Facing Fear Head-On: Laurie Boggs Interview with Solaris Blue Raven

Laurie Boggs appeared as a guest on Solaris Blue Raven “Ravenstar’s “Witching Hour” Show on May 2, 2015.


Laurie Boggs is an extraordinary survivor of generational abuse, raised in an alcoholic family, and survived a harrowing “drunk driving” (the other driver) accident resulting in the death of her 8 year old son. She had a near death experience two separate times due to the resulting physical injuries which included a coma and brain injury.

Prior to her accident and “awakening” she was more left-brained, but her accident and resulting brain injury thrust her into the more intuitive side of her nature, enabling communication with her deceased loved ones, including her 8 year old son who died in the crash.

Laurie realized during her healing journey that the generational abuse and soul patterning re-created certain kinds of life events, which revolved around alcohol abuse, trauma, accidents and sexual abuse. During her healing process she released the ancestral burdens and patterns, canceling contracts and agreements, which she believes to be part of the false “spiritual hierarchy” agenda. Forgiveness, empathy and love is available when we connect to the place of the heart where unconditional love of Source Beingness exists and where self understanding rests. But in order to reach this place, one has to heal the grief, forgive, and be willing to go to the places within our being—the emotions which can keep us stuck in patterns. When we heal ourselves we can also heal our own families and break the curse of some forms of generational abuse and unhealthy coping patterns.

Laurie also said there is something to be said about “alcohol spirits” and what happens when we allow ourselves to be run by something else, ie., entities, when we get “drunk”. We willingly open ourselves up to these kinds of inter-dimensional forces through addictions and unhealed wounds. And we do have choices. Healing the trauma resolves the stuck patterns and stops the vulnerability to these types of external manipulations. Laurie understood in her own past experience of drinking and driving that something else can enter to run you in these situations where you can have a choice in the matter. When you hear her speak you know that she comes from a place of true empathy and understanding with a wise, perceptive heart.

Laurie is an inspiring woman, who has authentically gone deeper into compassion and forgiveness that allowed her heart to expand, exemplifying a heart intelligence that is very perceptive on many levels. She wrote two books,

Facing Fear Head On” and “18 Stepping Stones to Transformation of Grief“, geared towards those who have lost a loved one or child.






Miles Johnston Interview with Rosemary Ann Guiley: Update on the Djinn

Miles Johnston interviewed Rosemary Ann Guiley in February, 2014 at the International UFO Congress and is now available on Youtube. Rosemary Ann Guiley is author of several books and a veteran expert on the Djinn phenomena, as well as paranormal manifestations of many types of entity encounters, abductions and visitations. This is the link where the interview can be found on Youtube:


*Published on Mar 18, 2014

This update features both the DJINN and the Sasquatch. Interviewed at the International UFO Congress, Bases in America feature. And the announcement of the Bases Project Conference in Marlborough, Wiltshire.
Interviews with Keewaunee Lapseritis excerpt from Bases 35, on the Sasquatch. A further update with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who tours the UK in the spring.
The new website for the project ‘thebaseproject.org’ features many YouTube playlists and the summer 2014 conference updates.

Similarities Between ET/Alien Experiences and Djinn contact:

  • A large number of lifelong experiencers of alien and ET visitations tend to also have other types of entities contacts such as djinn and paranormal experiences.
  • Shadow people experiences and the black spider beings have a connection
  • Djinn personal experiences and relationships with them
  • Djinn relationships can start out fine with seemingly good contacts and favors and usually deteriorate into one of vampiric and malign intent towards human
  • Healthy entities do not create a deterioration of relationship resulting in depression, health issues, energy loss or negative intent. ( I guess you can say “by their relationships you shall know them” look at the fruit on the tree….)
  • Remedies for interfering djinn encounters may be varied in different cultures and religions, exorcisms of various faiths.
  • Some djinn do not like technologies such as cell phone emissions, towers and some types of radio waves, and fracking vibrations in the Earth.

Eve Lorgen’s Presentation at Free Your Mind 2 Conference Now on Youtube

The Free Your Mind 2 Conference, held on April 25, 26 & 27th, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA now has the speakers presentations available for viewing on Youtube. Much gratitude to Anthony Michael Falsetta, Mark Passio, Jay Parker and all others who helped put on this conference.


My presentation is about 55 minutes long and covers my current book, The Dark Side of Cupid in light of how it manifests in anomalous trauma. The issues of spiritual warfare, mind control, energy vampirism and resolution of these issues is discussed in the video presentation.



On another note, I now will be contributing to White Wolf Von Atzingen’s “Wolf’s Den” Blog section at his Ways of the Wild Institute Web site:


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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

By Eve Lorgen, MA

My first introduction to PTSD was in a graduate course seminar in 1989 called “Trauma and Addictions”. My teacher and professional mentor, Walt Rutherford, PhD is a licensed M.F.T. (Marriage and Family Counselor) in San Diego, California. Walt is also a veteran of the Viet Nam War. It was Ruthorford’s and other’s work with many Viet Nam Veterans that popularized the term (PTSD), following end of the Viet Name War, when many Vets returned, only to experience Continue reading