Comments on the “Monsters and Mysteries” Episode: Aliens Cloned my Husband, Betty and Barney Hill Abduction and Alien Matrix.

It took me several days to calm down enough to state my opinion on how the Destination America, Monsters and Mysteries show presented my views on the Alien Matrix aspect of the Alien Abduction/MILAB Phenomena. It was not just the misrepresentation, but the lack of adequate and balanced discussion on the topics of the show. First off, the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction account was overkill, redundant, and “old” in terms of the abduction phenomena. I wished they would have mentioned the part in Barney’s hypnotic regression where he said the ETs looked like “Nazis!”. But that would be omitted of course! The Hill Abduction case took up too much time in the one hour show, leaving little for the other aspects of the alien abduction related themes of cloning, milabs, mind control, virtual reality training scenarios, and most importantly, spiritual warfare perpetrated upon the human race.

The spiritual warfare aspects that I discussed in my original interview with Monsters and Mysteries team regarded the Gnostic “Archontic” origins of alien interference were completely omitted.

The Gloria Hawker case was presented with emphasis on the frightful, alien cloning operations, and while I know this is a part of the abduction and milab reported perceptions, again, the show was spin controlled to present an overly fearful, human powerlessness-against-the-aliens focus. I personally know Gloria Hawker and even met her husband before his death. She is honest and caring and I can tell you that Gloria has a much larger story that involves the alien and military abduction/MILAB component that was completely overlooked.

The Alien Matrix re-enactment of the Richard Rogers case was expounded as if it was all “alien machinations” of combat themed, virtual training scenarios, in apocalyptic settings, which again, is only half the equation. And when they inserted a few minor comments of my own as a professional researcher and counselor, they presented it as if my views were, anxiety ridden, fearful concerns about aliens. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. All I can say is that mainstream TV is so controlled that if you want any kind of truth about anything, you will have to find it yourself through your own research using the internet and actual witness accounts. Mainstream TV is made for IQs of less than 90 if that. Not only this, but they (at least the ones at the top who edit and spin control) are controlled perhaps by the self-same archontic/alien parasites that prevent accurate perception of the human condition on this planet now and in the past. In my view, there is nothing new about alien abductions or alien interference. It’s been going on a long time on this planet.

A correspondent sent me this email in regards to her comments of the Monsters and Mysteries Show. I am glad I’m not the only one who was disappointed and could see through the typical, dummied down, spin controlled operation that mainstream TV still is still a slave to.

“Hi Eve,

“Still yet, at three days after this show aired I’m still shaking my head wondering just how many times can the Betty and Barney Hill story be told over and over and over again.  Surely Friedman and Marden are on auto pilot these days telling this same story repeatedly…rehashing the same old hash to a public who’s heard this story for 50 years now. The show wasted the entire first half with this worn out story.

It’s high time the media moves forward to what’s going on NOW in more current times such as the important information that you and Gloria Hawker had to tell, but weren’t given enough time or respect to barely tell your information. 

Friedman and Marden need to step aside.  The same story can only be told so many times. You, Gloria Hawker and others have the information that is really needed by the public. 



P.S.  I also let the show know my “feelings.”


TV Show Appearance on Destination America, Monsters and Mysteries

I will appear as one of the interviewed alien abduction researchers on Monsters and Mysteries TV Show. The name of this Episode is entitled, “Aliens Cloned my Husband (Gloria Hawker case) , Alien Matrix (Eve Lorgen interview) and the Betty and Barney Hill Alien Abduction. Air time is normally Sundays at 10 pm but this episode will be on Friday night at 10 pm (PT and ET) according to their schedule you can find here:

If you do not have the Discovery Channel to see the show, you can get a free Amazon Prime trial to watch Monsters and Mysteries in America by checking the Amazon link on this website page:

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I think you can only view the show once it’s on the current day of the schedule or afterwards.

The production company is M2 Pictures and this is aired via The Discovery Channel.  I was interviewed last November, and spoke about abduction related fluorescence, implants, virtual reality scenarios of alien and milab cases, and a bit about my own research with alien interference and manipulation. I do not know how this show was edited, so it will be new to me how it unfolds. If I have any issues about how it is “spun” you can be certain I will comment on it after the show airs.

Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English


This is a written interview of me from an Italian colleague and researcher/author named Corvo. This interview is originally in Italian and can be found at:

An earlier post in Italian regarding my work and book, “The Love Bite” can also be found at:

1) Eve , thank you for accepting this interview . To get started , can you introduce yourself and your work?

Thank you for doing the interview. Well, as many may already know I started out doing alien abduction research in the late 80’s and continued on with this as I started doing counseling and hypnotherapy with people who have had alien visitations. I used to work in the Biotech field in California (San Diego area) until I decided to change my career into counseling psychology. While getting my Masters degree, I took a special interest in alien abduction research and also came across survivors of MK Ultra, ritual abuse and milabs later on. Initially, I had hopes that the ETs taking people (and regarding my own experiences) were benevolent beings helping us spiritually and so on. But there was always a hunch deep down inside that there was something “off” with that because of the night terrors I had growing up, that I now realize were related to being taken. Also, because of the stories I heard, there was almost always the element of post traumatic stress and memory loss associated with most alien visitations. So to make a long story short, my research started in the late 80s and by the time 2000 rolled around I had written many non-fiction articles on the subject and wrote my first book, “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships”. This book is on the more taboo elements I had observed within the alien abductee and milab subpopulation and the inspiration for this book was not only my own experience or “alien love bite”, but the work of Dr. Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic– the latter who became my mentor before and after my book was published. Both Turner and Bartholic are now dead unfortunately, and with unusual circumstances, I might add. It was Barbara Bartholic’s continued support, compassion and wisdom about the alien abduction phenomena that helped me understand my own experiences and how deep the “rabbit hole” really goes.

As I did more research, counseling with abductees and conducting a support group for abduction related traumas, I learned alot more than what was being reported publicly about alien abductions. And that is the milab element, the paranormal anomalies and experiences that abductees have that indicate the aliens are interacting on a much deeper level than simple “medical physical abductions” or even milab operations. It goes deep into the psyche on multidimensional levels of being. In other words, the aliens could interact and affect us in our interpersonal lives, relationship orchestrations, dream visitations and all kinds of testing and training scenarios, emotional testing, psychological and spiritual interactions. And of course what I termed the “distractions, disruptions and spiritual warfare element” of alien and milab investigations. This is actually what compelled me to write about the subject more than anything else. Of course all of this is in my first book along with case histories of abductees who knew their love relationship to be orchestrated, oftentimes from early childhood bondings and meetings with the aliens and their chosen targeted partner.

 2) Your latest book, “The Dark Side of Cupid : Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism ,”further explores the theme of “Love Bite “. How to distinguish a positive, loving relationship from a vampiric one ?

Good question. One would think it would be obvious, but we must distinguish between a true energy vampire–love bite versus simple unresolved psychological issues that may manifest as interpersonal dfficulties. And the difference between a clear cut “alien love bite” and what I defined as a “Dark Side of Cupid” type of relationship. In the alien love bite drama, one or both partners is an abductee and they are often quite aware of which ETs/entities are involved in visiting them regularly. They may have specific memories of being taken by these entities from childhood and then brought together with another child( as children) or partner and put in situations under the aliens “experimental design” to observe and make sure that this couple will bond and develop a powerful connection when meeting later in life physically. In the alien love bite, we most often see the “high drama” and unconsummation themes or what is clearly described in the Love Bite book case histories. Oftentimes there is the sense of psychic energy vampirism, and yet both partners seem to be innocent in terms of how this is taking place. Either partner may not be an energy vampire but they both can be buffeted around in a manipulated drama by their alien handlers, who somehow (I believe) can siphon off the energy created through these intense dramas. As my investigations continued after the Love Bite book, I received more and more cases of what you would call the dark side of Cupid love bite, where the person, often a milab or abductee, seems to get set up over and over with a psychopathic type of partner who acts as an energy vampire, and who is observed to be hosted, partially possessed or fully hosted by a reptilian type of 4th dimensional entity. In the Dark Side of Cupid, the type of entity may vary and not even be perceived as an ET per se. In essence, the more unresolved and unhealed issues a person may have, this may enhance the probability of having interpersonal issues where they either act as an emotional vampire or they attract psychopathic types of partners as an interpersonal pattern. So in the DSOC book I go into great detail about emotional versus psychic vampires, hosts and predators and how to recognize ones own blind spots of unhealed wounds. I go into describing how we can communicate and interact with one another to avoid relationship problems that would make a love bite worse.

Of course a vampiric relationship is where one or both partners use and take energy and attention in a needy narcisscistic way, where love (if present at all) is more conditional and usually you will see some form of psychopathy in a vampiric relationship. In a regular and loving relationship there is mutual respect and awareness for energy exchange and the persons can draw upon their own divine essence, heart nature for energy, instead of having to always take it from another person. It is my belief that there are people and entities–like alien parasites–who lack a connection to the heart-soul divine essence. And when this is the case, they must seek emotional energy and “prana” from others because they either cut themselves off from their own source or they do not have a soul. (Or the soul is oppressed from the connection with mind and spirit in the body) Again, in the DSOC book I go into detail about this and why some people who have much trauma and unhealed wounds will actually cut off from their own core essence, to avoid emotional pain, and when they do this they become super needy for others wanting constant attention and love. Even if it’s negative attention, some people do this because they can not access their own source of divine core energy. With a vampiric relationship you may have a greater liklihood of having an attached entity whois connected to the primary energy vampire.

3) Can you illustrate a case from the book, that in your opinion is particularly interesting ?

Well, in the Love Bite book I’d say the case of John and Nadine had a more classic alien love bite orchestrated connection for what seemed to be the aliens purposes of selective breeding if they could and also to “prep” them for telepathic communication abilities for future use”. Janis and Alex is a good case and the Angelina and Steve case. The latter case exemplifies the milab, reptilian and love bite aspects which involve the more nefarious aspects of the entire drama. In the Dark Side of Cupid I categorized the types of cases into 4 main types categories from the milder cases to the severe ones with the hosted, predator-psychic vampire types of partners. In the last category of the severe cases it’s very obvious that it’s a manipulated relationship with something non-human interfering. Most are the third party entity type cases where some entity is sensed interfering in the relationship. I would say the Amy and Thomas is a good case to observe the energy vampirism issue with a definite entity overshadowing a partner. But all are pretty good cases that represent what happens in real life. The category I found quite revealing of evidence of New Age deceptions and corruption is the Mythic Dramas, Spirit Guides and Emotional Vampirism. In these cases some form of channelling was involved where the spirit guide entity(s) were the source of the relationship interference and energy vampirism. In such cases the individuals were not necessarily “alien abductees” with any kind of ET visitation history.

 4) From reading your book, it is clear that the aliens operate a real “micro management” of victim life, how can we imagine it ?

Oh yes, this was clearly evident early on when I started sharing more in depth the “secret lives” of abductees, contactees and milabs. Not all of them appeared “malevolent” in terms of involvement in someones life. There were many people who were genuinely spiritual, very sensitive and what some call “indigo” type people who seemed to be assisted by true benevolent spiritual guidance and also a negative disruptive element of milabs or negative ETs, or the positive versus negative ET wars. Such a case in the DSOC is the Becky and Cecil case. On the whole however, most of the micromanagement of these persons lives, when they are still being regularly “visited’, have many elements of their lives conditioned from a very early age. Beliefs, relationships, careers, etc. It’s like you can see a type of social engineering in a large portion of the abductee population, that I think now is a mixture of people truly wanting to get to the truth and those who are acting out their hidden conditioning and mind control programming from abductions. It is essential to be as self aware and honest with oneself as possible. Regression therapy is helpful in getting to the root of some traumatic experiences, or those you think are “ok” but upon closer examination may hold a hidden element which caused a deep subconscious belief or decision to be made which heavily affects ones course in life. I think if anyone has such a concern, their honest intentions to uncover their own truth will offset the programming. It’s all about awareness. Once we become aware of what affects us, we have power over whether to act or react to these triggers or choose another option. Responding differently.

 5)  Many human relationships end badly, with great suffering, how many of them due to the alien interference ?

I believe that the extradimensional interference factor is something going on behind the scenes more than we can imagine. And yet maybe this has always been so, and is part of the human condition for us to work through. Based on the Roper Poll of the early 1990s, it was estimated that about 2% of the population have had unusual experiences that fall into the alien abduction and near death experience categories. I think it’s more, personally. It’s about awareness of other dimensional realities and forms of life that we can interact with. I think the interference aspect has been noticed especially in the abduction, milab population but is also becoming more apparent with very highly aware spiritually focused people. Such a case is a recent blog post interview I did on 1/1/013 with an Indian pranic healer named Kailasnath.( See

What I’m starting to see is very aware, sensitive and spiritually focused individuals realize, often in hindsight–that their relationships have been set up so that they are delayed or prevented from meeting their true love, soul mate or twin flame partner. Or simply the interference seems to be to prevent true love and harmonious love connections that enhance true sovereignty, liberation and truth. I have come across what appear to be positive set ups by aliens/ETs with people as well. Some were clearly serving the alien agenda deceptions and seemed to be rewarded with a love connection as long as they served that agenda. Then there were those who seemed to be set up or they were disrupted, but continued to maintain the powerful love connection despite the interference. In these cases, in order to maintain the sacred love connection, both partners had to be in full communication and enhanced awareness of the “interdimensional” reality, and then actively dealt with their own unique unhealed wounds which would complicate true intimacy and powerful love. In a non-interfered with relationship, these same issues of working out ones own personal obstacles is also important in order to have a more harmonious, compatible relationship. But when you have interference you know it. I mean it’s pretty obvious if it’s going on– the paranormal stuff, the high dramas, and artificially induced synchronicities. Basically you know it if you have it going on, and from then on you will be able to recognize it’s “energy signature”.

One of the interesting side effects of a love bite kind of relationship is that once you’ve had one, it can open up your sensitivities so that you are actually more aware after the fact. I think this could be due to how our energy system is amplified and opened up after such an experience. Plus the wisdom gained through such an experience.

 6) One of the most difficult things in dealing with the phenomenon is to discriminate between the spiritual, the psychological and the material aspects. What is your take on this?

Well, many in the UFO research and even alien abduction want to focus solely on material evidence. This is good because it’s nice to have a baseline of what types of physical evidence occur in alien abduction and contact cases, as well as milabs. These things tend to be physical landing marks, recovered craft, bodies, alien implants, flourescence markings, medical issues and evidence such as missing pregnancies or fetuses expelled that appear alien human hybrid. There was a case in Italy of a hybrid reptilian baby/fetus miscarried by an abductee. The medical issues abductees commonly report are gynecological anomalies, physical marks, scars, injection marks or signs of surgeries they do not recall ever having. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, missing time, etc. Then there are other things like knowledge of things they have not recalled ever learning such as advanced physics, alien languages or script, or other things they just “seem to know”, marital arts abilities, and things the aliens taught them in their “secret life” abduction reality.

Spiritually it’s not as easy to define, but the alien parasite issue that Dr. Corrado Malanga discovered in his research point to mental and spiritual parasites that affect the person “spiritually”. In one of my earlier supersoldier interviews with a man named “Zed”,(See )

he described the subtle difference between the military mind control programming effects and triggers, behaviors versus the reptilian and draco influences. In the reptilian and draco influences it was more “seamless”, spiritual and subtle, and almost felt as if it was “part of him naturally” but in fact was not, after he did intense healing, spirit releasement and meditation for a year living in nature alone, basically. But now with Malanga’s liberation techniques and so many others coming out in the alternative healing community, such as Holographic Kinetics, there are shamanic methods and hypnotheapeutic ways of discovering these influences and eliminating them without fear.7

7) In many of your articles you make reference to the Italian Corrado Malanga . What are the author’s Italian concepts most relevant to your work?

Malanga’s work is genius, brilliant. I was so happy to come across his work and his honesty in his research. I found so many of the same things and have encountered much disagreement and censorship of the elements of spiritual attachments, parasites, paranormal interference, milab operations, virtual reality operations and of course the most taboo is the love bite itself. Malanga was able to determine how these aliens really operate by doing in depth hypnosis and NLP which could access the deeper soul aspect of the person. The soul aspect he referred to as “anima”. This is the part of a person that can exist in the eternal present, be aware of all that has occurred and access information and memories about the aliens true intentions and nature. The troubling aspect was how the aliens involvement, parasitism actually facilitated a disconnect and lack of internal coherence with the mind, spirit, soul of the person within their body. Once the connection was re-established and the parasites or Active Alien Memories (AAM)s neutralized, then the abductee had much better awareness and connection with their soul/heart and could deflect the abductions through awareness and the power of their integrated consciousness with soul power fully engaged. I found his work with the milabs, alien parasite life cycle and cloning or “copying” to be revelatory. (See and

So many milabs and abductees seemed to remember experiences or “milab operations” in another body much younger than their normal one, which revealed they were being transferred into cloned or copied bodies. Which is what some abductees like Ted Rice and other milabs have remembered but were never believed. (For example in the Masquerade of Angels book by Dr. Karla Turner and recapitulated in the Love Bite). Or, they were taken out of their human body and inserted into an alien body and then carried out jobs in their alien identity such as the Simon Parkes case in the UK.

8) One hot topic that you explore is the MILAB phenomenon. According to your research, what is the relationship between Aliens and the Military ?

Milabs are so fascinating, and seem to be a larger and larger part of the alien agenda in my view. But there also seem to be strictly alien contacts and abductions without military involvement. I think there are military/secret government organization factions which have made pacts with what appear to be certain alien species such as greys, reptilians, dracos, some Nordic types, mantis, etc., so that it seems the milab involvement of an abductee comes after the fact of having been an abductee, or it’s in their family line long before the military got involved in their case. It is postulated that the military have a running list of who most abductees are, and then they monitor them or even sheep dip them into their own secret operations under mind control because of their innate abilities. The more psychic and talented you are, the more the military secret government factions come after you like hound dogs. In the former interview I mentioned with the supersoldier named “Zed”, he realized that the military (US secret govt, although it’s really international) made pacts with reptilians who would train these soldiers for not only their own agenda, but then offer them to the military because of some pact having been made.  But the aliens in his case–reptilian/dracos–had the upper hand in terms of the programming and the alien programming superceded the military agenda unbenownst to the military. In Zed’s case he recalled some training scenarios on the dark side of the moon, among other locations and even on the Mars Base working within an organization he called “Earth Defense League” or EDL. In general, what I’ve seen are that alien abductees are used by the military because of abilities such as enhanced psychic abilities, eidetic and photographic memories, bilocation ability, martial arts, telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, etc. These attributes are I believe genetically enhanced or at least conditioned through different kinds of trauma and training in their “secret life”.  According to Zed, he believes that there are military factions who are quite concerned about the malevolent and deceitful behaviors and agenda of the aliens and want to counteract some of this “damage” by training supersoldiers with ablities to offset the more nefarious aspects of the alien agenda. It’s not a black and white issue, and yet in order to deal with the aliens, one must be as adept as a yogi, shaman warrior Jedi to deal with how these aliens can interfere and manipulate. Fighting them with guns and physical combat is not as effective as knowing how to deal with them on these mental, spiritual levels. The frontiers of consciousness and integration of consciousness.

In some of Barbara Bartholic’s work, early on she had noticed that the aliens have a superior way of creating virtual reality scenarios within an abductees experience. For example, they could superimpose a human, or military looking image within an experience to make you think you were dealing with a military person, when in fact it was a reptilian. And I can also say I have interviewed milabs who were in group abductions with others “in a tranced out state” where a cardboard cutout of a reptilian image was being imposed upon them to keep them in line in fear that there was a reptilian being present, when there was not. Or in another milab case, the abductee was lucid enough to see an alien doll figure that was fake within one of her experiences. Both things occur. In the Janice and Alex case in the Love Bite book, the woman described how the aliens could create this virtual reality room almost like a Star Trek Holodeck, to be the internal imagery of the abductees home, but it was actually a white plain, room that was used to be a template for other realities that could be superimposed within the abductees experience. So many of abductees experiences are dreamlike, and I think that the aliens can somehow tap into our memory banks to perceive imagery from our personal lives and use this when doing things while on a ship, underground or in another dimensional reality. One thing that I discovered was that when several abductees shared their dreams, they often found that they had mutually shared dreams with similar if not identical elements, indicating they indeed shared an abduction/virtual reality experience carried out by aliens. The more lucid someone was, the more they could tell what was going on. Derrel Sims had a case of a joint abduction years ago, and found that the most aware abductee could tell how the others were in a trance like state, “acting out what they thought they were seeing or doing”. Amazing really.

9) We know that the aliens are capable of projecting illusions, virtual reality in the minds of abductees. How do we distinguish between genuine and screen memories?

This is something that is a hot topic and is discussed alot amongst milabs. In one of my interviews with Maarit the Scandinavian milab woman, she described virtual reality technology and how she would perceive a flash of light before being immersed into VR. She described the difference between VR and a remote viewing perception. With VR you may not have physical evidence, obviously. Another milab supersoldier who has gone public with his VR experiences is Richard Rogers. He describes typical VR training scenarios.(See  His book can be found on Amazon at :

I do think there is an advanced technology which enables the hijack of the persons consciousness into a forced “lucid dream” scenario. Some abduction attempts can be sensed before they can hack into our reality, such as a loud humming or earthquake rumbling sensation that precedes or follows coming back from an abduction. Then there are other types of OBE abductions where it is so subtle, it’s like one minute you are in bed, relaxed and ready to go asleep only to instantaneously find oneself in another reality, like an abduction “lucid dream”.

When I read Carlos Castenda’s, The Art of Dreaming, The Eagles Gift and The Fire Within, I saw descriptions of shamanic dreaming and entering into the “second attention” which was similar to a type of other reality abduction.  Or more accurately, a shifting into another reality by changing ones “assemblage point”. In some of these descriptions the Nagual sorcerer could change his apprentice’s assemblage point, after which the “reality/dimension” was changed and they both were in “another reality” instantaneously, body included. In other words, it was not just a mental experience or astral “abduction” but in fact a real shift into other realities. When I consider these practices in sorcery, I am beginning to think that the aliens or even humans in secret projects–are doing something like this, except with the aid of advanced technology. In these cases, it would actually  be a true physical abduction but it is not always remembered clearly. The Nagual sorcerer who is adept at changing his own assemblage point repeatedly can recall the entire experience however. It would behoove us to enhance our own awareness and lucidity in order to understand abductions and heightened degrees of perception. Shamanic and lucid dreaming is a good place to start.

 10) What are the purposes of the Aliens ?

The aliens agenda  is much like what Dr. Corrado Malanga hypothesizes. To live through us, souled humans in order to live indefinitely through parasiting our “bodies/containers”. These types of aliens would be the ones Malanga describes as corporeal and incorporeal entities who lack a soul component to their being. They may have a mind component or a mind and spirit or maybe just a spirit component, but need to link into our soul essence energy field in our bodies to live through us as parasites. Understood in this way we could see that these forms of entities who lack a soul component are temporal beings. I also believe the aliens are aiming to manipulate our genetics which would enhance the parasitism vulnerability while maintaining enough human DNA to capture the soul essence, yet keep it imprisoned within a fully alien parasitized consciousness. This is what I believe transhumanism is really all about.

There may be other races out there who are soulled and living for the purpose of soul-spiritual evolution just like we do. Some good, bad and all the shades inbetween. But in my view, the true character of a being can be assessed if you can read energy and perceive whether they are parasites or energy vampires. In the former interview with Kailasnath the pranic healer, he was able to discern between the divine soulled energy and what he calls “dark depleting energy” of a truly negative being.

 11) Do you see an evolution in the relationship between them and us or it is a stable situation ?
This is a good question. I see that parasitism is not beneficial for us, and serving them only. Perhaps the alien presence helps us learn about ourselves and can provide the fertilizer for us to evolve spiritually. But to do this we must find ways to defend ourselves against their predation. They are clearly not good for us if they are parasitic predators seeking to consume our soul essence! I do not think it is a stable situation. I see them being able to manipulate others too much to help carry out their agenda. It’s much like what the ancient Gnostics warned us about in the Nag Hammadi Library. They–the archons– infect our minds and cause us to err in our beliefs. Then we carry out activities through these false beliefs. But it’s also true they can parasite and possess our minds and then these people become hosts to carry out their anti human anti life/anti Earth agenda. Transhumanism and a disconnect from our planetary animal mother, Sophia– our source of life and wisdom connection. It seems like a program to keep us looking to outside ET gods rather than staying empathically connected to the Earth and with each other.12) In my book, “Apocalisse Aliena”,  I analyze the apocalyptic messages issued by these entities. The phenomenon was also handled by C. Malanga. What can you tell us about those future events?

I think the future events are partially orchestrated by these EMEs as you call them, so that we believe a narrative which will give it power to actually happen, ie., an apocalypse. So I believe that these entities want us to use our belief and imagination to create a reality they want to happen, which is quite destructive and anti life.

And then there are other beings who may not be ETs/aliens who are other dimensional beings, who may very well know what future trends lie, and can warn sensitives about these trends that are forecasted. These forecasts are perhaps like what we can expect based on what epoch we are in such as the end of the Kali Yuga. It seems we are at the tail end of an epoch or era, where some beings are ready to move on to another kind of experience, rather than be recycled into the same old system we seem to have been stuck in for a very long time. This is a topic that others are considering, such as the akashic reader “Galactic Historian known as Andrew Bartiz. (See

I think we as humans need to reclaim our own power and sovereignty back. The conditions on this planet are forcing us to either become our true potential or lose the opportunity. It’s like we are being forced to wake up and be our highest potential or be exterminated as a race through the alien transhumanism agenda.

*Comments by Corvo regarding Dr. Karla Turners comments on end times prophecies by aliens etc.,“I have a comment  about the “End times” story. I’ll cite karla Turner that we deeply respect, in my book I have an extra chapter dedicated to her.From “Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda” by Karla Turner)“And Pat has been shown scenes of the return of Jesus, accompanied by space ships and aliens, preceding the “bad time on earth” which will destroy many of those who are not rescued.”

“Amy and Polly have been told of a coming “

“Angie’s abductors said that the “filth and evil” in this world will be cleansed as we are subtly changed.”

So Karla asked her higher self for an explanation, this is what she got in a series of dreams:

Esau, the older and hairier brother, they explained, represents the original human species on this planet. Jacob represents the altered product of alien genetic manipulations of that older species. The aliens produced this new variant and then used it to replace the original form. In our current situation, the aliens are once again doing genetic alterations of our species and are once again trying to produce a variant which will be more useful for their purposes and which will supplant us. And again it will be attempted through deception, as Jacob deceived Isaac. This deception, I was told, is being carried out by the aliens through exploitation and manipulation of global events, including weather phenomenon, to make us believe that the planet is in imminent danger of cataclysm and destruction. This is why they impress the idea of coming destruction upon so many abductees, telling then they will have tasks to perform at that time. They want us, as a race, to be so  afraid of this upcoming destruction that when they show themselves openly and offer to save us in some way, we will be willing to take their help,even if it means giving up our birthright, so to speak, which is preeminence on this planet. Like Esau in his hunger, we will say, “What good does it do us to keep our birthright if we’re all going to be destroyed along with the planet? What have we got to lose if we accept alien help, even though that means accepting alien control? Better to survive under subjugation than not at all.”

bold (Corvo)

I think Karla made a a very good summary of the situation.

I know lot of people that is so sick of the current situation that will welcome the good ET/Jesus if/when they come to save us….

I’m not one of those, but many have been involved their whole life in preparation for this Event, with them first and the military later….”


Updated Triad Color Test by Dr. Corrado Malanga

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This link was provided in the blog post on Jungian Dream Symbols, Malanga’s Liberation Techniques and Integrated Conssciousness. I felt it helpful to have this article printed out on my blog for reference, so that this liberation method can be applied to anyone who may want to do this alone or with another person.




By Corrado Malanga December 31 2012

This article describes the final procedure that allows those who practice it, to acquire the potential ability to become completely aware of oneself.

In this test, or experimental procedure, are conveying all the theoretical data and conclusions of our research in the field of human perception, applied to the study of phenomena external to the planet Earth. The previous procedure, from which this is inspired, aimed to stop the phenomenon of alien adduction. In fact we had identified a procedure named Dynamic Triad Color Test (DTCT), which gave good results.

The procedure of the simple TCT involved a very complex mental simulation, which was driven by an external operator, who made the abductee mentally simulate a completely dark room, where there were some spheres mimicking some off lamps. These lamps were mentally lit on (evoked) by the abducted person in a precise order to let them assume the archetypal meaning of the three components of your own deep self: mind, spirit and soul. Analyzing the colors of the three lamps, one could get a clear psychological picture of the subject and his problems through a simple archetypal mechanism. In this way the presence of alien interference or psychological problems could be diagnosed.

With an abductee subject, the operator made him to correct the colors of the spheres, helping him to achieve the goal of getting the correct archetypal colors, identified on statistical basis as green for the ideal mind, red for spirit and blue or yellow for soul. For an in-depth study of the ideally correct brain mechanism, read the previous works, and in particular those that relate to the TCT (“Tutti i colori dell’anima” – “All the colors of the soul”, by the same author).

The subject was asked to detect the presence of other light sources inside his ideic room. This corresponded to a mental image of alien intruders. The subject’s mind sees intruders as bright balls of the appropriate colors. In that context, it was possible to identify the active alien memories, the lux, other parasites without body and all the microimplants that may be present in the body. The soul sphere was encouraged to mentally remove all the intruder objects in the room with an act of will. Finally, the connections between the soul and the creator of the dual virtual Universe, with the Prime Man, the corresponding counterpart in the anti-Universe and the figures up in the hierarchy (identifiable in the Indian myth of Shiva and Visnu) could be severed (Read Genesis III, the same author). Once the subject was isolated by its manipulators/creators, the operator asked the soul to view, through an ideic scanner (much like an MRI or CAT scan), the body of the adductee, verifying the presence of alien and military microimplants, and destroying them one by one, through the act of will. Then asked the soul to look for copies of the abductee’s body along the space-time, identifying and eliminating them one by one in the same way.
At this stage the operator asked the abductee to examine the time axis, with the aid of the soul, in order to check the absence of abduction scenes in both the past and the future. The subject was so completely freed from the abduction problem. In some cases, through the awareness of their own soul, they were led through a path we called “photo album”, where they identified all types of aliens who had come to disturb the abductee’s existence, to raise awareness of the past situation to the soul: the aliens were recognized and identified, on a conscious level, to avoid further unaware abduction.

Finally, the three spheres were merged into one ball of white or yellow color, symbolizing ideic sum of the red, green and blue or yellow. The merging of the triad was perceived as the ideic sum of the three frequencies in the visible range of the three colors, and the mind automatically produced the color sum (hence white or yellow). The results of this procedure, which lasted an average of two and a half hours, provided the necessary acquisition of knowledge (and consciousness by the triad) to avoid being subject to more abduction, both by aliens and military, then from the influences of the various cosmic creators. The results, though good, were not optimal yet. Many subjects, after treatment, acquired the ability to defend themselves from the alien but often, due to prior serious psychotic deficiencies, were unable to maintain this condition throughout their entire existence on this planet (mostly through reactions falling in the Stockholm syndrome cases). There was therefore the need for further applications of this methodology administered by a more experience operator.

The use of this procedure was leading to a long series of failures completely determined by the lack of clear willingness of these adductees to break free. In the abductee’s psyche a psychotic reactions arose, which led the subject to consider one’s life better with the aliens than without.

An addition to the old procedure brought to the construction of an ideic protective bell wrapped around the abductee’s mental room. Projecting the aliens outside this bell and asking the triad to watch over it, helped in solving more cases. Unfortunately we noticed that every time the abductee’s self esteem was in jeopardy, the bell-barrier became brittle and open to alien attacks.

The New Procedure

In the past year, we were able to carry out further experimental observations that led us to identify procedural errors in the old DTCT. These new observations emerged from a study, at a quantum level, of the universe. In particular, the understanding that the universe is not dual, led us to conclude that there is no separation.

The duality, as we have described in the third part of the trilogy titled “Genesis” is a trick of perception of the human mind. The universe is incorrectly seen as a sort of double faced concept, where the extremes belong to two different categories. Good and evil, on and off, masters and slaves, rich and poor but also hermitian linear operators of opposite sign, such as + and – or the unit vectors of space, time and potential energy, were only illusions of perception. In this context, the wave- particle duality was restructured into a new non-dual perspective, linked to the consciousness and not to elusive hidden parameters of modern physics.
The assumption that the virtual universe is not dual, made us understand that something had tried to have us believe it. We discovered that the duality is a system to categorize mankind, to make us believe in the existence of an opposition of two sides. The dualism was the system by which aliens and alienated tried to force the man to make battles that were not their own.

The Latin idea “divide et impera” (divide and conquer) worked up until someone noticed the deception.

Some observations through a quantum physics point of view allowed us to understand how the duality did not exist except as a form of false perception. We understood that the second law of thermodynamics was to be reviewed. The concept of difference of entropy of the universe (ΔS of the isolated system) should not be related as much as to the energy of the system, but rather to the knowledge of the system and energy combined.

The conclusion of all these observations pointed in one direction only. If there is no duality, the universe is not divided into two sub-universes but it’s a single box in which there are many beings with different levels of awareness. This different perception of the universe was mistaken for a dualistic vision of it.

The universe is not dual in itself, but becomes dual because it’s perceived as such by non-integrated awareness. So, if there were no categorizing barriers, we could not, in DTCT, held a barrier that kept the adductee in a cage built by himself. The cage really could protect somebody, as the existence of the imaginary cage, had the intrinsic idea of the chance to bring down its boundaries. If there are no boundaries it is not possible to bring them down. The abductee was not to defend himself from the aliens with a barrier, and you could not keep soul, mind and spirit separated, although united in a sum of three spheres that could be taken to the original position, restoring the separation between them.

There was no separation between the components of the triad but they were separated in the beginning by those that created the duality. Man’s consciousness, that is the creation, can not be manipulated by anyone.

In order to deal with it (ie: enslave) one has to separate consciousness into three sub-consciousnesses, categorizing them. We actually discovered that soul, mind and spirit exists only in our dual perception, but they are only part of an unique original consciousness. It has all colors, because soul, mind, and spirit are every colors. Since the conscience may be all, its three components no longer exist when they regain consciousness they were divided upstream.

The sum of soul, mind and spirit, could not be a white sphere, because white is the sum of the three frequencies, typical of the manifestation of the triad, but not of a complete integration between them. The white can be reassembled in the three original colors restoring the separation, and with it, the alien abduction.

The total sum of the colors of integrated consciousness in the virtual universe, is of all colors, not overlapping but integrating. Such color is the non-color. Ideally the non-color is perceived by the human mind, like everything and nothing, which, according to the physics of the Zero Point Energy, have the same meaning.

If we think that a point in space is empty, we must ask ourselves if it is empty because there’s nothing or is empty because at that point there is everything and the opposite of everything that annihilate each other. And then everything and nothing become the same thing. The transparent sphere is ideally nothing and everything. But the transparent ball does not have any kind of consistency, nothing can hang up to it. The transparent sphere evokes the representation of the ideic quantum wave.

The concept of wave and particle is bound to the concept of the unconscious-conscious. When consciousness is wave, it is equivalent to unconsciousness (that is: the external observer, the alien, has complete lack of awareness of it). We know that it exists but no one knows where is localized in space-time. In other words, it is invisible because it is everywhere in the same-time. On the other hand, the particle is the ideic representation of total awareness (that is: the external observer has complete awareness of its existence). The integrated consciousness knows that it can be both particle and wave, and it can decide. Face the alien as wave means being, in front of the alien, completely transparent and invisible but, from a quantum point of view, assumes the meaning of rejecting the alien experience, with subsequent absence of interaction. The physical phenomenon thus becomes perceptible only as non-localized wave and as a particle. Being a particle means accepting the experience of interference. This concept can be taught to the ideally integrated consciousness and that consciousness acquires the knowledge to be able to decide, millions of times a day, in front of the whole universe, to participate in an experience, and face it as particle, or deny the experience and “not to be found” appearing as wave. Being a wave means that “I know you’re there, but do not know where and when.”

In the simplest terms, the integrated consciousness, knew how to become invisible to the alien experience. The new experimental part of the dynamic flash triad color test (DFTCT), which lasts no more than fifteen minutes, in a single application, makes the merging of the triad irreversible. Teaching to the integrated consciousness the virtual concepts of quantum physics in a way the integrated triad can understand it and makes anyone who carries out this exercise, properly integrated with oneself. The procedure is not built to save the man from the alien, but to make sure that the man acquires awareness of their own thoughts. At that stage, if the person who practices the technique was an abductee, one could get rid of the problem once and for all. If the subject has never been abducted, however, will be free from his engagement with the creation of the false gods or demons.

The Non–local Universe and the Abduction Experience

The DFTCT does not provide the destruction of microchips, does not provide the destruction of copies and research, does not evoke any images of aliens, does not evoke any kind of virtual memory, does not correct the colors of the triad and so is not traumatic. It is a very light state of hypnosis, easily modifiable, depending on the needs. It should be emphasized that since the universe is not local and there is no past nor future but only the present, the procedure produces an immediate effect on the Time Line of the old Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In fact, at the same time in which the three spheres of the triad acquire every color, merge and achieve the perfect transparency, they have not only integrated into a unique essence of consciousness as irreversible but are never separated in the axis of time. The quantum wave functions of past and future collapse in the present, this giving reality only to it. In this context, if the total consciousness is reconstructed, it as never divided before, but if consciousness has never been divided no one has ever been able to manipulate it. This causes experimentally, in the instant of of the fusion, that everything abduction related disappears, all the memories of the past adductions are gone, all microchips that an abductee has in the body ceases to exist, all copies of the adductee have never been made.*

EL- This is similar to what is claimed in the Holographic Kinetics shamanic technique where former timelines where certain agreements and traumas occurred are collapsed and removed from the other timelines. So when this happens in the eternal now, it can cause an immediate shift in the present because the past was literally changed such that it did not happen in the past. Therefore changing the present and future.

The abduction experience remains as “done” but it belongs to a changed past that is like it never happened. The new procedure also ensures the total free choice of integrated consciousness. The transparent sphere of the I.C., can decide at any moment, to be wave (transparent sphere) or particle, to be visible or invisible, to interact or to refuse the experience. The new procedure does not provide for the physical elimination of the alien but simply the transformation of the abduction event in wave. In this context, the integrated consciousness becomes invisible to the alien that technically no longer has the ability to interact with the event. The alien is not destroyed but simply, his probability of interaction with the abductee is minimized. The odds of having the alien in front of you becomes so small that the alien can no longer be identifiable. This is the result that, virtually, becomes the refusal by the integrated consciousness, of this experience, but in terms of quantum states, it is the result of a statistical probability that starts from the assumption that we are the ones who build the virtuality and that we interact with it, but only if we want. Measures are not produced by tools: we produce them by ourselves, as recently demonstrated by some experiments in quantum thermodynamics (read Genesis III, the same author)*. It should also be noted that the treatment of quantum events can only be made by microscopic contexts (the world of elementary particle physics). In fact, both components of the triad and the integrated consciousness, are similar in all aspects, to the microscopic components of Bohmian quantum physics.

*Genesis 1:

*Genesis 2 : Genisis II Malanga English (from Google translation)

*Genesis 3: Genisis III Malanga English (Google translation)

There are no failures of the technique. It should be emphasized that each technique has some drawbacks or at least we know its limits. The DFTCT did not properly have bugs, but this does not mean that the subject will not be taken more if he’s an abductee. The subject will be taken again if his integrated conscience wants it.

There are many drives that can influence in this direction. An abducted subject that was freed from the problem more than a year ago, was abducted again, or better was again in contact with alien species, during a particular night. The next day some bruising appear on the body of the ex-abductee. The reconstruction of the episode, with the help of the anchors technique (NLP), highlighted two important factors. During the night the aliens had entered the house of the subject, he describes them as if they had not seen him. The aliens in fact went straight from the abductee’s room and entered his brother’s, who was also an abductee.

The ex-abductee felt like he had to defend his brother, but at that time unconsciously decides to re-accept the alien interference, returning visible. It took to a real fight with the aliens, whose effects showed the day after. The second thing we noticed was that, in this case, however, the person was not taken by the aliens, because the integrated consciousness can not be separated, and no one can act on it ever again.

Some other cases in which the container was taken seem to be due to the fact that the former abductee decided to take revenge and harbors a deep grudge against the abductor, that are considered those who have ruined one’s life. At that moment, the subject unconsciously prepares to take revenge, and therefore he accepts to interact with the alien. The abduction takes place again. This technique can also be applied to people who do not know anything about aliens, who are not aware of their situation, who do not have memories, at a conscious level, of some sort. But after treatment, the integrated consciousness, in these specific cases, decide to recall the experiences useful to the acquisition of self-awareness. In these cases, it seems that the integrated consciousness is brought in plain sight in front of the alien, like to play a game that can even be dangerous, but that does not bring anymore to the submission of the transparent ball to the alien. The transparent ball can never be taken.

At this stage it is important to integrate the transparent sphere with its container, or the container will be taken, however, but the transparent sphere will not be taken. This fact, brings the subject, especially if female, to still be used as a broodmare by the alien. Teaching to the integrated consciousness to integrate with its container is the only way to get rid of this problem.

What Integrated Consciousness Is

For integrated consciousness we mean the part of the primordial consciousness that created the virtual universe, which, however, integrated itself into virtuality, having awareness of space, time and energy. It is a consciousness that, as the sum of three components, with also virtual features, knows that it created the universe, knows what space and time and energy mean, talks to the neutral gender (as opposed to the female gender used by the soul), dominates the space, time and energy, has the potential to express in paranormal fashion, uses the container to gain experience.

EL- The space aspect is associated with the Soul/Anima Component, The Energy Aspect the Spirit and the linear Time aspect associated with the Mind Component.

Therefore, since the integrated consciousness must do its experience, it is unaware of everything because, if it had this knowledge, it would not need to be integrated in the virtual universe it has created. The DFTCT experience makes the man integrated, and no longer divided in four parts, bringing it back to the original condition: but this does not include the prefixed experience that has yet to be accomplished.

When the experience of DFTCT takes place, the map of territory in each of us changes and appears to be subject to the real problems of virtuality that he has decided to face. Often this creates moments of bewilderment that, at the extreme, could lead to the hypothetical decision of the integrated consciousness to revert to the separated state. What’s better, the aliens or the difficulties of everyday life? The integrated consciousness that must do the experience has free will and can choose, but the choice to go back is very rare and is not representative of the failure of the technique, but rather it is a clear and successful proof of the existence of free will.

In the cases we deal with, in a year’s time, no integrated consciousness was taken again, some containers have had some small annoying problems that tend towards the total resolution, only one case showed the idea of returning into the alien abduction phenomenon, but to date he has not done so.

I.C., from a quantum perspective, has three vectors of space, time and energy that allow it to express itself in his created virtual reality. On the other hand the three vectors of consciousness (ie: those belonging to mind, spirit and soul) are perfectly superimposed, becoming a single vector of awareness (working in all directions as “multi-vector”). It should be noted that the three vectors of consciousness of soul, mind and spirit, (resulting from the vectorial product of the two other vectors typical of each of the three elements) are “not switchable” between them. They are placed at 90° to one another and cannot overlap to create a white ball as at the end of classic DTCT. The transparent sphere, once it is reduced to a point in the procedure that we will see below, produces the final superposition of the three vectors of consciousness, destroying the schizoid separation between spirit, soul and mind, that originates an imperfect being, very vulnerable due to the lack of internal consistency.

The more obvious characteristics of the integrated consciousness, in deep hypnosis, are the following: The subject speaks to the male gender (neutral)

• The subject knows he built the universe, but does not know why he did it this way.*
• The subject claims he exists because he acts.
• The subject says that the dual does not exist, and if you exist is because you act, and to be all, you have to do it all.
• The subject sees and perceives the universe as totally virtual, as a fake construct, without apparent solidity.
• The integrated consciousness sees the universe also in a real way. Real and / or virtual together. Learns to observe oneself from an infinite number of points that look toward the center, and from the center look towards infinite points.

EL- *This is reminescent of how a more multidimensionally aware “shaman” perceives his/her reality as a dream. This is when they get lucid in the “virtual reality “dream”. The virtuality is in essence an emanated “dream” reality created by a larger “dreamtime” or larger Dreamer. It is my view that the dream reality is a type of co-creative act with the larger universal consciousness.

Through the implementation of integrated consciousness you can travel in virtuality taking a vision in any space and time, while slowly emerge aspects of paranormal nature, more and more evident in the every day life.

The technique works on yourself.

The classic TCT required, for its complexity and duration, the use of an outside helper. The operator was guiding the subject into the mental simulation, making him go through all the necessary steps in order to finally reach the white sphere of consciousness. During the test trial of the new technique, we tried to examine some partial failures and came across the theory of the mirror effect.

The universe, according to our conceptions, has a holistic nature, that means nothing is separated from the whole, as it is supposed to be, confirming the equations of Bohm’s physics. Following this reasoning, the reactions that another person will have dealing with me, depend solely on me. If someone argues with me, is because I have not achieved harmony inside myself. In fact, if for example, I walk into a room where there is someone I dislike that person will perceive, within oneselves, my hostility and any of my gesture will be enough to produce a backlash against me. At that point I will be allowed to react, because technically I did not started the argument, but in reality I had. In this context, the other will turn against me because I, through a local morphogenetic field, communicated my discomfort to him.

Another aspect that we noticed was that some subjects had difficulties in some parts of the method that, if not well understood, resulted in problems after the treatment. Some abductees did not understand the quantum effects of wave and particle. The alien abductions did not resume but these adductees were not able to make themselves invisible to the alien, who still remained passively present in everyday experiences. Other abductees had difficulty separating from the figure of the alien, since the adductee did not understand the idea that the past does not exist and therefore remained bound to it.

By a more thorough analysis I’ve done both on me and on some of my colleagues who practiced DFTCT in the experimental stage, I could see that during the application of test, the word took a deeper significance, but behind the word there is another type of meta- communication, more profound and effective. During the test, the operator produces a situation where he passes a packet of information that migrates from his consciousness to the consciousness of the abductee.

If the adductee wants to acquire the information pack, he gets all the information that the operator passes him. In other words the DFTCT could be even conducted in silence, and the result would probably be the same. But since humans use the word in this virtuality to simplify things, we used words to teach to the consciousness what the quantum physics is. But in this context, if my conscience’s information pack has some dissonance, it will be transmitted to the other person.

For example: If I have some unresolved issue with my past and lead a DFTCT on an abductee, he will be totally free from the aliens, but perhaps he will continue to see their image next to his bed at night, while trying to sleep. My inability to free myself from my past was redirected to the abductee that can not handle this part of virtuality, and will suffer my same problem. In other words, if I go to the doctor with a cold, and I want to be healed, I do not have to go to a doctor that contracted a desease, because he will not heal me, having himself the problem.

It was clear that this type of meta-information not only acted at the DFTCT level, but constantly in all daily relationships between living beings.
It was also clear where in the past we had partially failed. If you’re not completely “clean” you can compromise your patient, and this could be one of the reasons why some abductees did not get rid of the problem completely, excluding cases in which subject was acting against the resolution.

Therefore, in principle, no one can perform a DFTCT on another, unless he’s perfect inside. It must be said that there aren’t, to my knowledge, perfect people, and should also be emphasized as all the DFTCTs our group carried out up to now, during the experimentation, had success, although with minor smudging.

The best thing to do was to build a simple experimental procedure, that everyone could make for oneself, making sure to have a strong act of will in wanting to solve their own problems.

It is here emphasized that the success rate of DFTCT is closely linked to the understanding of the things you are doing. You can not perform the test by simply reading the experimental part below, as if it were a ritual of the Catholic Church or any prescription of a doctor, but you must understand what each step means exactly.

So, who wants to test this on themselves, must read, study and understand a lot of what I wrote earlier. Must have clear understanding of the three works entitled Genesis, they must understand how the mental simulations works and study the operation and theory of classic TCT. Misinterpretation could void the entire procedure on the one hand, but on the other we know that all the important information is already available to all, at the level of the holographic grid, through the morphogenetic field.

The subjects to which we practiced DFTCT in the experimental stage, need to understand that if, after the application of the test, they still had doubts and uncertainties about certain situations affecting their lives, is because the test will integrate, abolishing the duality, allowing the consciousness to live its experience undisturbed, within its container, but the system does not change their chosen path in life, which must be worked out by themselves. In particular, people who have done the DFTCT, must not refer more to me or to others for their unresolved issues, but ask directly to their integrated conscience, that will be perfectly able to clarify any aspect of reality. This represents the consciousness that must resolve the unresolved problems.

The harmony is the final result to achieve. So ask yourself, the divine part of yourself, and this part will always reply. The disease is only a state due to the misunderstanding of separation, while the healing consists in the acquisition of consciousness. In this context, it is evident how the DFTCT is useful to all human beings, because it helps to integrate with your inner self, and sets free from the chains of false gods and demons that, as the myth says, tried to live forever without living the experience directly, but through the pain experienced by others. The dual universe provides that love and hate are, in fact, two faces of the same coin. Our gods rulers decided to rig the game to outcome always heads and never tails. Doing so, they only live half experience, and so they are only “half themselves”. We decided to live the full experience, so they manipulated us, attempting to steal the experience they was missing.*

EL-It seems that the gods in other realms of existence play humanity like a chess game, because they somehow cannot experience what we do, unless they too decide to come into a human incarnational experience. They appear to love drama!

This theft is only the representation of a lack of consciousness, determined by not understanding that we all are one. So, when you understand this, you also undestand how the “mirror” works. Humans saw in aliens, the despicable part of themselves and the aliens saw their fragility in the human’s fragility. At the moment the dual dies, each of us becomes aware of oneself. And from that moment on you mirror only onto oneself. Inside there is the whole universe with all the answers to all the questions.

 DFTCT: Experimental Part

1) Find a place where no one can disturb you, relax and close your eyes. Go deep into the darkness of your mental room. You are in the middle of this room and everything is dark. You know in your room there are some light bulbs that probably you don’t see because usually they are turned off, but they can be already on. If they’re not, turn them on one by one, your three light bulbs are: mind, that you turn on first, spirit, that you turn on second, and the soul, that is the third one. Look at this light bulbs that are in your mental room. They’re YOU, your essence. Look at the position, the color, the size, the distance from you, and the hight from the ground.

2) The three light bulbs are the only light sources in your room. Maybe you see just a light bulb as the sum of the three light bulbs, but if you see three light bulbs, identify the soul part and put your arm inside it.

Listen and perceive which tactile perception you have, what do you perceive inside your soul part? Hot or cold, dense or solid, liquid or gassy? Do you feel any particular smell or any particular sound? Perceive your soul, that it is showing herself to you as a light sphere, in the meanwhile ask her if she remembers when, at the beginning of time, it was joined to the other two spheres, mind and spirit, that, in the instant before the separation still don’t exist.

Ask your soul to turn back to that point, where soul, mind and spirit are a unique thing and three consciousness don’t exist, there’s just one consciousness. Slowly, sensations and images about that instant will come to you.

3) Now ask your soul if it wants to go back to that primordial state. Make your soul look at what happens and why did the conscious sphere separate into three sub-spheres, it is important to achieve awareness about all this.

When the soul decides, if it decides, to become whole again, become again an unique thing, no longer separated from mind and spirit, ask it to join to the other two spheres, make it notice that there is no specifical color for soul, mind and spirit, as they are part of a whole, so acually they can take any color they want. If soul wants to change color, and if mind and spirit want it too, they will notice that they can acquire any colors they want: that’s because they’re everything and every color represents one thing that it is possible to be.

4) Now we proceed with the fusion of the three lights into one light that initially will have all the colors. A light in which every spot of light will be of a different color.
If you look at the sphere from a long distance now, you will see that the sphere is white, but if you get closer to it, you can see that it can acquire all the colors of the universe.

5) At this point, mentally say to the light sphere (the sum of the three original spheres) that, it’s not enough to add together in this way in order to make the fusion, but it is necessary to melt irreversibly into one thing, a sphere that has just one color, the color that represents all the colors, the transparent color.  (EL- similar to the “clear light”)

Once the sphere will become a totally invisible sphere (even without the chance to see the borders) in that instant, the integrated consciousness turns back to BE. It has to be said to the integrated consciousness that nothing and everything are the same things, but that nothing can stick to the nothing. (EL- Form is Void and Void is Form, a Buddhist concept)

If in that instant the sphere becomes transparent, no aliens or other things can disturb it anymore. In that instant it’s necessary to make the integrated consciousness sphere notice that there are no barriers anymore within soul, mind and spirit, and those barriers never existed because the past has been modified and no one could ever use the three separated spheres because they never existed, because now they are one thing.

6) Now, that you’re still in your mental room, get into the transparent sphere with your body, the sphere is you and you are the sphere. The sphere keeps your body shape and adapts to it, you become the transparent sphere.

Barriers don’t exist anymore. The walls, the floor and the ceiling of the room have no reason to be anymore. The integrated consciousness tears down the barriers of the mental room, and now it can look onto the infinite.

7) Wait a few instants and look at the infinite, as it appears to you. Contemplate the place where you exist. After a few instants, ask to your transparent sphere to listen to the universe, and become the universe yourself. In order to do that, ask your sphere to expand slowly. You expand yourself slowly until you reach the borders of the universe, no need to do it fast, do it slowly.

While you’re expanding you touch the universe that you created, till the end of the universe, till the limits. Your transparent sphere did an unique big breath, absorbing all the universe.

8) As a big breath. For an instant, that lasts the eternity, listen to your universe, where you are everything. Achieve awareness of your body because it is like achieving awareness of the entire the universe. Then, breath out and contract yourself becoming small.

9) Make your transparent sphere attached to your body become smaller and smaller: but doing that, bring inside you all the universe that you absorbed, make it become very small, slowly, smaller and smaller, no hurry, till you make it become an infinitesimal spot, that has all the universe inside. Feel for a few moments this very particular sensation and now get back to your original size. Now, your integrated consciousness knows that it can breath and become a big wave, a big sphere or a very little spot.

10) When this wave is big it is everywhere and so in any place in particular. In that state, it is completely invisible. When it is a little particle, it is visible and it is ready to interact with everything. Talk to yourself as an integrated sphere and explain to your integrated sphere that it can always exist in this two states, and it can show itself as wave or as particle, being invisible or visible, facing any experience of the virtual reality. Remember at the end of all this, that the integrated consciousness uses its container (the body) to gain the experience in this virtuality, and it’s bad if its container is taken by others and it is necessary to protect one’s own container, because it is like a dress for the integrated consciousness.

Listen to yourself for a few instants, as you have never done before and look at the universe around you.


If the exercise is performed without forgetting any parameter of those described,  it should not be repeated, because the fusion of the spheres in a single ball is irreversible.

If the subject will want to lead these kind of experience in the future, he will travel through the universe without needing to figure the transparent sphere external to himself, because he is the transparent sphere. If the ball is opaque and it’s seen from the outside, this means that the body has been taken again. We deducted this on the basis of our experimental procedure.

It must be emphasized that, in the mental room, at the beginning, you may find less than three balls, because they may already be merged into a single transparent sphere, and because some spheres could take the black color and having the mind room darkened, they may not be clearly visible. If this event occurs, merge the ball equally, even though some of them are not visible, and proceed as described above. In the mental room there may be more than three balls, but in this case you’ll have to identify the three spheres of soul, mind and spirit and work with them, forgetting about the others, that will disappear after the successful merging of the integrated consciousness.
Those who wish, may carry the mental simulation on themselves, having carefully studied all the theory that there is behind this application. Some people can be helped by others to follow the path of this mental simulation, but we strongly suggest to make it by YOURSELF. Usually, we believe it is necessary to point out that those who claim not to be able to perform this simulation, independently, in most cases, just want to delegate the responsibility of their existence to another person. It would be impossible to help them.
To all those who do not understand the kind of approach that we have taken, I suggest, before passing any judgment on it, to do this simple experiment and understand it thoroughly, as it is not possible to talk about something that you do not know.

One must never be afraid because there is nothing in the universe to be afraid of except his own ignorance.

Have a nice journey.

Alien Apocalypse–Radio interview with Corvo

A colleague of mine named “Corvo” is an author and researcher in the area of Ufology, Extraterrestrial Encounters, the Abduction Phenomenon and the Occult. He recently released the book Aliene Apocalypse,( in Italian) and I have a written interview with him on my web site at:

As an adjunct to Corvo’s written interview, he has a presentation that you can view that pertains to many points he speaks about in this radio interview with Siena Lea, myself and Corvo, on Illuminating the Shadowland, Friday 9 pm Pacific Time, October 4, 2013 on Truth Frequency Radio. (Episode 15 & 16)

Go to  and click on the Illuminating the Shadowland Show. Archives are at this page:

This is the presentation that you can view while listening to the show.

The key points to be discussed in this two part radio show (Part 2 will be aired on Friday October 11, 2013 9 pm Pacific Time.)

The key points of Alien Apocalypse:

  1. The influence of non-human entities is not a modern idea, but rather a curious fixation of mankind for millennia
  2. Nowadays it is manifested in the form of our “friends ET” and/or “celestial entities” like the “Holy Virgin Mary” that release ideologically consistent messages.
  3. The behavior of these entities, the number of contacts and paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with extraterrestrial hypothesis.
  4. The hypothesis of the origin of these other dimensional entities is supported by numerous witnesses cited in the book.
  5. The existence of a multi-dimensional universe is theorized by physics with the theory or M-theory.
  6. The messages of these beings relate to a series of “coming” disasters, such as “The Event”, meteors, three days of darkness, global wars, etc.
  7. The mythical stories of those disasters are consistent with the narrative of the “hybrids” as the next-generation of humankind.
  8. After which there will be the coming of a “millennial kingdom”.
  9. The beings act like vampires.  The interest of these EME’s is to establish a feeding field.
  10. Human organizations in our history have tried to fight and/or establish a “devilish pact” with them.

In addition to the interview Bill Ryan started a thread on his forum for Corvo’s interview:

Project camelot’s Bill Ryan has opened a tread on his forum regarding the interview here:

A short Bio of Corvo:

  • Born and raised in Italy
  • Education in Sociology & Political Science
  • Worked 12 years as Senior Architect for “Enterprise Solutions”, a large corporation in Germany
  • 43 Years old
  • Moved to Canada to kick-off  the Ecovillage project
  • Practiced Advaita Vedanta Yoga, Cabala for 20+ years
  • Author of “Apocalisse Aliena”

Owl Synchronicities, UFO Experiencers and Reverse Speech Analysis

Owl synchronicities are quite common within the UFO/ET experiencer population. Owls  have also shown up in reverse speech analysis years ago, by a former colleague and experiencer named Pat Mason back in 1998. I also interviewed Reverse Speech Expert David Oates in 1998 for a British magazine called Alien Encounters Magazine. The article is entitled, “The Resurrection of Truth: Reverse Speech Analysis–The Ultimate Truth Detector. This article was published in 1998, issue #25. The article is no longer available online through my web site, so I wanted to quote some pertinent excerpts from this interview as it relates to owl synchronicities, archetypes and metaphors of the subconscious mind.



One of the things that caught my attention years ago was how metaphors and archetypes showed up in reverse speech, and how these can indicate whether or not someone is telling the truth, or whether they may be communicating something they think to be true but, in fact, may be some form of internal conflict. One of the things David Oates told me about reverse speech was that it is, “man’s sixth sense”. Reverse speech communicates the true hidden thoughts, desires and motivations from the unconscious. According to Oates, language is bi-level, forwards and backwards. In his own words (pg 31) he states,

“The process of spoken language is two-fold. As the human brain is constructing the sounds of speech, it puts these sounds together in such a way that we are delivering two messages at the same time. One is forward–conscious speech, and the other is reverse–the unconscious. It is a natural function of the language and the mind. We are all speaking and hearing reverse phrases from one another every day. It’s a part of what intuition is all about. If we get a gut feeling or a sense of what something is about, we can track this back to reverse speech. There are whole backwards conversations going on all the time.”

I asked David, “What scientific research led you to the conclusion that reverse speech reveals hidden unconscious motivations, desires and thoughts?” He responded,

“We’ve done EEG tests on people while listening to a soundtrack (normal taped speech), without telling the person where (on the tape) the reversals were found. The EEG showed that the brain was stimulated in the parts that we were addressing when the reversals were played. Also, the tests showed rapid activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain from the moment the reversal started until it ended. This proved that the human brain receives and responds to reversals in a communicative fashion. The implications of this are monumental.”

Reverse speech is not about the words of the speech but more of the tonality. It sounds melodious and has a sing-song quality to it as well. And, according to Oates, the more emotionality of a person, the more reversals will be found within the speech. He also said that dry, intellectual conversation or things like speeches or memorized talks contain less reversals. Oates went on to to say,

“We believe that reverse speech is generated in the right hemisphere of the brain because of high emotional situations, the reversals occur once every 2 or 3 seconds. When you get to a public speech, especially the one that has been scripted or when people are highly left-brained the reversals will drop off to once every 30-40 seconds. If there are no reversals or the reversals are dropping off in frequency, then I know they are telling a story they’ve told time and time again.”

In my own estimation, our souls and what is within our own subconscious minds are always communicating to one another, whether we are conscious of this or not. And we do know that soul communication, dream imagery or reverse speech will often communicate in archetypes and metaphors.

David Oates had his own UFO sighting in Bonsall, CA around that same time period and did a reversal of speech analysis about his own experience. I also asked him many pertinent questions about reverse speech which I believe are very important in understanding how and why archetypes show up within reverse speech and what this means. Oates told me, “I’ve done reversals on a woman who was molested as a child, yet had no conscious memory of the events. In her reversals she made graphic descriptions of the perpetrator. I’ve had people reveal names of relatives, bank accounts, hidden-agendas and behaviors that were later confirmed by the individual. But I have had people who come to me claiming to have had a particular experience and they didn’t. In the reversals all you get is a jumble of metaphors, which tells me they are not telling a true story, even if they believe it to be true. It is an unconscious manifestation of some deep internal conflict. If something is true, the reversal will give accurate direct information confirming it. If it’s a lie, the reverse speech will flat out say it’s a lie, or give motives why the person is lying.

If it is a fantasy or delusion the reversals tend to come out in deep metaphors, lots of “Lancelot is wounded”, “goddess”, “stuck in the spear”, “sword”. The unconscious mind is speaking in pictures, metaphors, and archetypes, much like in dreams.”

David Oates own UFO Reversal Experience:

F: “…This is a true one, it happened to me last week. I will never forget this until the day I die…”

Reversal: It was so big.

F: “…I’ve got a house on top of a hill, you can see right down to the cost line, it’s a beautiful place…”

Reversal: Believe me.

F: “…so I walked out of the house, I’ll never forget this, it was the most incredible thing…”

Reversal: They pull you with Samson’s soul. Have to recognize that it was so big.

I asked David if reverse speech reflects personal growth and the spiritual realm. I wanted to know if especially enlightened spiritual individuals reveal spiritual mysteries through reverse speech. He replied, “Yes, that is my own personal interest. It is a direct access to the soul. Not a session goes by that the word “Soul” does not come up. Reverse speech describes the state of the soul. One of the things that was a shock to me is that the soul can be sick or healthy. We’ve had reversals that said, “I need a new soul, ” or, “our planet is sick”. Reverse speech tells us about Heaven and God, and the interaction that side of life has with us.”

I also wanted to know more about metaphors and levels of communication revealed in reverse speech. And, according to Oates, metaphors come in a structural or archetypal way, or in an operational way. Operational is basically how an archetypal metaphor will operate. He told me,

“In the deep unconscious there are prime metaphors. At the base of the structure of the psyche, all of the human behavior, thought and emotion is instigated by metaphors. Metaphors have a life in their own right. They are living entities in and of themselves like Jungian archetypes. (EL– Remember this in light of what Steve Richards of Holographic Kinetics says of unconscious thoughts and conflicts becoming living entities ) The metaphors create behavior. The way they interact with each other depends on the behavior that is created. I call these structural or archetypal metaphors. The operational metaphors are how the archetype operates. Let’s suppose there is someone who has three structural metaphors that say, wolf, goddess and Satan. The wolf is a hunter and protector. Satan is aggressive and angry. Goddess is hope for the future. ( EL–This is interesting when one considers the Wisdom Goddess mythos of the living planet Sofia/Gaia within the Gnostic narrative of the Aeon Sophia’s history and of the Anthropos–humanity.)

Oates goes on, “If the wolf and goddess work together they will have a behavior of love and compassion. If wolf and Satan work together then aggression and anger is the generated behavioral pattern. Operational metaphors describe how behavior plays itself out according to the way the structural metaphors interact. There are great similarities between reverse speech and Jungian archetypes. Some metaphors are unique to the individual much like in dream symbology. In reverse speech we have a reference point  of the forward speech to confirm much of the meaning. I see the same metaphors over and over again in the same context for many other people. The structural metaphors always communicate truth with a capital T. Operational metaphors are different. Even if a person believes they are lying, the structural metaphor will not support that lie. An incongruity will represent that.

In terms of levels of communication Oates stated, “There are three levels of reverse speech communication: conscious thoughts and those just below the surface of consciousness and the collective unconscious.”

If this is true, then there can be a therapeutic value to understand and even consciously change our own “metaphors and archetypes”.

Oates theorized that we indeed can work to change this imagery within our own conscious and subconscious minds through a development of a technique he calls metaphoric restructuring. He elaborated on this by saying,

“Reverse speech goes far deeper than any other techniques known. (EL-within traditional psychotherapy) and accesses the core structures of the mind immediately. The information can sometimes be shocking and disturbing for certain people, and I found that most of my clients were unable to instigate their own behavioral changes.”

He went on to describe how such a technique would work. “The theory I proposed in my experiments stated that at the deepest levels of consciousness the mind thinks and organizes human behavior through a series of pictures and images, like an internal movie. The images are simply made audible in reverse speech. On this basis I then proposed that if we were to change the picture of the movie plot or the metaphor, then it was possible that this change might also change the behavior or personality that the picture actually represented.”

In my work with Pat Mason in 1998 we discovered several reverse speech phrases of alien abductee/experiencers that demonstrated archetypes and metaphors like owl, wolf and also spiritual mysteries. In Mike Clelland’s experiences, he also has found numerous synchronicities related to owls in conjunction with UFO and alien encounters. See his blog post  at:  Mike Clelland also wrote an excellent essay entitled, “Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” in the book “The Synch Book 2“(Sync Book Press, 2012).

These specific reversals were found by Pat Mason and were published in the aforementioned Alien Encounters Magazine, Issue # 25:

(pg. 33): Two experiencers discussing alien abductions, dreams, memories:

F: “Oh, that’s interesting. Maybe he (the UFO investigator) was too embarrassed to have another woman (abductee) call or something…”

Here is a reversal showing soul truth speaking mysteries:

Reversal: God throw off to move in with the mystery of mysteries. Teach babies to set that up.

Here the abductee is describing how within the alien abduction phenomena there is a truth detracting element to keep people distracted and away from the truth. We can see the archetype of the wolf emerging as the woman’s hunter and protector.

F: “Part of it is truth detracting, trying to get people away from…”

Reversal:  My fair wolf speaking up. He passed his truth to the girl.

Here, is a reversal which pertains to spiritual mysteries as David Oates has also found.

F: “Well, cause the more information, the less fear, you know.”

Reversal: Find the area of seven. The chamber filled with the choir

F: ” I don’t know, all I have is a weird dream memory and…

Reversal: They amend these dreams…if they make “em, I’m learning.

F: “I guess psychically, you know, the girl saw something like a reptilian (alien). Psychically with the third eye, but I didn’t see it and she saw it. ”

Reversal: In the darkness…we seem to help the aliens.

F: “Cause she remembers an orange light, right?”

Reversal: Care. The owls knew it was their memory ship.

F: “Yeah, cause I have, uh…”

Reversal: Ride on the grey.

F: “The truth is the truth. It needs to be there, you know.”

Reversal: Why in the grey deep seed. They pierced us, they pierced us, hey.

In two reversals the word “grey” is found, which in my opinion, refers to the Grey aliens, and how they embedded or pierced us somehow. I recall in Peggy Kane’s reverse speech work, she had the repeated metaphor of “net” show up in conjunction with aliens, dark entities or forces. As if some kind of “net” is imposed over the person to keep them entrapped under some form of control or deception.

In more of Pat Mason’s work she found references to the owl archetype several times with an abductee in conversation.  In an online article entitled, “Encounters with the Unknown: Hidden Messages” Pat Mason discovered many reversals that were quite revealing.

F: Yeah, there were more than – there were probably about …

Reversal: I got worth. Then who are they?

F: “… pretty lights …”

Reversal: The owl lead her.

F: “He took me …” (into the ship)

Reversal: He who pushed it.

F: “… and having this face with these two eyes …”

Reversal: See owl. Wishes you could see it. Send me back a net.

Mary is wondering about the fluorescence. She asks:

F: “Is it, can it be normal?”

Reversal: No mere image, is it?

Mary is talking about showing her therapist the glow under a black light:

F: “…under the black light.”

Reversal: The owl called within it.

Still talking about her therapist, she was trying to get him to help her get information from the researcher who was analyzing a sample of the fluorescence.

F: “If he could find out information”
Reversal: Sham.  Come right out with it.
EL–I actually remembered this case and the flouresence which was present and emitting naturally from this abductee’s body. We had the sample tested by some local scientists they knew in their area. They told her it was coumadin, a dye which is also found in “rat poisen”. But here it appears that something about this situation or testing was a sham. But in the earlier reversal, the owl reference indicated an alien “calling” within the fluorescence marking. If you notice the owl archetype in the other phrases, it comes up with reference to seeing a floating orange light. In another reference with her memory of being led by a being into a ship, the owl metaphor comes up again as this “being”. Mary, the woman who was describing her alien encounter talked about seeing a face “with these two eyes”, the alien being. It was again reversed as the owl archetype. In another reference to “the lights” before the abduction, it again reverses back to the owls who are leading her. For the full article, see:
In the alien abduction experience much of it is recalled in dream memories and flashbacks. I know in many cases of alien abduction the aliens employ screen memories. This was found often within Barbara Bartholic’s work in hypnotic regressions of alien abductees. If you may have noticed in one phrase, the reversal indicated that the aliens “amend these dreams”. The dreams of abductions, our memories and how they interact with us. This can make alien abduction experience recalled from vivid dreams difficult to trust if, in fact, they do change the dream imagery so that we believe one thing, when in fact they are doing something else. They can appear as large owls in abduction related dreams, and this has happened in my own experience several years ago. Bud Hopkins and other alien abduction researchers have noted how large animals with big black eyes or huge owl figures show up before an alien encounter. But I wondered, “why the owl archetype? What does the archetype mean in Jungian terms or shamanic animal powers or allies?”
In Native American medicine, the animal powers, spirits and allies can manifest in ones experience through various means. They can repeatedly appear in physical life in association with certain patterns, in dreams, synchronicities, as power animal retrievals, or in medicine card displays. Animal medicine, according to authors Jamie Sams and David Carson,  (Medicine Cards, St Martins Press, 1999) is anything that can improve one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all of life. This includes healing of mind, body and of spirit. This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength and understanding.(pg. 13) Animals in nature can relay messages to us through their habit patterns or essence of being, oftentimes in the dream world or Nagual, but they can appear in other ways in physical life (the tonal) or within appearances through synchronistic experiences. Lessons can be learned from many animal powers and one can call upon the power of a particular animal to gain understanding and wisdom in the  great mystery of life. Depending on the context in which the animal appears and ones own personal lesson and internal archetypal symbology, determines what meaning it may have for you.
In my personal experience with a power animal retrieval by an authentic shaman, the animal communicated to me a unique medicine that revealed itself in its own way. In other words, there may be general meanings you can read or find in books such as the Animal Medicine cards, but real life experience with an authentic power animal is really what one should go by in terms of its medicine for you and your own unique journey with this animal spirit ally.
In the Animal Medicine cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson the Owl’s main characteristic message is: Deception. On Pg. 121 it reads,
“Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic, both black and white. Owl is called Night Eagle on several medicine wheels  used by Amerindian teachers. Traditionally Owl sits in the East, the place of Illumination.”
In essence, Owl is a predatory creature which hunts at night. They see clearly in the night and their feathers are silent. You cannot hear the Owl and some Native Americans feared the Owl and called its feathers deception feathers. The authors say that this owl is oftentimes the medicine of sorcerers and witches and if these birds gather around you alot, you may be drawn to the magical practices. A warning is also given that one should resist any temptation to practice black magic or any art that takes energy away from another being. “However, even if Owl is your medicine it doesn’t necessarily mean you are a black magician or sorcerer. Owls nature is to see what others cannot which is the essence of true wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what is there”. (pg.121)
In other cultures like ancient Greece, the Goddess Athena was associated with an Owl on her shoulder. Owl teaches unseen truths and can enable one to perceive the whole truth. Basically people with Owl medicine can see through people and their ulterior motives and not be deceived as easily as others. Conversely, if Owl shows up in a contrary position in the medicine card spread, or under unique adverse circumstances, its appearance can also mean you have been greatly deceived by either yourself or another. Perhaps witchcraft or black magic is being used against you. It can be saying to you to look deeper into yourself about what you are “in the dark about” or even to look at your own darkness, shadow and blind spots.
I’ve found that doing research into others’, personal experiences with animal powers is more accurate than a few books on animal totems or medicine cards. Biographies of shamans, saints, witches, yogis and even your own personal experiences will teach you how these power animals and medicine apply to you or a particular situation. I believe that we can have our own unique dream symbology as well as sharing a collective, archetypal internal imagery. This is represented in dreams, shamanic vision quests, or even through reverse speech, as well as personal synchronicities.
For more information on Owls and Witchcraft, and owl significance in countries all over the world see:




Interview with Corvo, Author of Aliene Apocalypse

A new book in Italian about the Alien Agenda, the good and evil masks they wear, and the coming apocalypse.

By Eve Lorgen

1. Giuseppe, what motivated you to write this book about the alien apocalypse, and whose work or research connected with some of your ideas and main themes of the book?

The motivation comes from my personal history linked with a sense of social responsibility.

I was born in Italy, which is a Catholic country. As a child I was exposed to different paranormal events regarding “celestial beings” like the “Blessed Virgin Mary”. I was eight years old when I saw a a statue weeping tears of blood. In the same place there was an individual who claimed to channel the “Archangel Gabriel”. When I was 17, I went to Medjugorje in Bosnia, a location where the Virgin Mary was supposed to appear, and saw many unexplained phenomena. The entity there is revealing ten secrets regarding the apocalypse. Those experiences begged for an explination and I was not amused with the one of the believers nor the skeptics.  These kinds of messages of approaching catastrophes coming from Eminent Catholic Entities (ECE) are consistent with the ones that contactees /abductees receive from aliens. The division between “celestial apparitions” and the “ET” visitation is arbitrary.  In my home town, Catania in Italy, we had an ET contactee called Eugenio Siragusa and a Marian seer, Rosario Toscano, who declared to have had the contact/vision within five miles of distance. Sources like the seer Stefania Caterina (  in Italian language) are closing the gap. They promote the idea that the aliens are closer to “god” and that, when they come, we should put aside any criticism and submit to them. In the book I investigate on those three cases and many others.

Illustration 1: The Cabalistic Tree of Life is used in the book as a map to organize knowledge2Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro - Corvo - ITA_html_m437253e1

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is used in the book as a map to organize knowledge. The list of authors that contributed to Apocalisse Aliena is too long to be reported here. I have a great debt of gratitude with researchers like Valle, Keel, Karla Turner and Richard Dolan that opened the ground for my idea. I also owe my teachers of Advaita Vedanta – Fusho and Raphael- and Cabala  for providing me with the explination framework that I used in the book.

My formal education in Social Science gave me the understanding of Anthropology, System Theory and Political Science that is used in the text.
Those contributions are linked together to create a hypothesis that I think gives an original contribution to the field. This originality risks to upset everyone a little bit. The scientific, religious, UFO and new age communities could face their paradigm challenged by the thesis expressed in the book.  This can sound uncomfortable, on the other hand, we have to challenge ourselves. I believe that the EME interference is the single most important, complex matter that will change the world as we know forever.

2. Who are the aliens really, in your opinion? And why do you refer to them as extra dimensional materialized entities or EME?

The term Extra-dimensional Materialized Entity (EME) was initially used in some of the MJ-12 documents. It comes from the fact that they do not come from our dimension and they need to “materialize” a body to interact with us.

Following my research the more common Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is not consistent in the motivation and comportment of the being(s) considered. The amount of interaction is huge and indicates a symbiotic, long term relationship between us and “them”. Authors like Vallee and Keel have noticed this aspect already 40 years ago and proposed this dimensional hypothesis. In the meantime, we have science that supports their intuition: a a physics theory called “M-theory” or “super string theory” explains how a multidimensional universe works.

The original contribution of the book introduces a dimensional dynamic aspect to the universes’ relationship that evolves over time: those multidimensional universes, or p-brane, are not always the same “distance” to each other.

Illustration 2: Alignment of the P-branes in the four classical ages3Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro ITA_html_cfe5af5

When they are “closer” it is easier for the EME to pass to our realm of existence and interact with us physically. This explains the ancient stories about the “gods” that were “walking with men” and the fact that so many traditions affirm that they will return one day. In this context, the fact that the return of the gods is linked with apocalyptic events can be explained with the interaction of the two p-branes. In fact, the M-theory explains that the only string that can escape a p-brane is the “graviton”.  A gravitational influence is following my research the cause of past “cosmic destruction”. The book argues that the earth changes that we are experiencing are caused by those influences.

3. How many different races of EMEs are there and what are their main purposes or agendas? For example, the Greys, versus the Reptilians or the Mantis’s or Nordic human looking beings?

The classification of EME based on their physical aspect is misleading, part of their deception strategy. One of the original thesis presented in the book is that we are facing a single metamorphic race. Analyzing the evidence emerge that entities of different aspects are collaborating together during the same abductions. Abductees report that a defined hierarchy is evident near assigned roles. Additionally they can create and “possess” physical recipients. So I wonder if we can apply to them the tools that Charles Darwin used for classifying races. The physical aspect seems to reflect more a social function than a biological difference. For example, the Greys take the role of  “workers, the Reptilians are “warriors”, the Mantis are “scientists”, the Nordic “priests” and so on. This distinction is also present in the tradition of many human cultures, where spiritual classes are associated to certain social functions. While in human cultures we use clothing for distinguishing the roles, I think that an entire body could be much more efficient. Bodies are “containers” for them. In the book, I hypothesize that the traditional division in classes is another relict(? or aspect) of the EME social engineering. When the “gods” came they imposed their way to organize society and to describe the universe. Those activities were secondary effects, aimed at the most important goal: religion. As Jacques Valle noticed, the alien presence seems to be related to the creation of systems of belief. The text examines different historical cases of “cultural gods” and concludes that the most important social feature for them was the creation of a form of religion with specific ceremonies. The fact that we have so many different revealed religions, often in total disagreement with each other reflects the fact that the EMEs are divided in clans, that fight for an establishled “realm of influence” were they can feed.  The abductee Ken Bakeman reports a story regarding a “reptilian” that was very upset for the destruction of his “feeding nest”: the Confederate State of America (!).

This brings up a “political aspect” to the alien presence: we are assuming a total alien control on human evolution. To investigate such a matter, a new discipline is required. Because the so-called “exopolitics” is in my opinion, polluted with wishful thinking about the “positive ET” intentions, I refer to this matter as “Ontopolitic” from the greek ὄντος (regarding the nature of being) and polis (city, society). This definition becomes necessary to cover the “non conventional” political goals of the aliens.

As reported by writers such Karla Turner, Eve Lorgen, Salvador Freixedo and Corrado Malanga,  their scopes includes feeding with an energy that living beings release in situation of stress as well as in devotional states. From a political point of view, this kind of objective require to extend our conception of what is “war” and how to win it. In the book I present evidence that the group of control  over the alien interference arrived to a similar conclusion and is facing a real challenge.

4. What about the higher dimensional beings who are believed to be benevolent like angels and “spirit guides” how do they fit into the apocalypse?

Given the fact that we are facing a category of being able to project any appearance and/or good feelings in our mind, it is hard to distinguish who are the “good guys”. The marian seers, the alien channelers, even demonologists like Aleister Crowley were convinced to be on the right side. Only in the Hollywood movies somebody says: “yes, I’m the evil one”.

Magicians describe several techniques to handle the EMEs and try to have an eye-to-eye relationship, but this requires special training and very often ends badly. The definition of “benevolent” per se, is questionable. I own a farm where we grow chickens: every day we feed them, we protect them from predators and inclement weather.  Are we “benevolent”?

This is a message released by an ECE declaring to be God the almighty:

I am the God of all creation. I am the God of love, of compassion. I am also the God of Justice. My hand will fall on humanity, who, through the evil allegiance to the Evil One, refuse to follow the path of love and truth.[…]For those who will not listen […] no mercy will be shown.

Despite the tone, there are thousands of people who think that this above is a benevolent entity.  Maybe the safest thing to do is to assume that positive EME’s do not exist. As a rule of thumb the mystics say, “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Cut Off His Head”. I think that the best is to put aside those definitions and examine the interest of the parties. We will discover a trend across all of them, also in the words of supposed positive entities, toward the establishment of a form of cult aimed at feeding the entity in question.

5. Are EMEs mostly male or do they have equal numbers of male and female?

The presence of Mary is very relevant and feminine. In the book I list 260 cases of marian apparitions starting from 460 A.C. For several centuries, she has insisted to be elevated to the same level as the male divinities. Apart from her, the EMEs are mostly of male appearance. Abductees report that certain beings emit a female wave also if they don’t have any primary or secondary sexual characteristic.

6. Are all the EMEs some form of energy vampire or feeder? And how do they feed on human energy? Do they feed on other life forms on this planet also?

All the evidence point to the vampire direction. The term, however,  automatically evokes negative feelings. In nature we have two form of vampirism: parasites and symbionts. The difference consists in the mutual advantage of both parties.  (EL-Symbiosis is mutually beneficial. Parasitism eventually harms the host.) I suspect that in the common definition of what humanity is, we need them, we are hard wired for it. In this sense the relationship would be symbiotic.

The differences between the EME Clans consist in the ways they use to collect life energy. While a certain group of clans focus on physical sacrifice, others prefer more softer forms like prayers and devotion. A sizable group of people subjected to stress will emit this vital energy. It is noteworthy that the presence of UFOs increases during any aggregation of crowds, including rock concerts, political demonstrations or sporting events. (EL any references to this statement and from whom? Was it Vallee?)The cattle mutilation phenomenon shows clearly that animals can be also used for energy feeding. We should not forget that sacrifice of animals or even plants to the gods was practiced for millennia. The evidence shows that a quality hierarchy exists. For example in the bible, “god” has a clear preference for Abel, who sacrifices an animal, versus Cain’s vegetable offer.

The ability to feed on this energy is not limited to the EME: Aleister Crowley describes how to feed on the heart of a victim to get energy.

7. What about the apocalypse and coming disasters that so many of these EME’s tell us about? Are they creating them or is this part of a greater plan?

It is probably a mix of manipulation and physical effects provoked by the gravity side of the dimensional dynamic. The prophecies released by the EME contain a mix of information and lies. The aim of the message is to scare us so that we ask for help. A precise information is empowering the recipient, while uncertainty is required for better control. One special event that is often prophesied by ECE is for sure an artifact: the Warning. The Warning is a cosmic event, probably related to a comet, that would cause a world-wide Near Death Experience. When we die and we are disconnected from our containers (notice the plural) we see a kind-of rapid replay of our existence. I myself had this experience because of a motorcycle incident when I was 15. The replay is linked with a “judgment” of the life itself operated by the “higher self”. My understanding is that this experience can be provoked artificially. For non educated or materialistic people this can be a very shocking experience because they will face a void in their life. The ECE declare that this will be the last Warning from God before the punishment. Curiously enough they also prophesy that humankind will find “silly scientific explanations” for this event.

8. What is the alien hybrid project really about? HAve they succeeded in your opinion in created true alien-human/EME hybrids that support their agenda?

It is probable that the hybrids are nothing new. Instead of using this term we should speak of humanity versions. We are probably the 5th  type of containers created by them and the hybrids are the “next generation”.

The evidence presented in the book point out two motivations for periodic exchange of the container’s (body) format. First is that humanity become too “noisy”, as stated in the myth of Gilgamesh. This is interpreted as being aware of the EME’s deception and not any longer willing to give them life energy freely.  A similar opinion is expressed by Credo Muttwa:
Human beings are starting to care about the world in which they live and in which they find themselves. But, the aliens, the Chitauli, the Mantindane – call them what you will – are not going to take that lying down. They are going to punish us, as they did centuries before.

that the Chitauli brought down a fire from Heaven. They took fire from the Sun itself and they used it to burn that great civilization away. They caused earthquakes and tidal waves and destroyed the great civilization of the Red people of the long green hair, who are said to have been the first people ever to be created on this Earth. It is said that the Chitauli allowed only a few surviving people to escape the destruction of Amariri, and that they are prepared to do this again in the very near future.

The hybrids are described as being more passive, like small children, so they are more suitable to host the new human, the kind the Aliens prefer. Besides, the EME are looking for containers that can host/possess them directly. In this supposed paradisiacal world to come, the “gods” are again walking among us and need bodies for that.

9. What about the human soul? Do these beings have souls as we understand them?

What is exactly this “soul” we are discussing? Our culture has a very poor understanding of this matter and modern languages, e.g., English, reflects such a lack of attention. The western mind is heavily influenced by 2000 years of Christianity in this matter.

A complete chapter of Apocalisse Aliena is dedicated to an expanded description of the “Souls” – notice the plural– following the Egyptian tradition. It is too long to be discussed here,  the bottom line is that three different concepts are used: the containers, the vital energy that animate the container and the consciousnesses. See the image below those concepts to applied to the Tree of Life:

Illustration 3: Egyptian soul applied to the Tree of Life; to the left the containers, to the right the vital energies and in the middle consciousness1Apocalisse Aliena - ci salveranno loro - Corvo - ITA_html_79171f58

In modern terms we can take a computer as a metaphor: we can distinguish between the hardware (container), the electricity powering the machine (vital energy ) and finally the software (consciousness). Now we need to extend this concept to  “virtual machines”, a computer inside another computer. We get a kind of Russian nesting doll construction. Those layers are called kosha in Sanscrit (“veils”)  .

10. How does the work of Dr. Corrado Malanga fit into your theories as EMEs and their agenda of feeding on humanity?

I respect the work of Malanga, which is  unique in the Italian landscape, too much depending on foreign inputs. Malanga’s intuition to use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to handle the phenomenon is innovative. On the other hand, innovation is not always required. NLP is defined by some of his creators as a “kind of magic”, and it is magic in the original sense of making use of i-MAG-es. “Mag” is the original root for “power”. Malanga’s SIMBAD (Self Induced Method for Blocking Abductions Definitively) makes declared use of the imagination to solve the problem, but doesn’t offer a framework to explain why or how to handle side situations. John Lash in his book “Not In His Image” calls the imagination “Epinoia”. Lash takes a theoretical approach with less theory, Malanga takes a practical approach without a solid framework. In fact a working paradigm for handling this phenomenon existed for millennia and is called “Hermetic Cabala”.

Illustration 4: The Yugas Through the Cycle of TimeIMAGES4 small

11. How does the Feminine Goddess religions such as Gaia and the Sophianic Myth of our planet as a living Aeon fit into their various religious agendas or creations? Do they fear the power of the living planet herself and those who connect with her Organic Light?

I’m not sure if I have a definitive answer to this question. The dualism between a “good” feminine aspect versus a “bad” masculine one is part of the New Age culture that was influenced by the messages of  channeled EME like Ra and others. Dualism is a tool that the EME often use to create a sense of belonging to a certain group versus the “other”, the “enemy”.

12. How can we as aware and awakened humanity, prevent these EME’s with various religious and social agendas for control, overcome or disempower their entire agenda on feeding on humanity like they’ve done for thousands of years?

In the previous example of my relationship with the chickens, what could change our relationship? I suppose that if they would start to speak to me and organize political demonstrations and strikes I would give them (some) freedom. The evidence shows that the EME handle us as inferior beings, easy to manipulate. Basically they think that we are “stupid”, and that we deserve what we get. In history, small groups of humans have discovered the alien deception. The EME were always ready to handle an agreement. The most important group is composed by the what conspiracy theorist call the “Illuminati”. More pragmatically, they are old families that pass the secret of magical power and working relationship with the EME in their bloodlines. Another case that I introduce in the book is the so-called “Omega Secret”, a Vatican insider that came to Cristoforo Barbato, an Italian journalist, telling about an agreement between the EME and the Vatican. Also the military of the MJ-12 control group made the “grenada treaty” with aliens in exchange for technology. All those are only modern editions of the “devil pact” and typically the human side end badly. The EME have a very long experience in deception and manipulation.

13. What kinds of methods have you found helpful in your awareness and understanding of the Alien issue? And also, what practices have you found to be helpful for enabling a solution to the alien interference?

The approach that I follow is to use the Kabbalah and Vedanta (see for more information on my school). The first–the Dimensional Theory–which researcher Keel originally proposed, provides a “map” of the dimensional planes and their relationships. The second methodology is of “Discernment” and “Detachment” that I mentioned during the interview.

In my research I do not use hypnosis. The main source of the original information in the book is an “Imaginative” method that I learned by practicing the operative Kabbalah. “Magic” comes indeed from the ability to imagine (Imago in Latin). The method has similarities with the work of military remote viewers, or even with the Malanga’s SIMBAD. In my opinion these are only “partial rediscovery” of a certain knowledge which has never been lost. This is being actively used by the old noble families, who many call the “illuminati.”

A good public description in English of the method is available in the mirror page of the late magician “emperor Norton” (

I then refer to the existing literacy to compare my findings with the work of others.

Is the resulting proposed hypothesis valid?

During my research I found that the concept of “real” as opposed to the “fake” does not lead anywhere in this matter. The deception is part of the game. At this point we can only speak of “degrees of truth”, or even better of concepts that are adequate to describe and address the subject matter.

In my opinion the finding in “Apocalisse Aliena” are impotant enough to be considered, because opens from the inside a world that was rarery disclose.

EMEs in medieval literature are described as demons, and texts constantly recommend to be careful with their deceptions.

They will use any idea that you’re particularly fond of to deceive you.

According to the Vedanta any entities that stands between the researcher and one without Second (Sat Cit Ananda) should be discarded. In this sense, any distinction between entities “positive” and “negative” vanishes.

The source section of my book includes 150 books on UFO, abduction and related things in several languages (italian, Spanish, French, German and English).

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Alien Jigsaw Website Back Online

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The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic by James Bartley

Excellent article by James Bartley talks about things never before mentioned with Barbara’s work, and his own experiences while at conferences where “reptilian energy” ran rampant. Her knowledge of the famed “Heavens Gate Cult”– Marshall Apelwhite, Bo and Peep, and much. much more. He mentions Barbara’s understanding of the “Drama of the Love Obsession” phenomena, also known as the “Alien Love Bite”.

“Alien Abduction Research lost a true pioneer with the passing of Barbara Bartholic. Although Barbara’s work has gone largely unheralded (except amongst the many people she helped) her legacy lives on in the form of cutting edge research amongst her protégés and an understanding amongst serious researchers of the primary role played by the Reptilians in alien abductions. Barbara laid the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the Reptilian Overlordship. Indeed Barbara coined the phrase “Reptilian Overlordship.” Barbara delved deeper than most abduction researchers. She didn’t turn away from confronting or unsettling information. I am proud to say that I was a protégé of Barbara Bartholic. I worked closely with Barbara for many years and was able to gain a better understanding of my own alien abduction experiences through my close relationship with Barbara. In so doing… Continue reading