Compassionate Communication Skills

One of the most effective communication skills to learn and practice is compassionate communication. It is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg and is also known as
Non Violent Communication or NVC. What is great about compassionate communication is its utter simplicity, and emphasis on sincerely connecting to the heart.

I have personally taken the Compassionate Communication course by Jerry Donoghue in Asheville, NC and can attest to its effectiveness, ease and simplicity without getting into complicated “psychobabble”. This course is also offered via online skype conferencing.

Another course that is highly effective for personal growth and development of compassion is Inner Empathy. This goes a step further and addresses deeper issues that arise in relationships. This is also offered online and practice groups meet so that others can regularly practice compassionate communication and inner empathy awareness. These methods are independent of any religious orientation, and can be adapted to anyones personal faith. I use these methods in my coaching and hypnotherapy practice.

This is an article on Inner Empathy.


Robert Bruce on Emotional Vampires

I have read Robert Bruce’s new Psychic Self Defense Guidebook and he is an excellent practitioner in understanding psychic self defense. He also talks about Emotional Vampires on his web site.

“…When another person cuts you off, slights you, snubs you, gets one over on you, or betrays you in some way, it makes you feel bad. You feel it like a low blow. You can actually feel your energy leave you when this happens. You suddenly feed ‘deflated’. When this happens, someone has stolen a piece of your vital energy. If this happens often, pretty soon you’ll be exhausted and disempowered for no discernable reason.

These people are also of the same type that always bottlenecks your progress. They drive you crazy with irrational arguments, and you just know they are insulting you behind your back… simply because they’re jealous. These are the Emotional Vampires of our world.”

Emotional Vampirism

By Patrick Wanis Ph.D.

Now, let’s talk about the people that drain you or feed on you mentally, emotionally or energetically – the psychic and emotional vampires.

Almost every one of us has someone in our life whom we wish we could change or whom we wish would change; desiring them to do things differently or to be different. It might be a boss, coworker, colleague, team member, friend, family member or worse, a romantic partner.

Understanding that we cannot change anyone (except ourselves) is step one to inner peace. Step two is to understand yourself and others.  Continue reading