible alien handprint on the right palm and fingers of a male abductee. These markings are composed of an as yet unknown substance which fluoresces bright blue under UV illumination, and is invisible under normal room light. [Hand with finger marks]This photograph shows an unknown substance that fluoresced blue, located on the right inner thigh of an abductee the morning after an abduction. [Image – inner thigh]Thighs_6

A similar substance was also on the left thigh of the same abductee after the same encounter. [Image – two circular marks]FlThigh_1

This photo below was taken of an abductee’s bedroom rug. It depicts an unknown substance on the carpet near the abductee’s bed and appeared immediately after an abduction encounter. The area is about 10 inches wide and is shaped similar to a dumbbell. It is invisible under normal light, but fluoresces blue under UV illumination. Three female alien Beings were observed to be standing near where this stain was discovered. They were not the ‘typical’ Greys that are often reported, but rather similar appearing to the aliens in blue coveralls depicted in the movie Communion, but more human looking; which leads us to suspect they may have been a hybrid version of the Communion Beings. They were females and were not wearing much clothing.  [Image-Carpet spot]FlCarpet_5

The photograph below shows a similar blue substance on the hand and thumb of an abductee. As is the case with the other substances, it is not visible under normal lighting, but fluoresces blue under UV illumination.

[Image – Hand-Thumb]FlThumb_7

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